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I was tagged by @icelandel
Name: Stephen
Nickname: Only one that was ever regularly used was Bun-kun back in highschool (from my Japanese class)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Height: 5′11″
Sexual orientation: Gaaaayyyyyy
Ethnicity: White 
Favourite fruit: Dragon fruit
Favourite season: Winter because I’m a fucking furnace
Favourite book series: The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)
Favourite flower: Orchids or lilies
Favourite scent: Fresh baked bread, pizza cooking in the oven, apple cider
Favourite colour:  RED
Favourite animal: Tiger!
Favourite band: Parachute
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee
Average hours of sleep: Roughly 7 during the week. 9 on weekends
Number of blankets: 1 but he thicc
Dream trip: Iceland/Norway
Last thing i googled: What a lily looks like (Lol I couldn’t remember)
Number of followers: 14,695
What i usually post: Muscles, memes, video games, nature, pets
Do i get asks regularly: I’d say I get them often enough :]

So I guess I’ll tag some people: @deammo, @growlandpounce, @hammurobbie, @atlas-prime, @flup, @fitmunk, @theonlylivingboyinnewyork, @nintendo-n-chill, @sawsbuckle, @dadgician, @pleasetrysomethingelse

not gonna do 20 cuz I’m lazy

Bad ending: Brainstorm has his sad boner for Perceptor for the rest of his life. Just because.

Neutral ending: Brainstorm let’s some info slip mid-dialogue about why he feels the way he does towards Perceptor.

Good ending: Perceptor and Brainstorm get some time in the plot to talk it out. Whether Simpatico becomes real or not is a toss up, but at least both characters and the readers know where they stand with eachother now and there’s no more unnecessarily complicated feelings.

Worst ending: the problem is brought up somehow for only like 2 seconds and, although meant to be satisfying, it isn’t. Nothing gets better and everyone forgets about it.

Best ending: Brainstorm finds fulfillment and appreciation somewhere else and decides that he doesn’t need Perceptor’s approval/admiration at all.

God tier ending: basically Best Ending but with the addition of Perceptor and Brainstorm still being friends and conquering everything because they can.

You know? Roiland confirming Rick is Hispanic (I mean with a last name like Sanchez obviously) but saying it doesn’t matter is kind of refreshing? I mean every time a Hispanic/Latino character is shown that’s all they are. The rest of their character is forgotten because they’re not white.

Also as a side note I headcanon that he’s half Hispanic making Beth ¼. I mean I know parts of the fandom like to incorporate them being 100% Hispanic or whatever even making Rick’s name “Ricardo” for some reason but I don’t see it.

Harry Potter Headcanon

When there’s a heat wave in the Wizarding World, many witches and wizards enchant their robes  to keep themselves cool in the record breaking temperatures. Many young muggleborns question how all the wizards can stay cool in long black clothing until someone finally explains the charm.