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why are you so anti-ddl? my daddy treats me so right, just like a princess. i also love spankies

alright, i’ll bite. here are the reasons why i’m an anti, and why this blog has a big focus on kinkshaming.

- posting your kink online is not ‘keeping it in the bedroom’. it is sharing it with non-consenting members of tumblr, as well as minors. you may argue that minors should not be online anyways, but well, this is a 13+ site. the least people could do is flag their dd/lg and use the right tags, but even that seems to be too much to ask of this ‘sfw, completely consensual’ kink community.

- the acronym ‘dd/lg’ literally stands for ‘daddy dom/little girl’. sexualizing these words has led to some severe consequences, such as real people feeling uncomfortable calling their own fathers daddy, pedophiles taking advantage of the community to hook minors into their traps by making it seem innocent and cute with their pink aesthetics and frilly fashions, even taking trendy accessories such as chokers and stockings and sexualizing them for the purpose of luring minors looking to age-regress into a harmful position.

- yes, i’m aware that perhaps not all of the community is for MAPs. but at least 75% is, maybe more support it subconsciously. i have seen other anti blogs post about pedophilia in general get death threats from ddlg blogs saying their ‘kink isn’t pedophilia’, even when they aren’t the target of the post. this means that they must feel threatened with these accusations, and if they were not true, they would not be going around sending abhorrent anons to the most popular anti blogs. the ‘daddy doms/mommy doms’ in particular are the nastiest. when their littles are sent even the lightest callout, they will hiss and scream and turn completely hostile, even going as far as to send child porn over chat to prove their point that ‘dd/lg is healthy’. what a strange, strange way of showing that.

- when dd/lg blogs are called out for actions, not their kink in particular, but their actions, usually the first thing they do is check the attacking blog’s age. if the blog is even a year under 18, they will start screeching about how ‘minors don’t have a clue’, that they should get a life, that ‘tiny little toddlers’ shouldn’t be arguing about this stuff, you know, the whole works. when minors feel so uncomfortable browsing sfw tags that they make entire blogs focused on ending the dd/lg community, it’s not just that they ‘don’t have lives’, okay? they want to make change. they don’t want to feel unsafe on the internet, where the nsfw should be flagged and sfw tags left untouched. this is why the victims of this whole thing are making anti blogs, and apparently, dd/lg blogs can’t deal with one single opinion they don’t share, especially if the opinion belongs to a minor. but sure, littles and their doms are totally friendly, right? 

- UM. when any sort of blog, not even just anti blogs, but literally any blog that sports dni banners will get hounded to no end just to cater to littles wanting to reblog their aesthetics? THIS IS NOT??? OKAY??? why is it that whenever a blog feels uncomfortable around a kink community and wishes to further themselves from it, dd/lg blogs make it their fucking mission to hate-follow them, send them horrid messages, reblog all their posts with disgusting kinky captions, even if the blog has a dni banner AND is a minor. what!!!! the fuck!!!!! this is unacceptable! even if dd/lg did not promote pedophilia, even if i didn’t have all the reasons i’ve stated above, disrespecting people’s safe spaces and invading blogs is a good enough reason to be an anti.

- the ableist language. sorry, but twyping wike twhis is not cool. neither is shoving rules in littles’ faces so that they act more ‘princess-like’ and ‘cutey-patootey’. this is grooming. it’s fucking grooming, okay? making people act younger, look younger, feel younger so you can get off to the image of a child? not cool at all, i must say. people with stutters and slurring words are extremely uncomfortable seeing their speech impediments be sexualized and used in kink. it’s gross and unnecessary!! you literally want your partner to act like a baby for you to get off to them asking for ‘daddy cummies’!! no!!!!!!!!!!

think about all this for a minute. really, really think about it. and when you’re done? get the fuck off my blog. don’t care if you’re on anon, if you’re involved with the kink, get off. i’m a minor, you gross assholes, and i believe i’ve made it quite clear that i don’t want to interact with anyone that has a fetish for little kids.

It’s Okay

Hey, everyone! So @redmist108 made this intriguing series based on Undertale and their amalgamates. But this story focuses something similar to that. And I thought I wanted to make some kind of headcanon on that story. I hope you all like it and make sure to check Red mist out! Her content is so good!

Taco glanced down at the grass. Her head leaned against an oak tree right beside her. She took a deep breath as she glared at the monster in the distance. She scowled as she slightly frowned at the monster. “What am I going to do with you?” They spurred out groans and grunts in response. Their pink mixed with gray body dribbled down to the grass. Taco laid her palm upon her forehead. Her back slid against the tree as her eyes began to close. The landscape around her got darker, and darker, and darker. Till her eyes were shut. Closed. Nothing. She heard nothing. She felt nothing. Until she felt something spark around her: Warmth. Comfort. Taco was leaving a slight smile on her face as she felt it.

She heard the soft sound of grass rustling in harmony. The wind softly blew against Taco as her eyes began to slowly open. It felt blurry to her. The atmosphere had a pastel feel to it.

Taco’s feet laid on the ground, the soil soft as layers of Silk. The air as cool as a glacier but warm as a bright blaze. She shakily stood, unaware and lost. The world around her looked, peaceful. Eyes caught the sight of familiar faces.

She gazed at them and observed. Paintbrush and Lightbulb, lying against a trident maple. Paintbrushes face, calm, the hair drooped against their face as their arm was wrapped around Lightbulb, their smiles both in harmony. The alliance, laying on the mint green grass. Counting the cotton candy like clouds in the sky. Their eyes shimmering as the sun fluttered against their faces. Test Tube and Fan, both gingerly holding their egg as if it was one of their own. They exchanged smiles as they felt a stroke the egg’s tender shell.

Taco’s eye’s widened, she had never seen a place so peaceful and calm. A place with no worries. Where everyone is happy. She glanced behind her and saw knife, tissues and Yin Yang asleep on the grass. Dreaming perhaps. The silence filled her with bliss. But she broke the silence with her light tone of voice, “Hello?” Baseball moved his head towards Taco, confused. He slightly stood up. “Taco, is that you?” Taco gave a feeble smile. Her mind lost in space. “Yes, hello Baseball. Good to see yo-” Paintbrushes light blond hair flipped back as they stood up from the grass. “What’s she doing here?” He sneered. Taco scoffed at Paintbrushes accusation. “What am I doing here? What are YOU all doing here? Have you not noticed what has happened to you all?” The objects peered at each other before Nickel was the first to respond. “Wha….What do you mean?” Taco’s heart beated quickly. They didn’t remember.

Suitcase lowered her head. She knew what was going on. “You mean when we….?” Taco slowly nodded. Suitcase slowly shook. She strolled into Taco’s view and asked with concern, “Is Balloon ok? I remember us finishing the challenge and he saw us, and we, we….” Tears rolled down suitcases face. Her voice hiccuped as stammered, “I m-miss him… he’s my best friend…” Taco glanced down at the grass. Not a word. She looked back up at Suitcase. She laid her hand on her face to calm her down. “I haven’t seen Balloon. I haven’t seen anyone but Me Phone since this happened. But I will do my best to find him.” Suitcase sniffed and smiled as Baseball stood right beside her. “Y-you think so?” “I know so,” Taco replied.

“Now, my largest query of all of this is where are all of you? And do you still feel like yourselves back…home?” Lightbulb glanced at Paintbrush. Paintbrush gave an awkward shrug. She began to slightly blush. Her bulb started to brighten as she wrapped her arms around herself. “Well, I’ll tell ya this. Even if we’re up here, doing all of this stuff, I still feel myself clung onto Painty. Which was the last thing I remembered before we found this place. Paintbrush smiled in embarrassment. Its hair drooped again and covered his right eye. “Heh, yeah. Even if we are here, I can still myself with her. As like, one person. Like I’m half asleep, and this is my dream but I still feel awake.” Taco chimed seemingly as she stepped closer to the objects. “ I’m sorry this all happened to you. And I will do my best to bring you all back.” They all smiled towards each other.

Until Taco heard a voice from behind. 2 voices it was. “ You’re gonna do great Taco!” Taco turned around and stared in shock. “Microphone and Soap…?” It was like seeing a ghost. The visions from when the two were brought together flashed before Taco as a reminder. “You were the One’s who brought me here?” Mic giggled. “Well, we didn’t know who.” “We felt someone keeping us safe from what we became, but we couldn’t tell who. So we had to see for ourselves.” Soap added. Taco gazed at them. “Are you going to be ok….?” Microphone and Soap exchanged smiles. “When you helped us so much, we KNOW were in good hands.” Microphone softly spoke. “Yeah, don’t worry about us Taco.” Soap said as the contestants smiled behind her. There was a flash of light. With the words echoed, “It’s okay. We’re okay.”

Taco opened her eyes. The gray and pink creature stared down at her. Taco gave a slight gasp as she sat up. She felt her eyes slightly watering. The sun rushed past her face. She stood up and stared at the amalgamate. “Was that a vision? Did you two do that?”

The fusion wrapped their arm around Taco. A slight surprise came to her as she looked up at the two. She gave a slow sigh as she looked down and smiled softly. “I worry too much for my own good. I know, I know, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

He gets caught in the corner more than once; lights off, rain pouring down, alone with his thoughts. Perhaps it was another split cup of tea or a dropped stack of notes; a forgetfulness of gravity. Maybe he’s missing Dad, or the solitude of space he’s been parted from, or maybe he’s just worrying, again, about how well he fits in with his brothers. About how he’s the space oddity, and the way the years made that title leave a heaviness in his chest, instead of a joy. Perhaps he’s thinking about how the distance between he and his family is not all literal.

But what they all agree, seeing him in that corner with his atmospheric-pressure headache and thin shoulders, is that however much John tells them he’s not lonely…

He is.