blending eyeshadow

Dear Trans Women…

You are welcome,

Join our little toilet gossip session!
Tell me where you got that bomb ass dress from, as we wash our hands!
Let’s talk through the stalls!
Tell me how you did that beautiful hairstyle, as you fix it up in the mirror!
Join our little haven from that one pedo guy out there!
Tell me how bad those gorgeous heels are rubbing your feet, as I pass you a bandage for the blisters!
Let’s take a hundred mirror selfies!
Tell me how you blended that eyeshadow so flawlessly, as we talk over the hand dryers!

Because, you are ALWAYS welcome here.

im JUST SAYIN!!! BUT!!! PJO/HoO/ToA makeup artist au!!! Just throwin it out there!!! All of them as makeup artists!!!

- Jason’s eyeshadow is blended to perfection always. Eyeshadow god.
- Leo and Nico fight over the title for best eyeliner
- Piper is actually the contour queen
- Percy and Hazel are both highlight hoes
- Annabeth has her own line of foundation
- Leo doesn’t wear foundation much because he has freckles and doesn’t want to hide them, but wears everything else really dramatic and loud and bold
- Hazel rocks metallics better than anyone else ever and has a really perfect lip shape
- Percy cried during a video tutorial one time because it was a first impressions video for a highlighter and it was so blinding that he actually got emotional
- Frank is the king of “natural” or “nude” looks and also lashes for YEARS
- Reyna is the actual queen. She slays everything and everybody accepts that as fact
- Get Ready With Me/Us videos
- Piper and Leo doing challenge videos always
- Jason and Percy are the kings of “first impressions”
- Nico does SFX makeup, leaning more towards the style of Glam And Gore
- Will is on the “I can’t hide my freckles I like them too much” boat with Leo
- Tbh Will doesn’t really need foundation much regardless because his skin is really good
- Apollo/Lester is a drag queen

Edit: feel free to add more to this!!

Calum watching you get ready for the Valentine’s Date he’d planned would consist of:

  • “babe why are you putting green stuff on your face?”
  • him touching all of your brushes because of how soft they are
  • picking up your lipsticks and asking if that color would look good on him
  • picking up your eyelash curler and asking what exactly it was
  • so you would show him what it was and as you would lean in towards his eye he would freak and ask why you were getting that thing close to his eye so you would just have to show him using your own eyelashes and he would be so amazed
  • “you should do my makeup sometime”
  • he would watch carefully as you blended your eyeshadow together perfectly
  • him being curious as to why you needed so many different brushes for your eyeshadow
  • and so many different things of mascara
  • “babe that glow is amazing” once you put on your highlight
  • showing him how to do a contour
  • him letting you tweeze his eyebrows when he saw you doing your own just bc he was curious on what it felt like
  • “babe, really will you do my makeup one day?? I wanna know how good I look with this stuff on”
  • him realizing y’all were probably gonna be late for your dinner reservations but not caring bc he’d be so amazed
  • him stressfully watching as you put on eyeliner
  • pausing from putting on your eyeliner to ask calum if he could stop stressing because it was stressing you out
  • getting to your reservation almost 20 minutes late bc calum wouldn’t stop asking you about the different types of lipsticks you had

sometimes I think about putting “bust a nUT” in the tags of rly gorgeously blended eyeshadow but then I think abt my grandkids finding my tumblr then I do it anyways

Signs and makeup


so…I’m supposed to stick this in my eye and I’ll be prettier?: Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn

*eyeshadow blending is perf* *screws up eyeliner*: Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Pisces