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Body Mapping: What Is Your Acne Telling You?

Some of us struggle with not only acne on the face, but also on our body. If you struggle with break outs on the face and missed my previous post, go here!

Body mapping can be your key to unlock the mystery of why you’re breaking out where you are and how you can treat it. Just like the face, specific areas of the body are connected to other areas or organs. So, just like before, sit that beautiful booty down and we’ll discuss the Da Vinci Code of body acne!

Here are your “maps”:

**Disclaimer** I am not a medical professional. I am using my own personal experience and knowledge from studying to bring you this information. Before assuming any health issue, please know that there are exceptions to rules and speak with your doctor if you are concerned.

Area 1: Blood Sugar
Stomach acne is quite rare due to the fact that there are very little oil glands in this area of the body. When blemishes do flare up here, make sure you are wearing breathable clothing and check your sugar intake.

Area 2: Hygiene, STD, or Infection
We’ll just go ahead and get this one out of the way! Break outs in the private or pelvic region can be painful, irritating, and hard to get rid of due to body moisture. These are most likely caused by shaving or waxing. Personal hygiene can be the culprit, too (keep your cooka clean, girls!) If your symptoms don’t clear up within a week or you experience burning/itching, seek a physician’s advice.

Areas 3 & 4: Stress
Stress can cause our bodies to do some crazy things. Break outs on the shoulders is one symptom that you may need to take that day off you’ve been meaning to take. Try an at-home spa day, go get a mani/pedi, or (if you’re like me) unload that bag of bricks you have on your shoulder! Your purse may be causing irritation on your skin.

Area 5: Hormones
Yes, as if hormones didn’t already reek enough havoc on our bodies! Blemishes on your neck, much like the jaw area, can be a sign of haywire hormones. If it’s that time of the month, rest assured that it will go away in due time. Also, keep second+ day hair off the neck area as much as possible to decrease the chance of breaking out and keep sugar intake as low as possible.

Area 6: Digestion
If you’ve factored out any possible infections or allergies, break outs on the chest are most likely linked to your digestive system. Poor eating habits, spicy foods, too many alcoholic beverages, and bad dietary choices are all options here. Try cleansing your system with healthy eating habits (extra points for Green Tea consumption!).

Areas 7 & 8: Did You Take Your Vitamins?
Many people suffer from a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, or “chicken skin”, which occurs most often on the legs and back of the arms. You can treat this with regular exfoliation or a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid. If “chicken skin” isn’t the problem here, make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals from your diet and/or supplements.

Area 9 & 10: Allergic Reaction/Skin Irritation
Acne on your upper, lower, and inner thighs is most likely due to a reaction to the lotion, soap/shower gel, detergent, or fabric softener that you are using. You may also be reacting to your razor or wax. Remove possible factors of allergic reaction and try a body wash with glycolic acid (AHA) with a non-fragrant lotion.

Area 11 & 12: Nervous or Anxious?
This is the most common place for people to experience break outs on the body. Most often the causes are allergies, sweat, non-breathable clothing, hair product, or friction from your purse/backpack. If you rule out all of these possible causes, make sure you are getting enough shut-eye and try to relax.

Areas 13 & 14: Digestion (again?)
Yes, digestion, again. And how perfectly fitting for your rump area. Usually, if you’re breaking out here, it is caused by dirty underwear (keep your cooka clean, I say!), underwear that is too tight, dry skin, or digestive issues. If symptoms don’t clear up after wearing breathable clothing, keeping your undies clean, and moisturizing your skin, look at your dietary habits.

There you have it, beautiful! Next time you’re breaking out, have a look at your body map here or your handy-dandy face map here.

May the clear-skin gods be ever in your favor!

<3 Raychel

studio art FOR YOUR FACE 101: the basics

yo warning: i buy kinda pricey shit. i am the kind of idiot who drops a 20 on lipstick with no question and then is like “ugh, 30 for groceries??? nah son”. i know. society hates me too. luckily the TECHNIQUES i use are UNIVERSAL FOR FRIENDS and i’ll do DRUGSTORE ALTERNATIVES if i have them.

so i timed myself and i do my day look in TEN MINUTES. yeah baby. that’s an hour of time spent procrastinating in bed looking at tumblr and then TEN MINUTES of putting shit on my face. 

there are TWO major areas of focus for the day look. number one, SKIN and number two, the most important part OF ALL THIS IS SO FUCKING KEY: EYEBROWS. and then, if you’re feeling really fancy number three, i pick either EYES or LIPS. or sometimes both because fuck it. OKAY LET’S DO THIS.

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