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Healthy Weight Gain Shake

Courtesy of Dargo, a member of the Fat Admiration, Feederism &/or Weight Gain group on fetlife:


If you have a nutribullet, magic bullet or the alike food processor you can make my caloric dense shake I use. I use a nutribullet large 16oz cup with food processing blades. In the cup place the following:

8oz of yogurt (any flavor)
4 scoops of Muscle Milk powder (I like chocolate)
fill to line with whole or 2% milk (about 8 oz)

Blend til mixed well and drink up.

This mixture will give you about 1100 calories in one drink. But what is more important is the balanced proteins, carbs and fats you get.
The total gram counts:
fat 46grs
protein 83grs
carbs 82grs

With this drink and your usual eating patterns, your body will start to put both fat and muscle weight while keeping ironically a healthy diet. Of course you can replace heavy whipping cream for the yogurt to boost the calorie level.


Best diffuser scent I’ve tried so far is lemon oil and eucalyptus smells just like a nice cup of tea ☕️ 💖🍋

I also tried peach and tangerines but I didn’t like it the peach oil I got is rly so artificial smelling it smells like those peach ring candies which doesn’t work wit the natural citrus oils I got

OK if I could eat ANYTHING and not gain an ounce right now, I would choose one or three of the following:

1. Extremely creamy penne pasta with vodka sauce and LOT’S of parmesan

2. Veggie pad see ew with lot’s and lot’s of egg

3. Kraft macaroni and cheese! Room temperature!

4. Black bean and guacamole burrito, no cheese or sour cream but lot’s of cilantro and spanish rice, on a singed tortilla and out of a styrofoam box!!!!

5. Burger King fish sandwich with Mcdonalds fries in a car

6. Angel hair bolognese with muchos parmesan

7. Knorr chicken flavored rice in a bowl WITH lettuce and italian dressing so all the textures blend together mmmmmm

8. Ginger fried rice, made by me, so made with a ton of ginger and fish sauce

9. Seafood risotto OR paella

10. 30 shrimp gyozas with vinegar sauce!!!

11. Dominos thin and crispy crust cheese pizza

12. Pesto rotini! A whole bunch of it! With parmesan obvs.

13. A million crab cakes

14. Fish tacos: slaw, chipotle mayo, singed tortilla mmm yes.

15. spanakopita AND oily delicious dolmas

16. A tube of chocolate chip cookie dough

Alright I feel better.



23 FEB 17

1. NWT Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Wool Flannel Leather Trim Weekend Bag

2. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tortoise Folding Aviator Sunglasses

3. NIB Brunello Cucinelli Blue Suede Belt (one of many NIB BC Belts listed)

4. Early Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Dongal Tweed Norfolk Back Shooting Jacket

5. NWOB Vass Budapest Medallion Toe Single Monk Shoes

6. NWOT Seraphin Green Shearling Long Coat

7. Tom Ford Cashmere Blend Purple Sweater

8. Over 25 NWT Canali, Zegna and more Suits

9. Salvatore Ferragamo Alligator Gancini Bit Loafers

10. NWT Isaia Napoli Charcoal Flannel Parka Coat 


10 Symptoms of Lukewarm Christianity.

1. Thinking more about life on this earth than about eternal life.

2. Giving out of our leftovers.

3. Seeking God only when there is a problem.

4. Saying we believe in God but living like He doesn’t exist.

5. Craving people’s approval more than God’s approval.

6. Rarely or never sharing the gospel.

7. Saying we believe in God but not striving to know Him.

8. Blending into the world instead of making a difference.

9. Critical, complaining attitude.

10. Knowing Christ enough to be saved but not to change our lifestyle.

My finished interpretation of Robert Downey jr from Iron Man. I used 4-5B pencils, a knead-able eraser and a blending brush on 100gsm 8"by10" paper. Quite happy with this. Available to buy (includes a frame).

I like the undercover MOM-MILF look. I thought it was kind of cool, nice to see a change but I love her line in the show, which I thought was fantastic was she’s like “I can be invisible”. And it’s true. Like a middle aged woman can just kind of fade into the background, particularly in that world. So she’s kind of like the “ultimate spy” of the group in that world, she can blend pretty easily.
—  March 8, 2015 - Kevin Smith on Talking Dead about Carol as the “Ultimate Spy”