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Summary: After being cheated on by the arguable love of his life, Mark turned to you for support but, soon support wasn’t all that you were giving him.
Member: Mark

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Mark stomped away from Chrissy, who was chasing after him. He couldn’t believe what he saw and yet everything he saw seemed to, at the same time, be expected from her. When she caught up with him she grabbed his arm and pulled.

“Mark please hear me out!” she cried. Her face was wet and her hair stuck to her face. But Mark didn’t know if that was from screwing around or her running to him and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know either. 

“Chris, I mean it leave me alone.” you replied through gritted teeth. Chrissy sobbed as Mark walked through his house, unaware she was still following. Once they were both inside however, she made a noise and Mark jerked to a stop and turned. “What the hell did I say?”

“Mark, I swear I didn’t cheat on you! Why would you think that?”

“You think I want to?” he stepped closer. “You think I want to believe that my girlfriend is sleeping around?” Mark’s mouth trembled as he tried to keep himself calm but it wasn’t working. “I-I loved you. I have been nothing but good to you and this is how you repay me? You-you go sleeping around with some jackass?”

“Mark please believe me. I was working out that’s why I’m all sweaty and the boxers on the ground are yours I bought them for you three months ago, but you never wore them so I used them.”

Mark watched Chrissy as she sobbed, an overwhelming feeling of regret tugging at him. He was about to reach out towards her when his phone chimed. He looked from his pocket to her but chose the phone. When he opened it there was a message from an unknown number with a picture of Chrissy kissing some guy. Mark gripped his phone and threw it into a mirror left of him. Chrissy shrieked and ducked. 

Mark pointed to the door, “Get out.”


“Get out!” he said louder and this time she listened. Mark breathed out, composed himself, and walked to the backyard where his family and were all around the table with balloons and a cake. Behind them there was a banner that read, ‘Happy Birthday, Mark’ and BBQ in the center of the table. But the one thing Mark couldn’t forget was the look on all their faces after hearing the fight. 

Mark walked slowly to Y/N apartment with his hands in his pockets. He stepped his feet on the mat in front of the door and eyed the number ‘93′ on her door. He traced it a couple times thinking of how shitty of a birthday he had. Yet somehow, he made it through the party without a hitch. After the fifth trace, he knocked on the door and waited. You opened it after a couple moments in a light green night gown and a piece of toast in your mouth.

“Mark? Oh, my God!” you threw the piece of toast onto the coffee table and opened your arms for a hug, “Hey Happy Birthday, what are you doing here?” you asked waiting for a hug that never came. “Mark?” you questioned.

Mark removed his hands from his pockets, stepped in, closed the door, and kissed you. Just like he always did, he got rid of his problems through you. He roamed his hands down your back until they were squeezing your butt and lifting you up so your legs could wrap around his waist. You weren’t knew to this, anytime Mark was hurt he used you, and you couldn’t say you were all that upset about it. 

Still you had to ask, “Mark, what’s wrong?”

Mark breathed and shook his head before kissing you again. He didn’t want to talk and you weren’t going to make him so, for yet another night you let him have all of you, no questions asked.

i hate it when people are like “just let people ship what they want!! you’ll never be able to change their minds!” and then i look at myself a few years back and how i used to ship pedophilic/incestuous ships and be into shota and shit and then someone came up to me and talked to me about how what i liked was wrong. and of course i got an attitude and ignored them because i loved the shit that i was shipping lmao. i thought that all of it was hot as hell and hey it’s fiction it ain’t hurtin nobody!!! but after talking to someone and getting a second opinion it finally clicked that the stuff i was into was actually really gross and harmful to others (and a reality for some). 

i don’t even wanna dive deeper into this because i didn’t plan on making this post it just sorta happened?? but basically in the end i know it’s hard to give up on something you’ve,,,  idk fallen in love with?? but see the wrongs in that love and it’ll be possible. hard, but possible.

he says he wishes time would stop.
he prays into your flesh
and writes scriptures onto your heart,
desperate, hoping
to make you a holy thing
that will never decay, never die
never fade.

he says wants this to last forever.
but you do not, because you know
that the most precious moments
are those that are fleeting.

he says he will never let you go.
he holds you, touches you
tastes you like a man starved
and you are his oasis, his forbidden fruit
full of life-giving nutrients,
immortalized and sanctified
by his hungry kisses.

he says he wants to always be by your side,
but you do not, because you know
that the things we cherish
are cherished because we will lose them.
—  happy endings are still endings | m.a.w

(This was actually an ask, but tumblr ate my draft. Bleh.)

I don’t generally do requests and I wasn’t going to do this, but my friend caught wind of “ANBU Yamamoto” and demanded I do this. Crappily written kanji on the right because I drew this strangely and ended up with a gross space of nothingness that was just aesthetically wrong to me.