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Mabel has always made the Halloween costumes for both herself and Dipper. It’s just natural–Dipper loves the costumes she makes and she loves making them, it’s just assumed that’s the way things will go.

But the Halloween after they come home for Gravity Falls Mabel hems and haws about costumes, pointedly wondering aloud if she should make them this year. After what happened on Summerween she isn’t sure if Dipper wants to dress up, but she doesn’t want to do it alone either.

Finally she point blank asks Dipper if he wants to do Halloween costumes this year. He goes to his backpack and pulls out a notebook with something drawn on it and hands it to her. She looks it over and grins.

“Do you think it’s too much?” Dipper asks “We could do something simpler.”

“Not a chance!” Mabel cries as she runs to the kitchen to blend up some Mabel Juice for the long night ahead.

When the kids show up to school on Halloween, most people don’t know what to make of their outfits. Dipper’s right arm is made to look mechanical, with sticks strapped onto it. Mabel’s left arm has a glob of amber plastic running down it that culminates in a t-rex puppet at the end. Both of them have layers of cardboard over their clothes to look like the criss-crossing of logs. Mabel has an inverted triangle with a glowing LED circle on her stomach. Dipper has a yellow, lit-up triangle on his chest. Their legs are made to look robotic, with flattened pieces of cardboard on them that resemble billboards. Both of them have flat, ridged pieces of cardboard on their opposite arms so when they stand and high five they resemble a building with a peaked roof.

“Is it from an anime?” most people ask them.

“Yes.” Dipper says before Mabel can launch into a detailed explanation of the day the world almost ended. “It’s from an anime.”

Nice cream bowl 😍
1 frozen banana
1 handful of frozen strawberries

put in a food processor add a small amount of fluid (milk, water,juice) & blend to you reach the correct consistency 😊 add more fluid if you need to, but I only used 1/3 of a cup in mine 😊

Topping could be whatever you want, I added some musli, chia seeds & dried raspberry bits 👌🏻

Swan Queen and the Parent Meeting at School 

REGINA:  You’re late, dear.

EMMA:  Yea, sorry about that.  My WIFE decided to pack my lunch today and all I found was a plastic container of blended apple, kale, carrot juice and a bran muffin.

REGINA:  It’s wholesome and nutritious.

EMMA:  It looked like sea monster vomit in a cup.

SNOW:  Guys, please. We’re in a meeting.

EMMA:  What.  You’re my mother.

SNOW:  Right now I’m your daughters’ principal!


REGINA:  (ignores current conversation, turns to Emma)  Lunch was delicious.

EMMA:  I wouldn’t know.  I didn’t eat it.

SNOW:  Maybe we should proceed…

REGINA:  What do you mean you didn’t eat it?

EMMA:  I didn’t eat it!

SNOW:  (waves to get their attention)  Hello?

REGINA:  (crosses arms)  Well, what DID you eat then?

SNOW:  Principal trying to talk here.

EMMA:  (defiantly pins Regina with a stare)  I went to Granny’s and had a DOUBLE bacon, grilled onion cheeseburger and French fries with a chocolate milkshake chaser.

SNOW:  (shakes head in hands)  Oh geez.

REGINA:  You did WHAT?

EMMA:  You heard me.


EMMA: (imitates)  REGINA!

SNOW:  (points to self)  Principal!

EMMA:  (to her mom)  SHHH!

REGINA:  (to Snow at the same time) Oh shut up!

They both stare at each other hard again while Snow tilts her eyes heavenward and closes them while shaking her head.

REGINA:  Do you know what those things are doing to your body as we speak?

EMMA:  I don’t know about you but my body’s feeling pretty thankful.

REGINA:  You think so?  Let’s see how it feels when your ASS is sleeping on the couch tonight.

EMMA:  (scoffs)  Are you serious?  For eating a cheeseburger.  Who are you? My mother?

SNOW:  No… that would be me.

EMMA:  (jokingly)  You just said you were the principal.

There’s a knock at the door. The school janitor, Leroy, pokes his head in.

LEROY:  Snow, you called to have some extra stuff thrown out?

SNOW:  Yes, Leroy.  Those bags by the wall.

Leroy nods to Regina and Emma but they only crack a small smile alerting him to the tension in the room.  He awkwardly shuffles towards the trash knowing well what could happen between the Sheriff and the Mayor, even though they’ve been married for years and were perfect for one another.

REGINA:  (to Emma)  Do you even care about your heart and arteries?  Because I do.

EMMA:  Oh my God, Babe!  Look at this body.  I am in prime condition.  (flexes arms) I don’t mean to BRAG but look at these! (holds her arm up to a passing Leroy)

LEROY:  (puts garbage bag down and feels Emma’s arm)  Wow, those are some serious guns you got there, sister! (Looks up to find Regina glaring at him and Snow subtly waving for him to leave while he can)  Um…

SNOW:  Thanks, Leroy.  That’s it. (waits a beat, looks at two cross-armed irritated women)  Okay… Why don’t we just forget about this whole thing and move on. What’s done is…

REGINA:  (scowls at Snow)  Don’t you have chalkboard erasers to BANG somewhere?

SNOW:  (tilts head back and sighs at the ceiling)  

EMMA:  Babe, it’s not like I eat like this all the time. And I think I’ve done pretty good with all the other stuff you give me. I actually like flaxseed and goji berries now. (sees Regina soften and puts a hand on her forearm)  Heck!  I’ve even gotten used to grilled cheese on WHEAT bread!  (looks into Regina’s eyes meaningfully, smiles)  But I draw the line at “cat puke in a can”.

SNOW:  (mumbles unheard)  I don’t even think a cat would eat the stuff Regina gives you.

REGINA:  (pause, raises eye brow, smirks)  There was no “milkshake chaser” was there.

EMMA:  (smiles wider and nods yes)  No.

REGINA:  (strokes Emma’s hand)  And the grilled onions?

EMMA:  It was a plain hamburger, no cheese and with a side salad instead of fries. (happy with Regina’s megawatt smile) And NO onions.  I WAS planning on kissing you later.  (wiggles eyebrows)

Both women have eyes only for each other and ignore Snow’s twisted mouth as the moment seems inappropriately intimate all of a sudden.

REGINA:  Only later?

EMMA:  Well… Maybe a lot sooner than then.  

REGINA:  How about right now?

EMMA:  How about we take this someplace more private?

REGINA:  Follow me then, Sheriff Swan.

EMMA:  To the ends of the Earth, babe.  (opens door for Regina)  So am I still sleeping on the couch?

REGINA:  (as door closes behind them)  Lucky for you I happen to like “your guns” wrapped around me in bed where they belong.

Snow is left with an empty blinking expression at their vacated chairs.

SNOW:  Well, Audrey and Sophie are adjusting really well to school life. They love kindergarten and play well with others. (pause, dismissive wave at the chairs)  I’ll just tell them everything at Sunday dinner.


Credit for the gif goes to @lana-lana-b0-bana.  (Thank you for letting me use it!  I love it!)

When I saw this lovely gif, I immediately thought it looked like a parent/teacher conference type thing and this scene took place in my head.  This is set in The Twins of Storybrooke universe and I made Snow the principal.  Who knows, by then she might be!

My most recent obsession!!

🐭Vegan Not Mac N’ Cheese🐭

-Baked sweet/ or jewel potatoes (450f until literally oozing with sugar!
-Carrot Juice. Fresh or store bought.
-Nutritional Yeast
-seasonings such as garlic, onion, pepper, salt, sugar, nutmeg, paprika or Rosemary. (To taste)
-noodles!!! I use rice noodles.

Once your potatoes are baked, scoop the insides out with a spoon into a food processor. Now, depending on how many noodles, this recipe totally varies! I say the more sauce the better, so the absolute minimum will be two large potatoes and a cup of carrot juice…

Blend the potatoes with the juice and seasonings until creamy. Then add the nutritional yeast to taste, and add more juice until creamy again.

Mix over hot noodles and devour!

Optional to add some kind of nut milk, but honestly I don’t think it needs it. PRO TIP! Do not bake this Mac n cheese unless you have an excess amount of sauce or else it gets way too dry 🙃

anonymous asked:

What are the most healthiest juices to drink and tea's?

I would say Pomegranate. It contains antioxidants, ellagic acid (which may block reproduction of cancer cells), vitamin C and potassium. I would also recommend blended vegetable juice. It is one of the cheapest juices and very tasty.

As for teas, they all contain the same basic constituents. Green teas probably contain a greater concentration of antioxidants. 


expectation: call monash second thing in the morning to sort some shit out, watch the superflash musical episode, go to beauty and the beast with cousins, not have a meh day for once

reality: sudden faint twice/thrice in the bathroom at 5:15 am (and again some time after getting stitches, nasty slash on the chin, skin laceration inside the right ear, jaw trauma - therefore the inability of eating anything solid, or opening the mouth more than an inch, or closing it properly - slightly slurred speech, and more needles than I’ll ever need in my lifetime

i’m better now, by the way. sporting a rather unbecoming white goatee and surviving on soup, fruit juice and blended rice-y stuff, but i’m fine :)


Ned’s (Individual) Apple Pies from Pushing Daisies

Now that the weather is getting colder, the power to revive the dead would be awfully handy. 


Fruit! We meant revive dead fruit! Thankfully you’ll only find tasty live apples in these individual apple pies. They’re perfect single-serving desserts to keep to yourself or share around with that special living someone.

MJ & K

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When you make a margarita, you need to first make a margarita and concentrate on the tequila, and then add accents and garnish that match the color and flavor of the dish. So you wanna, like, complement it; it’s like complementing with wine to your food. You make sure that the drink that you have is an enjoyable experience so that it matches up, so it creates a flavor profile, and then in your mind the presentation is like 50% of the meal; they always say that, so you wanna make sure that the drink complements that. So I had orange accents in there. A normal margarita, you would just: tequila, triple sec, a splash of lime juice, BLENDED, always blend it! No one likes margaritas on the rocks; they’re crazy if they do. And then after it came out, I added splashes of orange soda down the sides so it just created a color gradient of orange from the top to bottom, denser on the bottom, and it added just a…it added a splash of sugar that made it an award-winner, and I won an award! And then you garnish it with a slice of orange, and now I’m done, thank you. I won an award.

They are soooo easy to make and sooo yummy, it’s basicaly nina and randa’s recipe but i didn’t have some things so i kind of use what i found in my kitchen🤔
2 1/3 cups of integral flour
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
½ apple sauce which I made blending an apple, the juice of 3 limes and cinammon, then i just boiled that mixture.
¾ cup brown sugar
Replacing the egg replacer(? I used 2 tbsp of baking soda with 3 tbsp of vinagar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup
1 cup water

Just mix all the ingredients and put it in one of those donut things for baking hahahah or If you don’t have one like myself just put it in a normal baking dish trying to form a donut 🤔


Ingredients :

  • ½ cups frozen blueberries 
  • ½ cup fresh raspberries
  • ½ cup cranberry juice
  • ½ cup cranberry juice
  • 6 ice cubes, or as desired


Blend blueberries, raspberries, cranberry juice, and water together in a blender until smooth. Add ice cubes to blender and blend until cubes are completely crushed, about 1 minute. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek at Lush Mother’s Day!

Hello my lovely Lushies! Here’s a sneak peek of North America’s new Mother’s Day Products!

Lovely in lilac, this super-scrummy, sweet and floral shower gel is filled with lustre for a touch of glamour.

We’ve put our trust in the most famous mother of all - Mother Nature - and blended fresh strawberry juice with luscious butters to give you soft, scrummy-scented skin.

Give us today our daily bath and deliver us from uncleanliness with delicate floral bubbles that unfurl like cherry blossoms in the spring.

Bursting with rose petals, this bomb is a floral spectacle in your bath. Soya milk powder blends with orange flower absolute, rosewood and Turkish rose oils for a beautiful, skin-softening experience.

Hope you all are as excited as I am!!

Starbucks Drinks to Try Out

Aries - Espresso

Taurus - Double Chocolate Chip Blended Creme Frappuccino

Gemini - Iced Tea Lemonade

Cancer - Caramel Macchiato

Leo - Caramel Latte

Virgo - Tea

Libra - Strawberries & Creme Blended Creme

Scorpio - Java Chip Frappuccino

Sagittarius - Chai Tea Latte

Capricorn - Raspberry Black Currant Blended Juice

Aquarius - Green Tea Latte

Pisces - Chamomile

-Concept art for a new NextGen, Rosemary. She’s the daughter of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps. Her name was originally Snowflake, but it was changed to better serve her personality/special talent. Soft-spoken and kind, yet kind of an airhead, Rosie is a fitness instructor and massive health advocate. She likes brewing holistic medicine(that may or may not be effective), creating healthy juice blends (that her friends hate, but drink politely), and teaching yoga, meditation, and positivity to others, especially foals. She is sweet and incredibly optimistic, generally oblivious to the negativity of others.
She and Aerostorm are like super BFFs and share their dream diaries and swap hoofwoven daisy chains and meditate at sunrise. She’s also really close to Peachy Keen, the daughter of Big Mac and Cheerilee, and Magnolia, the daughter of Applejack and Rarity. Not sure about her color scheme (feel free to suggest alternatives), but that 80’s farrah fawcett hair and those legwarmers ain’t goin’ no where

-Bruce and Aerostorm again, sharknado shipping. I wanted to make scads of drawings of these two but I dunno, the art-making part of my brain was derping hard. So just this little doodle. Seriously, Aerostorm, get a haircut.
There. Apologies for the big wave of uploads, guys, I somehow forgot to post a lot of this stuff. Well, hopefully now you’re all caught up with these new Pandoraverse characters, Bruce, Aerostorm, and Rosemary, and won’t be lost as I upload new art of them. :)

Ode to A Certain Fruit

The proud Pineapple shitlord,

Continuously screaming,

Even when Corn sued for peace.

Angry Pineapple,

Leapt off a wall,

Never to be seen again,

In this life, anyhow.

How Tomato loves thee,

Oh Pineapple shitlord,

Despite your pride,

Your thorny exterior,

And inferiority complex regarding Lobster.

Tomato loves your thick, hard crown

Of leaves, that heavenly spiky crown

And your delectable sweet insides;

Tomato imagines your juices blending together,

As the two of you become one,

Whirling ‘round in the chaos of a Vita-Mix™ blender.

Oh proud Pineapple shitlord,

Lay down your thorns,

Lest you become yet another casualty

On the rocky path of communism.

But worry not,

For glory

Or for death,

Tomato is there with you,

All the way.


Guacamole recipe (4 bagels) : 

  1. 1 Mashed avocado 
  2. Finely chopped jalapenos 
  3. Finely chopped oignons 
  4. Lemon juice
  5. Salt & pepper

Apply on a vegan cream-cheese bagel & find out what heaven tastes like ;D

Banana & Kiwi smoothie recipe (3-4 glass)

  1. 2 bananas
  2. 1 kiwi
  3. ½ cup of soy milk (or any other vegan milk)
  4. ¼ cup of orange juice 

Blend it and serve it

Have a good breakfast y’all ! 

Follow me for more health & fitness advices !!