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Flying With Fuel From Plants: The Eco-friendly Way to Go

We eat them. We make medicines out of them. Now we’re learning how to use plants as airplane fuel that helps the environment.

Using biofuels to help power jet engines reduces particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 percent, according to a new study that bodes well for airline economics and Earth’s atmosphere.

All of the aircraft, researchers and flight operations people who made ACCESS II happen. Credits: NASA/Tom Tschida

The findings are the result of a cooperative international research program led by NASA and involving agencies from Germany and Canada, and are detailed in a study published in the journal Nature.

The view from inside NASA’s HU-25C Guardian sampling aircraft from very close behind the DC-8. Credits: NASA/SSAI Edward Winstead

Our flight tests collected information about the effects of alternative fuels on engine performance, emissions and aircraft-generated contrails – essentially, human-made clouds - at altitudes flown by commercial airliners. 

The DC-8’s four engines burned either JP-8 jet fuel or a 50-50 blend of JP-8 and renewable alternative fuel of hydro processed esters and fatty acids produced from camelina plant oil. Credits: NASA/SSAI Edward Winstead

Contrails are produced by hot aircraft engine exhaust mixing with the cold air that is typical at cruise altitudes several miles above Earth’s surface, and are composed primarily of water in the form of ice crystals.

Matt Berry (left), a flight operations engineer at our Armstrong Flight Research Center, reviews the flight plan with Principal Investigator Bruce Anderson. Credits: NASA/Tom Tschida

Researchers are interested in contrails because they create clouds that would not normally form in the atmosphere, and are believed to influence Earth’s environment. 

The alternative fuels tested reduced those emissions. That’s important because contrails have a larger impact on Earth’s atmosphere than all the aviation-related carbon dioxide emissions since the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers.

This photo, taken May 14, 2014, is from the CT-133 aircraft of research partner National Research Council of Canada. It shows the NASA HU-25C Guardian aircraft flying 250 meters behind NASA’s DC-8 aircraft before it descends into the DC-8’s exhaust plumes to sample ice particles and engine emissions. Credit: National Research Council of Canada

Researchers plan on continuing these studies to understand the benefits of replacing current fuels in aircraft with biofuels. 

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Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake

1. Allow the angel to reach room temperature. Then kill it.

2. Kill God. Set Him aside.

3. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

4. Ecstatically whip, as if possessed by a storm-wind of freedom, 1-½ cups of excellent egg whites with ¼ tsp. salt and 1-½ tsp. cream of tartar. Continue until peaks are as if raised to their own heights and given wings in a fine air, a robust air.

5. Gradually add ¾ cup sugar, about 3 tbsp. at a time.

6. You are brilliant.

7. Now, add 1 tsp. vanilla and ¼ tsp. almond extract, and then sift together 1-¼ cups flour and ¾ cup sugar.

8. Blend in God and the angel. Emboldened, add the egg mixture.

9. Gaze into the überbatter. The überbatter will gaze into you.

10. While prancing about in a frenzy of self-satisfaction and anticipation, use a rubber scraper to push the überbatter into an ungreased 10" tube pan, for it is destined to be there.

11. Bake on a lower rack until done, usually 35-40 minutes, while reciting to the upper rack a long, convoluted anecdote about your childhood.

12. Invert the tube pan over a bottle for a few hours. Then impetuously rap the pan. Shout, “Aha!” and slide a knife along the pan’s insides.

13. Call what tumbles out a cake if you dare. Call it miraculous even.

14. Eat it. It is delicate, morbid, loveable, and you will die depressed, delirious, and overweight.

holderofhearts  asked:

what pencil's and pens do you use to draw??

Hi there! I’m so sorry for the late response, but I wanted to make a proper post about this ^^

1- Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen- You can buy it at JetPens (where I get most of my pens tbh). It’s really fun for sketching and it makes super nice lines

2- Water brush filled with diluted black Higgins ink- I use this when I want to throw a bit of tone over a sketch

3- Kuretake Pocket Color Brush Pen- I also use this for shading/tone, sometimes I use it for an initial sketch before inking over it with something else

4- Kuretake Clean Color Brush Pen- Great for sketching and when used with water acts kind of like watercolor. They come in a nice variety of colors

5- Pentel Hybrid Technica pen- My favorite pen for sketching. It’s super fun to doodle with! I have it in the 0.3 and 0.4 sizes

6- Pentel Pocket Brush Pen- One of the greatest brush pens for inking ever, in my opinion. Depending on the way you hold it and the pressure you can make really thin or really thick lines. I like to use it with the Hybrid Technica pens to make lines in some areas thicker. It’s a little pricey but worth every penny

7- Blackwing Pencils- I love these-the lead is soft and good for making dark lines. It also blends pretty well 

8/9- Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils- They come in a variety of colors but I mostly use the red. I also use the darker blue over top of it sometimes. These are my favorite pencils to sketch with

10- Regular mechanical pencil- Nothing fancy, this once came in a big pack from Staples for like 3 bucks. I use these for sketching a lot as well

11- Uni-Ball Signo White Gel Pen- Hands down the BEST pen for adding white highlights-the ink is nice and opaque. You can even throw it over black ink and it still shows up pure. I love it

Hope this helps! 


Pepperoni Pizza Twists

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
8 mins
Total time
18 mins

Perfect for game day celebrations or a fun, kid-friendly dinner, these Pepperoni Pizza Twists are guaranteed to become a new family favorite! Easy, cheesy, awesomeness!
Serves: 12


  • 1 lb pizza dough, room temperature
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 2 tsp dried parsley
  • ½ tsp red pepper flakes
  • 6 tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese (use more if you’d like!)
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 oz pepperoni
  • 4 oz shredded mozzarella cheese


  • Preheat the oven to 425F.
  • Roll the dough out into a rectangle on a lightly floured large cutting board.
  • Combine the garlic powder, parsley, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes in a small bowl. Sprinkle about half of the seasoning blend onto the dough.
  • Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on one half of the dough and top it with the pepperoni. If you are using mini pepperoni, you can leave it whole. If you’re using full-size pepperoni, you’ll want to cut them into quarters.
  • Fold the side of the dough without the pepperoni on it over to the other side, covering the filing.
  • Use a sharp knife or a pizza cutter to cut the dough into thin strips. You’ll get about 12 strips out of one pound of dough. Twist the strips a few times and press down on the ends to keep them closed.
  • Brush the tops of the twists with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning blend.
  • Place the twists on a parchment-lined baking sheet, seasoned side down.
  • Brush the other side of the twists with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning blend again.
  • Bake for 8 to10 minutes or until twists are golden brown.
  • Serve with marinara or ranch dressing.
Oh my... there’s a stye in my eye!

I recently went through the terrible experience of getting a stye! Yes, one of those gross, pimple like bumps filled with puss, that tend to grow near the eye lashes or on the inside of the eyelid!!! :( It came out of nowhere, and I was unsure of what I should do to treat it…. I have had my share of stye’s in the past, and typically, I just ride it out and wait for the evil bump to go away. However, this time I decided to take matters into my own hands and beat this stye with some good ol’ fashioned treatments. 

The story….

As I was getting ready for work a few weeks ago, I felt a tickle in my left eye, and as any normal person would do, I itched it! OUCH! I immediately regretted it… the lower eyelid area below my lashes was so sore, even touching it slightly caused a lot of pain :( I decided to forgo my eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow that day and rushed to work. The pain grew as the day went on. I could feel the pain without even touching it. Eventually the pain grew so much that every time I would blink it felt like something was scratching against my eye. I had been there before and I knew that I was getting a stye….

Being my inquisitive self, I started googling home remedies for treating stye’s. During this long process of research, I came across a gold mine of information!! For the first time in my life I understood why stye’s occur, how long they typically take to go away, what not to do while you have a stye and what to do to make them disappear quickly. I definitely learned a lot, and I’ve decided to share some useful tips and facts with you, to save you from having to google all over the internet like I did! :-) 


Stress… yes, we all experience it, it’s unavoidable, and it does terrible HORRIFIC things to our bodies. However, it’s definitely conquerable! There are plenty of activities we can do to minimize stress, such as cardio (running, biking, kickboxing, zumba), meditation, yoga, and the list goes on.

Touching your eye with dirty hands. We all do this, sometimes we just get an itch and we don’t want to walk ALL THE WAY to the bathroom to wash our hands. After all, it’s just a small itch, right?? Well… let me tell ya, I won’t be doing that anymore! Always keep hand sanitizer near by and make sure your hands are clean before touching your eyes. Trust me, it’s worth it. :) 

How long they stick around: 

If you let a stye develop, it could stick around for a few days to a week. However, if you apply these methods once you feel the makings of a stye, you may be able to prevent it from growing to begin with!! 

What not to do:

1. Don’t touch the stye. This means no rubbing, squeezing, or itching anywhere near the stye. 

2. Do not share your pillow with anyone. Be sure to wash the pillow case or anything that has touched your eye, separately from any other items. 

3. Do not wear makeup on the eye until it has healed completely. If you do, be sure to dispose of any makeup applicators that came in contact with your eye during the infection.

Make it go away quickly:

Cleanse the eye: Boil water and pour it into a clean bowl. Once the water has cooled, dunk your eye into the bowl and blink a few times. This will wash out your eye. An alternative is to put eye drops in your eye. 

Compress: Put a warm compress on the eye for 5-10 minutes. A warm compress for a stye is considered one of the best remedies which you can do at home, because it allows you to reduce the swelling while also getting relief from some of the symptoms. Use a warm compress up to 2-3 times per day, or as needed to help reduce swelling and provide healing for styes

Apply nature’s medicine: Make a blend of 8 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil, 3 drops of Lavender, and 3 drops of Melaleuca. After letting the blend sit a couple hours, take a couple drops of it and put it around your eye (not directly on the eye). Do this at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night (more if necessary). 

There you have it! I hope this post helps you to kick that nasty bump out on the street quickly before it grows into a huge, red, painful, ugly mess. 

Note that: For recurring styes or styes lasting more than 2-3 days, it is recommended to see a doctor.



We know Anna Sui has fashion eyewear but did you know the brand brought out colored contact lenses stamped with their signature rose pattern?


I believe these are targeted specifically at the Asian market and they initially brought out bi-weekly disposables in Japan before launching these daily disposables across other Asian countries.

In Singapore they are available exclusively at Spectacle Hut for S$25 per box of 10 daily disposables - a bit more expensive than regular colored lenses, but then these are novelty lenses after all; I would keep them for special occasions personally.

There are 4 shades available here; Purple, Brown, Grey and Black, and yes - these do come in different degrees (0-800) for us myopic gals as well so that’s fantastic.

I tried the Purples cos this is Anna Sui’s signature color after all, and I would definitely say the color is quite subtle compared to typical colored lenses. They aren’t made to look very dramatic color-wise; they are proper circle lenses that create a bigger, rounder bambi-eyed effect with a subtle dusty violet color tone. Extremely sweet and dreamy looking; very Japanese in aesthetic.

The Grey and Black designs would be way too subtle in my opinion. The Purples already go on slightly grey looking on the eyes so it doesn’t make sense to get Blacks at all. (Just a thought.)

If you’re looking for obvious dramatic color these might not be for you; I would go with regular colored lenses instead. But if you want that doe-eyed fantasy “Anna Sui ad” look, these are gorgeous.

PROMO! Customers who mention my post and show the code “SH_AnnaSui_12“ in Spectacle Hut stores when purchasing multiple boxes of Anna Sui lenses are eligible for a free Anna Sui gift. Do check with the team in-store for exact details, as there seems to be some inconsistencies between stores!

Extra tips to bring out the color of the lenses?

  • Wear a soft smoky black liner (run black shadow over black pencil) and soft wispy falsies to bring up the contrast without making your eye look too hard and fierce.
  • Dab a tiny bit of soft lilac sparkle in the center of the lids to help bring out the soft purple-silver tones in the lenses.
  • Avoid eye makeup colors more vibrant and bright than the lenses you are wearing.

Other makeup worn: 

MAC Well Dressed blush, LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No 8 (colors blended together)

Eye drawing tutorial – step by step walkthrough

Hi guys! This is a step by step tutorial of how I draw an eye with coloured pencils, the brand I’m using is Faber Castell polychromos, but Prismacolors or similar brands will also do :)

Here is the reference photo if you guys want to try to draw it:

(it’s my own eye)


 And here is the finished drawing:

As you can see it’s not that similar, I might try to redraw it more photorealistic later, but now I drew it so it would be somewhat easy to follow for beginners! :)

Step 1:

Sketching the eye. I usually like to include the eyelashes in detail, so I know they are in the right place when I’m going to draw them later. Misplaced eyelashes can ruin a drawing. There are different ways of sketching; freehand, grid or placing the paper over a screen. I usually do the basics by screen and then add the rest by hand afterwards. Just find whatever works for you!

Step 2: Find the colors you are going to use in the iris, and then lightly block them in. I used an earthy green, a light brown/orange and a mix of 3-4 blues. Use light strokes in small, circular motions and leave a lot of white space.

Step 3: More colors in light strokes, and draw the pupil. I used a black pen, but a black pencil will produce the same result.

Step 4: A lot happened from step 3 to step 4! Keep adding colors on top of colors in the iris and put a little pressure so the colors become stronger. Remember to frequently look at the reference picture. I also used a dark blue pencil to add lines where they seemed to fit. Take a light grey pencil and fill lightly in the eye, keeping only the middle of it white. Add pinks around the eye with – you guess it – light strokes. My way of drawing is a little time consuming, because I use a lot of light strokes on top of each other, and then blend in the end.

Step 5: Now we are starting to finish the iris. It’s time to use a dark blue pencil and fill in the outer ring of the eye. I also added lots of small lines that will blend in with the darker color and the whites when I blend later.

Step 6:If you look at the iris now, it is much darker, which happened in the previous step. I also added more colors to make it pop more, light green, turquoise, yellow and grey. And now we will blend, blend, blend! I use a white one and pressed down hard to mix it all together in the iris. For the skin, we will use the same method as the iris. Depending on the size of your drawing, this will take some time. Light strokes in circular motions with the colors you will use for the skin. I used (surprice) light skin colour, and some pinks to make some more tones. Similar colour in the prismacolor range is light peach.

 Keep adding skin colours in light motions. Time consuming! But keep at it.

Step 8: Now blend the skin with white. Press down hard. Also add the eyelashes with a graphite pencil (so you can erase if you make a mistake.) Under the eye we all have wrinkles, so add some lines in a darker “skin” color. Difficult to explain, so just look at the picture.

Pay attention to details –> Small pink lines and grey shades on the eyeball. 

Step 9: Add black pencil over the graphite pencil, don’t use light motions, press down. Added more skin under the eye with pink.

Step 10: Add the lower lash lines.

Step 11: EYEBROW TIME. Block in light brown lines and colour.

Step 12: I work from one side to the other, adding different lines, colours and some white gel pen lines. Why? Just because I wanted some white lines:) If you look closely you can spot small dots in the skin which weren’t there before, I added them with a mechanical eraser.

Step 13: More lines.

Step 14: All the lines are in, and I have coloured all over it with light brown.

Step 15: Blend like craaazy with a white pencil. Look at the reference picture and add darker hair where it fits. I also added white gel pen. When I drew the eyebrow, I also went in with green colours in the iris, because I saw it was a little too blue.

 And you are DONE.



Hope you guys will try to follow this, it’s my first proper tutorial:) Have fun drawing!




anonymous asked:

would you happen to have any tea spells? that would be wonderful!

i own none of this

ALWAYS research herbs and other ingredients before use to make sure they wont cause any medical complications !!!!

Tea for Divination (Moura)

1 tbsp China black, or English or Irish breakfast tea
2 tsp lemon balm
1 tsp eyebright
1 tbsp mugwort
1 tbsp rose hips

Tea for Psychic Healing (Moura)

1 tbsp China black
1 tsp elder flower
1 tsp nettle
2 tsp burdock root
2 tsp mullein
2 tsp rose hips

Dream Tea (Cunningham) For Psychic Dreams

2 parts Rose petals
1 part Mugwort
1 part Peppermint
1 part Jasmine flowers
½ part Cinnamon

Psychic Tea (Cunningham)

3 parts Rose petals
2 parts Yarrow
1 part Cinnamon

Psychic Tea (fuckyeahpaganism)

Ginger Root
Green Tea

Anti-Stress Herbal Tea Recipe (honeycoyote) 

Combine the following…1 tbsp. Chamomile Flowers
½ tbsp. Lemon Balm
1 tsp. Skullcap
1 tsp. Lavender
Steep in 16 ounces (regular mug size) of boiled water for 8 minutes. Strain and sip! Sweeten with coconut oil for added nourishment and flavor.!For a simple anti-stress herbal tea blend, try mixing 2 parts of chamomile with 1 part each of lemon balm and skullcap. Add a heaping teaspoon of this blend to 8 ounces of hot water and steep for 6 to 8 minutes. Enjoy 2 to 3 cups a day for maximum calm.

Witch Tea: Going to Class

 this brew is aimed for those heavy work days when you need that extra boost of mental power.

Materials Needed:
3 parts Green Tea
1 part Black Tea
½ part Rosemary
½ part Mint
½ part Orange Peel  
¼ part Rose Petals
boil water then while focusing on your intent pour the water over herbs, let steep. sweeten with honey to taste for a nice extra boost.
-by HoneyCoyote-

Upset Stomach Tea
Material Needed
A cinnamon stick or a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Add about one tablespoon fresh grated ginger
Boiling water
Optional - a favorite teabag or loose tea, extras to taste (Honey, or a slice of lemon)
Add boiling water.
Let your ginger and cinnamon and steep for 8 to 10 minutes, and then, if you’re using a cinnamon stick, remove the pieces before you drink.
Optional - honey, if you wish (a teaspoon of honey is a healthy, delicious addition to  tea).
-By HoneyCoyote-

Dragons Fire Tea
a Spicy warming tea, to fuel your inner dragon fire.
Materials Needed:
3-7 whole Cloves
2 orange slices
2 cinnamon sticks broken
Fresh grated Ginger
4 tsp brown sugar or Honey
Boil water and steep for 10 minutes the  strain. i usually make this in a large mason jar. you can decrease the ingredients if your using a smaller cup or mug  
-By HoneyCoyote-

A Calming Tea
Materials Needed:
1 Part Lemon Balm
1 Part Thyme
1 Part Marjorham
1 Part Chamomile
Steep  mixture in boiled water. Cover 10 minutes then strain.
-By HoneyCoyote-

here’s a link to more tea spells

Coconut Almond Creamed Rice Noodles 

A sort of new invention tonight. It’s a keeper.

You’ll Need

1 Handful of rice noodles

1 Tablespoon almond butter

¼ cup coconut milk

¼ red bell pepper

Chilly powder

Red pepper flakes

Now What

Boil water. toss rice noodles in. remove from heat after 5-8 minutes

Blend the rest of ingredients together

Drain rice noodles and combine with sauce

Combine in sauce pan and warm together for 3 minutes


Okay! Here’s a little pictorial I put together really quick for my latest floral look. I used a tiny trimmed down acrylic paint brush (Loew Cornell No. 18/0 liner) but I think you could use dotting tools and a bigger brush. 

1. Paint nail a dark blue shade (I like to use a fast dry top coat here).

2. Paint the base petals in a dark orange. 

3. Add in lighter orange accents over the dark orange.

4. Add a bit more dark orange for good measure (if you want).

5. Add a ring of tiny dots in the center with a dark blue shade. 

6. Add tiny yellow dots to the center of the ring you just made.

7. Paint tiny yellow dashes around the outside of the dark blue ring. I painted slightly over the dark blue to help blend it a bit. 

8. Use a bright blue and randomly add blobs of color to your nail. Don’t be afraid to cover the orange flower a bit. Seriously though, these are just blob…which is hard for me to do because I’m terrible at being “random”. 

9. Add smaller random blobs in light blue to the middle of the bright blue spots. 

10. Finally, add 2-3 tiny yellow dots to each of the blue flowers you’ve created. 

Let me know if you have questions or anything :) 

How do you really live the positive life? These are my goals this year and I hope I encourage you to say goodbye to them too. It may take some courage but it will be worth it, promise.


1. The clutter around you. Having a messy room, sometimes messes up your mind too. I know, because I have been on that phase. Well honestly, I’m still on that phase up to now. It’s been so hard for me to clean up specially when I have a lot to do. My mom never gets tired to remind me how to change this bad habit. But now, I should probably listen. Start by doing the task and finishing them. When you have unfinished business, the tendency is you’ll leave them hanging at the corner until you remember them. The more you forget a lot of things, the more they pile up. Another advice is to clean up after doing your task. Always.

2. Late nights. Sleep early. This helps you have more alertness in the morning. Having enough sleep also attract good vibes and makes you a lot less cranky and a lot more patient.

3. Negative thoughts. At the end of the day, you know the famous “late night thoughts”? They will suck your good vibes out of your system. The best way to handle them besides sleeping early and ignoring them, is to dictate every good thing that happened to you in a day. Because no matter what happens, there would always be good in something.

4. Grumpy mornings. Always wake up declaring that its gonna be a good day and own it. Fill your thoughts with positive things. The start of the day is always the crucial part because how you start it determines how you’re going to be for the whole day.

5. Insecurities. You gotta stop visiting the profile of that girl who irritates you or better yet, stop thinking about her. She’s beautiful in her own way but that doesn’t mean you aren’t. don’t be so hard on yourself. You also have your own way of shining. And that’s the best part, each of us is unique. No one can ever be you. Give yourself a credit and be happy just the way you are because the right people will come and love you that way.

6. The thought of being afraid to be alone. You gotta be independent. Watching movies by yourself isn’t as bad as you think, or going out on a date with yourself isn’t as boring as you thought it would be. Being able to enjoy your own company is a gift that only a strong woman has so what’s your choice, be the strong woman, or be the girl who can’t even stand herself?

7. Blending in with what’s in. The criteria made by our society now is too demanding. Be skinny, be toned, be white, be stylist and etc You really don’t have to blend in. Stand out.

8. People who you call friends but are actually not. Lessen the people you mingle with. Its also a way of de-cluttering and making space for those who deserve to be a part of your life. People who wants to be your friend, no matter how long you have not seen each other or talk to each other will never forget you or even think of hurting you. Re-evaluate people.

9. Reasons why you can’t. Because you should remember if Michael jordan gave up on his dream after failing a lot of times, he wouldn’t have fame. Or if Thomas Edison settled for his failures, we wouldn’t have electricity. Therefore, you have the power to make it happen.

10. Old rivalries and arguments. Learn to forgive and ask forgiveness from people not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace.

These are just some. Share me those things you want to say goodbye to and tag me. Lets help each other overcome those negative circumstances and embrace positivity. ✨

10 Symptoms of Lukewarm Christianity.

1. Thinking more about life on this earth than about eternal life.

2. Giving out of our leftovers.

3. Seeking God only when there is a problem.

4. Saying we believe in God but living like He doesn’t exist.

5. Craving people’s approval more than God’s approval.

6. Rarely or never sharing the gospel.

7. Saying we believe in God but not striving to know Him.

8. Blending into the world instead of making a difference.

9. Critical, complaining attitude.

10. Knowing Christ enough to be saved but not to change our lifestyle.


Step 1: Start off with a clean face and eyes. 

Step 2: Use an eyeshadow primer or concealer on your eyelids so that your shadow/eyeliner lasts throughout the day. This is a very important step. 

Step 3: With a crease brush, lightly apply a medium brown eyeshadow onto the crease. This color will act as our transition shade for easier blending. 

Step 4: With a dark matte or shimmery plum eyeshadow, apply this all over JUST the lid. Darker eyeshadow may have fall out so stamping the product on with a brush or your finger works best. 

Step 5: With a blending brush, blend the lid color into the brown that we put into the crease. If the plum color fades out after blending, feel free to apply more.

Step 6: On the outer v of your lid, apply a very dark brown eyeshadow and blend it into the lid & crease color. Add more of this color if it is washed out during blending. 

Step 7: With a black eyeliner, line your lashline. This does not have to be perfect.

Step 8: Blend this color out with a black shadow on the brush to make it more smokey. Add more of the plum color to the lashline to further blend the liner. (optional) 

Step 8: Clean up the under eye area from eyeshadow fall out and the ends of your lids for a clean line.

Step 9: Apply a black liner to your waterline and smoke it out with the plum color, and blend a black shadow to the outer bottom lash line, and join it to the upper lashline color. 

Step 10: Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. If you want this look to be extra dramatic, add falsies :D !

Aaaaand your done! This look is perfect for fall or for a night out, hope this is useful and helpful for you guys! Love you dolls xo

Miracle Whip Slaw Burgers

Prep Time: 30 min.

Makes: 8 servings

What You Need

2 lb. lean ground beef

2 tsp. garlic powder

¾ cup MIRACLE WHIP Dressing, divided

1 pkg. (14 oz.) coleslaw blend (cabbage slaw mix)

1 can (8 oz.) crushed pineapple in juice, drained

1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion

2 tsp. Sriracha sauce (hot chili sauce)

8 hamburger buns

Make It

HEAT grill to medium heat.

MIX meat, garlic powder and ¼ cup dressing just until blended; shape into 8 (½-inch-thick) patties. Grill 5 to 6 min. on each side or until done (160ºF).

COMBINE remaining dressing with all remaining ingredients except buns.

FILL buns with burgers and coleslaw.

Guys, It Won’t Be Summer Forever

8 fall and winter menswear essentials you should get this summer while they’re on sale!

Unless you live in an always-sunny place like Cali, you have to face the fact that sooner or later the sunshine and perfect weather will turn cold and windy. Are you ready for it? The good news is while it’s hot outside, there are deals on good looking cold-weather gear! So instead of dreading the breezier days to come, get excited for the dapper menswear pieces you can wear for them.

Here to help with your fall and winter preparations, we’ve picked out 8 jackets and sweaters on sale that are perfect for the colder seasons. Check them out, and don’t let your size run out!

1) Theory Two-Tone Baseball Jacket (55% off)

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7) Vince Plaid Wool-Blend Sweater (40% off)

8) Valentino V-Neck Sweater with Faux Leather Pocket (55% off)

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Are you a strategic shopper? Or is your steez always from the latest collections? Let us know!

On Frittatas and French Toast

That is some boss french toast up there, lemme tell you.  I make some pretty killer french toast.  Let me share some secrets.

First, the bread.  I use challah bread for French toast and nothing else.  It has the exact right amount of soak-uppiness and firmness to keep its shape while soaking up delicious egg and milk so the toast ends up crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Don’t use brioche, tempting as it might be - it’s too soft and has too much inherent sweetness.  If you must use sliced regular bread, use something thicker and with more substance.  Don’t use sandwichy bread, it won’t hold the egg as well.

Now, the egg mixture.  My proportions are:  3 eggs, 1 cup half-and-half.  I don’t use milk.  Half and half gives it a little extra creaminess - but don’t use full-on cream, that’s too much.  I add 1 tbsp of sugar, a few dashes of salt, and a few drops each vanilla extract and almond extract.  It’s the almond extract that really gives it a little extra punch.  Mix it well - I use my stick blender.  If there are little bits of egg white in there they’ll cook and turn rubbery.

Get butter in the pan and get it nice and melty but not super hot or else the butter will burn.  Now, the soaking part.  Don’t just dip the bread, it needs to soak at least a minute or two on each side. Let them drip a bit before they go into the pan.  Now, a few minutes on each side - check that they’re nice and browned before flipping.  A little butter and some high-quality maple syrup - or powdered sugar or jam or whatever floats your boat- and dig in!

Now, the frittata.

If you don’t know about frittata, let me share the joy.  A frittata is basically a quiche without the crust.  You cook it right in the skillet, first on the stovetop and then in the oven.  It’s super simple, and you can more or less toss anything in there.  It’s great for using up leftovers.

The basic procedure is this: get all your fillings into the skillet.  Meat, veggies, potatoes - cooked pasta or quinoa or whatever are actually great in there too - and then you blend up 8-9 eggs with some cheese or something and pour it over the top.  You let it cook on the stovetop until the edges bubble, and then you pop it into the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes until it stops being runny on top.  Then you slice it into wedges and serve!

Tonight, I made mine with some leftover diced ham and chorizo.  I cooked them up together and then set them aside.  Then I caramelized some onions with herbs de provence and spice blend, and set those aside.  Then I sauteed some green and orange peppers and added in some garlic and baby spinach.  I mixed in the onions and meat, got it all warmed up and incorporated together and evenly distributed on the bottom of the skillet.  I sliced some cherry tomatoes over the top of it, then poured a mixture of eggs and parmesan cheese over everything.  It turned out yummy as heck (I don’t have a pic, sorry).

The key to good frittata is a little bit of over-seasoning in the fillings - the eggs tend to make everything go bland, so get some real strong flavors going.  I knew the chorizo would pump up the saltiness but I put extra black pepper in the eggs.

You can pretty much put anything you want in a frittata.  Leftover chili?  Toss it in.  That last sad chicken breast?  Chop it up, in you go.  The last starting-to-be-wilty kale?  Those sad last tomato slices?  Into the frittata.  Go wild.