The old codgers are blogging about gross things. I’m logging out before the mental picture is fried into my brain forever. Going to enjoy this movie and then head to bed. Be back in the morning. 


forgive me father for i have sinned with some sterek high school au with ian nelson. also sorry for any grammar mistake

Stiles Stilinski knows about Derek Hale’s type, okay? And he might find Derek really hot (“who doesn’t, Scott?!”), but that’s it! He’s not “easy”, he doesn’t believe in the “you’re the only one I’m talking to”, the cute eyes and cheesy pick up lines. That’s for idiots. Stiles is different, and he’s totally NOT falling in love with him!
Or the au where Derek has a huge crush on stiles and finally started doing something about it, but sometimes he’s a douchebag trying too hard. Also, he’s really bad at chemistry and Stiles is not.

6 months after my first heartbreak, I looked up at the sky and asked myself, “was it worth it?”

Was the relationship, falling for someone, was that whole experience with you worthwhile?

Even though it ended up being short-lived and left me with a broken heart.

2 years later, I still wonder.

I used to crave love so badly I didn’t care about the consequences of getting hurt. And now I don’t know if it’s even worth it.

—  What I wanted them vs what I know now.