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★ ♦ ∇

★ - sad headcanon

domeric still wants ramsay to be the brother he wished he’d had before. he knows it won’t ever happen, but it’s something he wants more than he’ll EVER admit. he wants a brother, he wants a sibling — he’s such a lonely person & he wants someone to help him not be.

it’s such an interesting thing to me because he’s really cold & decisive – he’s picky with who he allies himself with. he’s got a softer heart than his father, but he’s fed off of roose’s personality while growing up. he knows that people are dangerous – trusting people is dangerous. but he wants someone to trust.

i mean i don’t know how necessarily sad this is, but it makes me kind of sad? because chances are he’s not gonna find someone he’d be able to trust 100% & feel safe around. even in verses where he had people he’s close to, he doesn’t quite trust them. he loves them, but he can’t bring himself to connect with them on the level that he wants to.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

domeric can’t stand being touched by strangers. he hates it, he’ll avoid it at any cost — there are some exceptions, some courtesies he grits his teeth to get through. but he hates it. he’s not an affectionate, touchy-feely person. he doesn’t really talk about it, but he always tries to avoid contact with strangers if he can.

and on the subject of touch, he’s really particular with who touches his things. his harp, his books, his clothes – their his & he hates when people have to do anything with them. there are a select group of servants that he’d picked out to take care of his personal things so that he’s always aware of who’s doing what.

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

in verses where domeric lives past being poisoned, i don’t really think he’d live to be too terribly old. not only is there the constant threat of ramsay, there’s also the constant threat of war & the number of enemies his house has is endless. they have their allies, but it would still be easy to kill him while he’s out riding or hunting or something of the like — plus i’m guessing the whole ‘ surviving being poisoned’ thing probably knocked a few years off his life/ fucked up domeric’s health.

but something i like to think about is as he grows older, he’d probably progressively get colder. he’d probably create a bigger rift between him & his emotions, turning into a pretty dark & dangerous person. he already deals with a lot of things he’s not nescessarily proud of, but after a certain point in his life he would just… not care anymore? it would be kind of like his father. it would all be a game of ‘ what can i do, who can i manipulate ? ‘

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((MountMassiveTherapist, for Dog Eat Dog AU))Σ(O_O;)

“Why, Dr. Nielson,” Taylor nearly purred, brown eyes narrowing in some sort of triumph as the older man’s hands tore at the buttons of his vest.  "This is… terribly inappropriate, you know.  I could have you fired for this.“ 

They both knew he had no such intentions.

"I’m so delighted that you’ve come around.”

As they say, a naked man has few secrets… Let’s find yours.

Reading this amazing modern Bagginshield AU  where Thorin’s a king of an Eastern European country and Bilbo gets hired on as tutor/“glorified nanny” to his nephews and it’s kind of like this ‘King and I’ situation and it’s lovely. 

But I really wanted some manips that fit more like what the characters look like in this story and, bless, I found 'Richartin’. 

I am still not a real person shipper but the manips and fan art that depict Richard and Martin out of Hobbit costume are perfect for this AU so I can play pretend.