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((MountMassiveTherapist, for Dog Eat Dog AU))Σ(O_O;)

“Why, Dr. Nielson,” Taylor nearly purred, brown eyes narrowing in some sort of triumph as the older man’s hands tore at the buttons of his vest.  "This is… terribly inappropriate, you know.  I could have you fired for this.“ 

They both knew he had no such intentions.

"I’m so delighted that you’ve come around.”

As they say, a naked man has few secrets… Let’s find yours.

Reading this amazing modern Bagginshield AU  where Thorin’s a king of an Eastern European country and Bilbo gets hired on as tutor/“glorified nanny” to his nephews and it’s kind of like this ‘King and I’ situation and it’s lovely. 

But I really wanted some manips that fit more like what the characters look like in this story and, bless, I found 'Richartin’. 

I am still not a real person shipper but the manips and fan art that depict Richard and Martin out of Hobbit costume are perfect for this AU so I can play pretend.