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“I live in my dreams — that’s what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That’s the difference.”


Fresh_Hell….Thats what it is to draw this fool…But honestly I had a lot of fun drawing him and experimenting with my markers and blending. Also this is my first fan art for this blog sooo, Here ya goo *Runs away cuz SENPIIIII*
The Art of Designer Artificial Limbs
Sophie de Oliveira Barata makes hyper-realistic prostheses as well as elaborate costume limbs that reflect the wearer's personality.
By Roc Morin

There is a moment when each ultra-realistic prosthetic limb crafted by Sophie de Oliveira Barata transitions from a hunk of silicon into something more. “It happens around this point,” the artist explained, gesturing to a half-finished leg jutting mid-kick from her work bench. “I’ll know it’s happened when I handle a limb a bit roughly, and I find myself apologizing to it: ‘Oh, sorry!’”

It’s an easy mistake to make. With precision molding, hand-painted veins, and real human hairs, the limbs scattered around Sophie’s studio look uncannily real: legs on the verge of dancing and hands ready to burst into applause. With these prostheses, Sophie enables her customers to conceal their absences and blend in. But the artist also caters to another kind of clientele: amputees wanting to stand out. She works with these clients to imagine the missing parts of their bodies as fantastical works of art: an arm housing a motorized coiling snake, a jewel-studded leg with embedded stereo, a bird-wing arm with a metal hook for a talon. “Instead of seeing what’s missing,” she remarked, “you see what’s there.”

For my non-BJD pals who may be confused, try to imagine the persecution complex and weird moral superiority delusion of the tumblr shoplifters community blended with the artist-scorning entitled indignation of the people who get really angry about artists charging money for commissions, and that pretty much sums up the ‘pro-recast’ people. You know, if you want some kind of idea what kinda people they are.


[Old artwork from several months ago.]

I wanted to bring in another OC, Cerys.

She’s 22 years old and she can a bit strict regarding rules and authority. She’s also good at reading body gestures and emotions, which Rein hates a lot, but she sees right though him anyway lmao. Cerys has been sheltered most of her life and always had a clear distinction of what she could and couldn’t do, but with every experience she encounters and everyone she meets, she becomes more open-minded. It wasn’t until she was assign to work with Rein and was exposed to his unpredictable and unconventional work attitude and brash personality that she begins to unwind. Her and Rein are not actually in an official relationship, but they do rely on each other a lot to keep one another balanced.


Just threw up video of how I blend paint.

…and she was terrified of being honest with herself, because that meant she would have to face what her real desires were:
to be creative
to make art
to throw caution to the wind and damn all her practical plans
to change her focus to doing what she loved, which was writing and painting and creating and embracing all the off-color parts she’d worked so hard to blend away.
—  frustrated artist ( @prolixen

Just threw up a video about the different acylics and how they work.