It was definitely a “Blended Aura”, night tonight.. I’m so tired, but had so much fun making my products. There’s nothing like seeing your work come to life after I’ve doubted myself so many times..if I didn’t have my ability to be so creative I couldn’t imagine who I’d be! Email

I have created Apple Crisp Lip Balm! Every time I make something I’m amazed at what I can do and what I can do to perfect what already has been created! It’s so many avenues I wanna take Blended Aura! I inspire some this is nothing, but to me it’s everything as a young entrepreneur.

Email if you know of any vending and market events in the DMV area or for any general info.

Last night up making orders. Love when people say, “omg that smells good, how’d you dat that”. Nothing like it. I will have a website soon. Patience is key. For now email and let me know what smells you all are most interested in?? Or general info?