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I’m trying to give Marianne a nice princessy nightgown with some petals or something but I’m hopeless at clothing.

Marianne totally wears pretty nightgowns. They come with the princess gig. Also elegant dressing gowns perfect for trailing languidly about your rooms in the mornings and evenings. She never gave them up when she went rad because feeling pretty and comfortable when you’re relaxing is rad


Hayato is hot-tempered and tends to be irritable towards anyone who isn’t Tsuna or Reborn. He cultivates a “bad boy” image by smoking heavily, having a hostile attitude towards most people and dressing like a delinquent. However, over time, he gradually starts to open up to others. Hayato is rather superstitious and believes in U.M.A.s.

Gokudera Hayato requested by @fulllbusters


Daredevil + text posts (1/?) - Matt Murdock Edition