Pregnancy Challenge day 02: Picture of the father and five facts.

  1. I met him and fell in love, q u i c k. Like met in mid June, married July 31st quick. But we’ve been together for five years.
  2. He’s done things I could never ask of someone. He goes above and beyond all the time just for me; so thankful that he’s my husband&&&my best friend.
  3. The longest he’s even dated someone before me was like a month? I’m the only one in the whole world who knows his heart. That alone can make me smile every single time.
  4. He’s a kid; and so are all his friends. So I know he’ll have no problem raising a child. His friends and him joke off all the time, but I like the bunch. Our children will have some fantastic male role models in their life, and that’s really not sarcasm either lol. 
  5. He can draw anything perfectly. He has sooo much talent. He’s a genius and knows all these little facts about things I’ve never heard of. Everything fascinates him. Please let this be a genetic factor in my children. :)