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All Because of Health Class...

Author’s Note: I don’t know junior cour classes. I do not know what you learn in your junior-edition health class. I’m going off my own health knowledge/exercises. I hope you enjoy and love this as much as me:)

Told in third person, but somewhat centered around Blake’s thoughts. (Blake-centric?)


Health Class is wierd.

Blake won’t deny that.

It’s not that he doesn’t like health -but seriously, who in their right mind likes health?- it’s more like, the teacher, Mrs. Springs, is wierd.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Prompt: Anything blellie that will give me feels? <3 I hope you like!

Blake stood in front of the mirror in his swim trunks.

Abhoring on his unfit body: the pudge of fat poking slightly over his shorts, the flab in his biceps, the swell of fat separating his chin from his neck when he looks down, the disgusting roundness of his thighs.

Ugly, ugly ugly, comments the voice in his mind, this is why high school friends ditched you, because you’re fatfatfat.

Wincing, he willed the tears to stay in his eyes. Crying would only make things worse, turning quickly into wretching and gagging. Cause agonizing pain afterwards.

Feeling the vibrations of the thumping bass from the stereo Michael had brought, Blake realizes that the house is filling up and that he will have to reunite with his girlfriend-slash-hostess, Nellie, to see whether anything was needed.

But looking again at that cumbersome fat, he opts a tank top over his bare torso.

It’s just as he’s about to pull his shirt over his head that his said girlfriend enters, running her fingers through her short dark hair as she drinks in his bare upper-body, a slow, genuine smile bearing on her face.

Immediately, she stands in front of him –supporting her lithe body all over his fat– and without a question, his arms wrap around her middle, chin denting her shoulder gently.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispers into her ear, and he can feel her shiver curl down her spine, vibrating against him. She makes him feel warm, like a popsicle on an August sidewalk, but cool like late autumn, crisp leaves dancing on park paths.

Twisted emotions, she gives him, that help him forget. Her perfectness compliments his imperfectness.

“So are you,” she informs, meeting his eyes in the mirror. His rust eyes meeting copper, warm and sincere. Turning around, she presses her lips to his, her fingers spanning over the thick muscles bound in his biceps, to his chiseled torso, down his forearms to his hands, slotting her fingers between his, and kissing all over his face.

“You’re so perfect, it hurts,” she informs him, tongue sliding expertly along his jawline, down the column of his neck, “If I could find words to describe you, you’d be a song.”

“A song?” He raises a surprised eyebrow.

“An endless sonnet of love and perfection,” she declares, grinning, “A sweet man, fit and perfect. A sweetheart who is so cliche that it hurts my heart that I can’t be any better. Beautiful inside out. Someone who lights up a room. You actually own real feelings, not plastic. You’re more than meets the eyes.”

A smirk flits on Blake’s face, “Do you worship me or something?”

“Of course,” she grins, pulling back to meet his eyes, “You’re imperfectly perfect; like me.”

“I wouldn’t say that-” Blake attempts to out-compliment.

We’re perfectly imperfect,” she declares, “Now let’s go entertain, handsome.”

Spite the denial coursing through his mind, he smiles and says, “Of course, beautiful.”

A/N: I don’t know about you but the fluff is so sickening sweet, it’s like the feeling in your stomach after three bags of cotton candy– sugary and sick! But I hope you enjoyed ;)

Blellie Oneshot

Shipper: Blellie - Blake and Nellie - The Glee Project

N/A: Nota de sempre sobre isso ser ficção,mesmo que utilize pessoas reais, e tudo pertence ao seu legitimo dono.Não consegui pensar em um titulo adequado,desculpem por isso.

A vida tinha se encarregado de nos deixar separados durante quatro meses. Minha vida mudou e se encaminhou para esse “grande” primeiro passo, o lançamento do meu primeiro single: Lights. Sabe muitas pessoas dizem que essa musica é sobre você: Blake Alexander Jenner, e agora começo a notar que ela se encaixa nos meus sentimentos não compartilhados.

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