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Supercorp: “The Spiderman Kiss” 

Amazing commission from the wonderful @zackdoesart

Lena hadn’t experienced a lot of things in her life but she would never get used to the rush she felt when she kissed Kara. Falling in love with Kara was so effortless and she cherished each moment they shared together but one thing that she loved more than anything; was how much of a dork her girlfriend is. How she insisted on carrying Lena bridal style to the bedroom, how she makes Lena sandwiches to take to the office or how excited she’d get every time the word ‘potstickers’ was mentioned. As their relationship had developed Lena had also opened up, showing Kara her nerdy side - it made her so happy to finally be able to share her love of sci-fi and comics to her equally enthusiastic girlfriend. The two had managed to have many movie marathons in between Supergirl saves and Lena’s demanding work schedule, after they’d watched the original Spiderman Trilogy (ranting about Spiderman 3 of course!) Kara had joked about reenacting the famous upside down kiss scene.

Which is how Lena walked into their apartment shrugging her coat off and carelessly pulling her hair free. The smell of takeaway lingered in the air and there was a plate of steaming hot fried rice on the counter but strangely her girlfriend was nowhere to be found. She looked around in search for the Kryptonian, calling her name softly only to be met with silence. Sighing she moved towards the kitchen which is when she heard a soft giggle followed by a muffled “oops!”. Smiling she looked around, raising her eyebrow as another giggle erupted - this one was louder and it only made her smile more.

“I guess Kara isn’t here…” Lena speaks in a teasing voice, biting her lip when she hears some shuffling, more giggling and then she sees Kara, floating at the top of the ceiling, upside down. 

Lena can’t help but laugh when Kara flashes her a proud grin. Kara beckons her over with an excited wave, smiling wider when Lena makes her way towards her. Kara easily floats down, still hung upside down like the deo bat - stopping when she’s mere inches from Lena’s lips. She waits, hovering there as her eyes drift to stare at Lena’s lips.

“Going to give me a kiss then Spidey?” 

Kara blushes at the nickname before nodding enthusiastically.

“Well, I can’t leave a beautiful woman hanging; can I?” 

Lena shakes her head rolling her eyes at the joke. She steps closer tilting her chin slightly as Kara’s hand cups the back of her head gently tugging her closer and effectively closing the gap. The moment their lips meet Lena melts, reaching forward to chase Kara’s lips. Kara keeps her hand tangled in Lena’s hair as they continue to kiss softly and she can taste the hint of wine lingering on Lena’s lips, drinking every bit of her in. Lena smiling breaks their kiss but neither can bring themselves to care - not when Kara is bringing their lips back together and kissing with such softness that Lena never wants to pull away.

“I live in my dreams — that’s what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That’s the difference.”


Anti Latinx Racism Is...

• Assuming all Latinxs are from the same/said country

• Assuming all Latinxs know Spanish

• Assuming all Latinxs should know Spanish

• Thinking issues Latinxs face are secondary to issues other marginalized groups face.

• Telling us to go back “where we came from”

• Thinking a Latinx is only respectable if they have a “high profile career” such as being a doctor, lawyer, etc

• Thinking all Latinxs look the same- we come in many different colors from all around the world

• Telling us we have to assimilate

• Trying to speak Spanish to us, thinking we all know it

• Thinking we all listen to Spanish speaking artists

• Blending in our cultures together. Latinxs come from many different cultures and all of them are unique and respectable

• Asking us to cook for you / assuming all we eat is Chipotle and Taco Bell shit

• Saying we’re “the best in bed” or “the best cooks” - that is FETISHIZATION. We will not appreciate or tolerate it.

• Calling us “spicy”, “caliente”, “fuego”, “mami” or whatever dumbass word you can think of. That is also fetishization.

• Making jokes about Trump’s dumb fucking wall

• Thinking Black Latinxs are less valid than non Black Latinxs. That’s also anti black racism which is also disgusting.

• Telling us we are not “Latinx enough” because of our skin color / ability to speak Spanish

• Thinking we all dance salsa, bachata, merengue… like seriously?

• Thinking all Latinxs know each other. No, I don’t know “Maria” from your job.

• Thinking only white people can be prejudiced against us

• Eating our food, listening to our music, using our fashion but blatantly disrespecting Latinxs. This one is pretty obvious and very common.

• Prioritizing documented Latinxs over undocumented Latinxs

• Thinking we all are teen parents. That’s ignorant and guess what? We’re not. Even if a Latinx is/was a teen parent, they’re still deserving of the utmost respect.

• Thinking every Latinx is “illegal”

• Thinking Latinxs owe you shit

• Calling us stereotypical names such as “Maria”, “Juan”, “Rosa”, “Diego”, “Jorge”, “Juanita”, “Alejandro”.. etc.. we have any name and our names, whether Spanish or not, are not for you to joke about. Shut the fuck up and go along with Richard Spencer and be a trash bag far away from us.

• Thinking we need to have a last name that is Spanish

• Derailing us when we try to talk about the issues we face. BIG ONE. Shut the hell up and listen to us for fucking once.

• Thinking we’re all criminals.. honest to god…

• Disrespecting Cinco De Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos, or any other Latinx holiday. If it’s not from your culture, either respect it or shut the fuck up.

• Disrespecting our culture.. duh!

• Calling us “Spanish”.. guess what, you dumb fuck? Spanish people are FROM SPAIN. Spanish people are also not Latinx. It’s not that hard. That’s like saying all white people are German or all Asian people are Chinese. That’s so fucking stupid. You are an idiot if you do this.

• “You don’t look Spanish / Latinx”

• Again, telling us the issues we face are secondary / invalid

• Using Latinx slurs.. if this wasn’t obvious..

• Calling us all “chola” or whatever.. you’re also very ignorant if you do this

• Telling us to calm down if we get angry.. we have a right to be angry just like everyone else on this damn planet

• Assuming we listen to a Spanish speaking music artist… like… ???

• Refusing to recognize the racism Latinxs face

• Thinking we should be glad to be fetishized. No fucking way, I will not be glad someone sees me as less than human and equates me basically to a sex toy.

• Thinking we haven’t face any problems.. we do. We do. Oh hell we do. Just because they’re not addressed in the media does not mean we don’t.

• Making jokes about calling immigration on us. It’s funny how I’ve seen Non Latinx POC do this more than white people.

• Thinking all Latinxs come from Spanish speaking countries… no…

• Thinking we’re all maids, janitors, fast food workers, nannies, etc… first of all, those are honorable jobs. Secondly, so fucking what if we were? You’re not better than people with those occupations. Thirdly, we have so many occupations- each and every one of them deserving of respect.

• Thinking we have to chose between our culture and westernized culture. We don’t.

• Saying stupid shit like “hot like Mexico”.. really? Are you serious?

• Only respecting Latinxs that look a certain way

• Making Anti Latinx jokes.. this is obvious

• Thinking you can appropriate our language and culture. There’s Spanish from Spain and then there’s Latinx slang. You cannot use our slang and then disrespect us which you all do tbh.

Other Latinxs feel free to add in because I obviously missed so much.

Reproduction #2 - Quinn’s kitchen 

Damn the kitchen took forever to do ! 

After Jake’s enlightement meet chef Quinn!

Jake’s reproduction can be found here 

Quinn Kelly’s @playchoices‘ the reproduction is mine 😄

Very relaxing to do!
Ebonclad: A 5E DnD Thieves' Guild Setting + 7 New Adventures
A thieves' guild setting for your 5th Edition DnD game! Loaded with new character & GM options and 7 new adventures. Fast delivery!

About this project

Ebonclad is a thieves’ guild fantasy campaign setting designed for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game! It’s perfect if you’re planning to start a new campaign, if you like stories about espionage and spycraft, or if you’re simply looking for a change from the norm.

Inside Ebonclad you’ll find:

  • 170 pages of material accompanied by lavish illustrations and short stories to bring the setting to life.
  • 7 adventures for character levels 1 - 4 GMs can use to introduce new players to the setting, or customize for use in their own campaigns.
  • Tons of character options including new backgrounds, subclasses, feats, equipment, poisons, and spells.
  • Tools for GMs to generate random citizens, valuables they may possess, the contents of their pockets or purses, and ways of determining how connected they are and how they’d react to witnessing crimes.
  • Dozens of new NPCs, from generic stat blocks to specific characters living in the city.
  • Over 30 random street encounters with different customization options a GM can use.
  • New Urban Chase Complications specific to the setting.

Queen Alanna, Northon, and Swifthollow are just a few of the NPCs who bring the Ebonclad setting to life

The setting is easily customized, allowing you to pick and choose which elements you want to use. You can easily adapt it to your game world in progress or use it to begin a new campaign altogether!

About the Setting

In this setting, characters take on roles as members rising within the ranks of Guild Ebonclad, proving their worth and gaining status as they complete missions for the guild. Ebonclad is a 170 page campaign setting available through this Kickstarter campaign in hardcover and digitally bookmarked PDF.

Kintalla, the Silver City. While the city sleeps, thieves are on the prowl…

Themes in Ebonclad

This campaign setting is designed around the following themes of play:

  • Theft. Most of the guild’s income is derived from its lowest-ranking street thieves, burglars, and con artists who blend in with the citizens of Kintalla and prey upon them daily. Recruits won’t gain full membership without proving they have the skill to a pick pocket or the mettle to pull off a heist. The guild keeps its eyes on big scores moving around Kintalla, sending its best agents after the most valuable prizes.
  • Subtlety. The world’s best thieves, spies, and assassins are the ones you’ve never heard of. Ebonclad asks its members to blend in, pick locks, cut purses, and operate from within the shadows. That’s not to say there’s no room for less discreet personnel among the Ebonclad ranks however, as guild enforcers and body guards are every bit as important to protect these spies and scoundrels.
  • Assassination. The guild’s major players are constantly at work, manipulating citizens of Kintalla like moving pawns on a chessboard. Sometimes, it’s necessary to sacrifice a pawn. When such a time arises, the guild sends parties of enforcers and assassins to ensure these pawns never return to the board again.
  • Sabotage. Secrecy is paramount, but some things can’t help but be noticed. Ebonclad carefully plans acts of sabotage to ensure such deeds do not expose its members. Better still is when the dirty work can be pinned on the unwitting; many citizens of Kintalla are locked in the city’s dungeons, serving sentences for crimes they never committed.
  • Espionage. Knowledge is power, and no one understands this better than the brothers and sisters of the guild. The spies of Ebonclad routinely bring information of what’s going on in the city, new scores to claim, new people to manipulate, and new places to explore.
  • The Great Wheel. Members of Ebonclad constantly refer to the turning the “Great Wheel,” a metaphor for how the guild works to manufacture important events within Kintalla and across the world. When the Great Wheel spins, kings are crowned, armies go to war, and nations are forged.

You never know who (or what) lurks behind the corner…

Perks of the life of guild members, such as guild marks and Eboncant - a special form of thieves’ cant

[Read more at Kickstarter]

Brief Movie Reviews

I finally saw the Doctor Strange movie with my parents this evening. That was certainly a lot of CGI happening everywhere all at once. (Did anyone else notice the constant dubbed-in grunting of the female henchzealot and find it super weird? Just me? Ok.)

We also watched the live-action Beauty and the Beast a few nights ago and that is an astonishing blend of technological skill, artistic vision, and a profoundly deep and wide uncanny valley.