Viñeta relativas a las revueltas sociales surgidas en Hong Kong, a favor de realizar unas elecciones democráticas en el año 2017, ya que consideran irregular la forma en la que se nombran a sus altos gobernantes de la región, por parte de su capital en Pekín. Se le está llamando la revolución de los paraguas, por la gran cantidad que utilizan los manifestantes para protegerse de los gases lacrimógenos.

Viñetas de Arcadio Esquivel, Ebert, Marian Kamensky (2) y Hassan Bleibel.


Many expected the reaction of the Arab world via the press, facing the deadly terror attack that have hit Charlie Hebdo in Paris this week on January 7.
Contrary to what some people want to believe to fuel hatred using obnoxious amalgams, the majority of illustrators and newspapers in the Arab world are outraged from abroad by this attack against freedom of speech and human rights.

Here is a selection of 10 illustrations (click photos for credits) showing how these media decided to represent their indignation. Morality: some people need to understand that Muslims DO NOT condone the atrocities nor threats of jihadist groups and other fanatics.

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Here’s my latest cartoon slideshow starring three separate dramas playing out across the Middle East. You’ll see a two-faced Bashar al-Assad, an embattled Egyptian president, and a joust between Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu over a UN vote and a plan for more settlements.