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Oh. My. God. 
I need DC Super Hero Girls version of Lobo as a doll yesterday. How cute is he? So cute! Lobo, Green Lantern and Flash need to be dolls, come on boy doll gods, don’t fail me like you did with beautiful Seth Ptolemy!!!

So it looks like Sinestro is the headmaster of Korugar Academy, and some of their students include Blackfire, Lobo (bae), Mongal, Bleez, Maxima.

One thing that I noticed was Lashina was in the furies in the yearbook, but she was not in the actual special if i remember correctly…so maybe’ll we’ll the furies again in the future. There were other villains like Solomon Grundy, King Shark, Lion Mane too.

Two new characters that I don’t recall being on the series just yet are El Diablo and Silver Banshee! They also showed professor June Moon (Enchantress) as a teacher for art of all things. A lot of the current backgrounders got pages like Thunder, Lightning, Ravager, Shazam (Mary Marvel). I was hoping to see Cheshire, Zatanna, Black Canary, and Vixen, but no luck just yet…maybe in the future! Hopefully they haven’t graduated yet…but maybe? I think Black Canary could be.

The DC Super Hero Girls yearbook has a lot of neat info and tidbits, of course these character reveals were amazing and my personal favorites! I definitely recommend the dc super hero girls yearbook for any fans! 


my society insisted that we isolate ourselves from one another. it kept individuals apart. I thought this was wrong. I thought we could be stronger together than we were apart. and so they mutilated me, locked me away–long enough for the rage to grow, deep enough for the ring to find me. but through it all, before the ring and after, one point remained true: I do not like to be alone. I crave connection. and I found it. with all of you.

my frie–


5 years of cosplay, comicbook edition!

last year I posted butts to celebrate. There year, i’ll stick to comic characters. A lot of these photos look awful in thumbnail form so be sure to click for full size. 

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