“Alone in the Storm”
A 3 shot HDR, blended with a single frame to dial back the madness.
I was really excited about setting up a timelapse here, but I only got a few shots into it before it started raining, so instead I tried some bracketed shots to bring out the details in post.

super-finntastic asked:

How do you blend adjacent colors in your digital art? That is the part of digital art I hate the most. It just doesn't make sense to me :( I have played with different opacities and the water blender tool but I can't get it right. Do you have any advice?

I don’t really have any advice, since I only know one way to do it, and it doesn’t really make it any easier, but I can show how I do it, using Markiplier’s chin as an example! c:

Step 1: Place the right amount of color in the right places, just like you would if you were drawing traditionally…

Step 2: Blend the edges, or the whole area of color gently to make it look as realistic as possible (use a “medium” brush size)…

And, DONE! c: I still need to add his beard along his jaw though, but I don’t need the blend tool for that… I hope it helped you somehow, if not, I completely understand, haha c; 

Good luck with your artwork!!