bleh it looked better in my head


Finchel AU based on ‘Serendipity’ a fanfic by the amazing Mida212
“Sometimes you set out to find what you think you want and end up finding something so much better. It’s called serendipity.”


Nothing like some time past midnight to post cluttered character concepts, eh?

I dunno, I just felt sorta inspired after seeing a design a friend of mine made, but now that I see this, nnngh… I feel like I could’ve done a better job. It looks odd. Seriously she looked better in my head. :/

Though then again, since this lass is meant to be very self-conscious… Maybe I could use this to the awkwardness’s advantage? Maybe that her random feathered/fluff features as off mutations? I don’t even have a name for her, let alone a story, but hey… I guess I’ll think of something.

She’s done!  And she will be hanging above the altar I have for her.  :D

I did my best with the hieroglyphics of her name, and some of the paint job on her chest garb is wonky because I have slightly shaky hands and I”m left-handed, so one side looks funky while the other isn’t so much.

The body bit looks very off because I haven’t practiced painting/drawing people better yet, but I wanted to get this done because the concept would not leave my head.

Some of the line jobs on this painting are fucked because some of my paint (both in black and gold) decided to booger up on me, and I didn’t see the boogers on my very old, very used small paintbrush.  Bleh.

Also, that first hieroglyph is supposed to be an oil jar, but it looks more like a margarita…. Not sure if she minds that or not.

So yeah, my first deity-related painting.