Hey seriously. Just would like to ask for prayers for my family please. As if things couldn’t get worse, my ex husband, Liam and Cambria’s father, was in a pretty bad car accident. Luckily everyone is okay/stable but BJ and a mutual friend were hurt pretty badly. Just a simple prayer please. Thank you.
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Pregnancy Challenge day 02: Picture of the father and five facts.

  1. I met him and fell in love, q u i c k. Like met in mid June, married July 31st quick. But we’ve been together for five years.
  2. He’s done things I could never ask of someone. He goes above and beyond all the time just for me; so thankful that he’s my husband&&&my best friend.
  3. The longest he’s even dated someone before me was like a month? I’m the only one in the whole world who knows his heart. That alone can make me smile every single time.
  4. He’s a kid; and so are all his friends. So I know he’ll have no problem raising a child. His friends and him joke off all the time, but I like the bunch. Our children will have some fantastic male role models in their life, and that’s really not sarcasm either lol. 
  5. He can draw anything perfectly. He has sooo much talent. He’s a genius and knows all these little facts about things I’ve never heard of. Everything fascinates him. Please let this be a genetic factor in my children. :)

Haven’t done this in a long time. Where to even start, sad that in the moment you think there’s nothing happening in your life yet there so many things I could make in this. Hmm.
*Cambria is 14w1d old! She makes me pull my hair out some days but she saves my life more than I ever hope she realizes. And what a smart baby. She watches baby Einsteins a lot lol. Cambria’s starting to sleep all through the night to which is great no lie. Love making her giggle, she smiles so much lately. Love seeing the personality come out in her huge grin or how big her eyes get when she’s studying something.
*BJ works his ass off for our family more than he’s worked since I met him. I see him try a lot more to keep this and it’s really helping me realize he’s truly in this. And that should be obvious as hell; I’m not to important and he decided to commit to me and no one else. Yuuuuup. Should be obvious, I know. Love seeing my husband in father mode.
*STILL LIVING IN THE WORST FUCKING TOWN IN ‘MURICA. Real talk. Keep talking all about moving out of this town and going to Savannah, the ultimate goal. But for now we have a two bedroom apartment with nice things and trying to update some things, to say the least.
*Thank God for my nanna.💕Seriously, the most amazing woman in my life. She had helped me out my whole life but really has lately like no other. Nomatter if it’s hour phone calls that consists of me bawling uncontrollably and her telling me what steps to take and how she will make it better, always. Love being able to all be able to talk to her for the best advice. Is been almost a year since I’ve seen her and that scares me.
*Seeing my mother as a grandmother is the most amazing/loving/scary thing I could ever imagine about life; the same with my mother in law. I mean, wow. We get so caught up in growing up we often forget they’re growing old. I came home came cried a couple weeks ago. Seeing my mom call herself gamma while holding my daughter has always been a dream of mine and here it was, gray hair and all. Hardly anyone knows my mom’s personality and the type of woman she is. Being able to be jet daughter is a complete blessing but has its moments lol.
*Liam now has a headstone and I have so many feelings about that so I’m not going into detail. But it’s there and it’s beautiful like our son. And he finally at rest. We forever love and miss you son! #wjcc👣

So, we have an xbox1, familia, and happiness. Pretty much and we are taking it day by day right now with big dreams ahead. We are just two young adults in their early twenties putting it all on hold for a family and now figuring out how to do everything as one.💚😉

[[P.s. sorry for the horrible T9 typos that are so often through this]]