Back in 2007, when most dope rappers in Capcity and dopest producers everywhere were releasing mixtapes, Ep’s and albums, I was already caught up in a maze of procrastinating… Until one day I was like, I have been doing music since back in the hay, why stall? I banged a couple of beats on both my FL Studio 6 and MPC 500 to come up with well rounded beats that later saw me hook vocals on to do remixes. This was the time I was with Siamese Entertainment, before I started The BAND Academy… tjo…that was years back!

Since I always worked with lil’ bro Hakeem, aka Flex Boogie… acting as RABU on this, I asked him (Rabu) to host it as a radio show (concept). Cut the long story short, this mixtape was one of the joints that got people to notice me production wise… I forever greatful for this era…


 1. Rabu - Intrology

 2. Camp Lo - Coolie High Paradise (remix)

 3. Beyonce - Irreplacable (remix)

 4. The Game ft. Kanye West - Wouldn’t get far (remix)

 5. 50 cent - Straight to the bank (remix)

 6. The love appreciation (skit)

 7. Bisto - Personal vendetta

 8. Damola & Ondgrnd - Deadly (freestyle)

 9. Ondgrnd - Grid locked

10. Rabu - Outro_b/w

                * Nas - Your the man (remix)

               ** Hakeem - Main Organs (hidden bonus track)


Ooohh… this is my boy, Flex Boogie, he got a band now…