bleep bloop

ok, yes, having clear skin is nice but like. at some point u just gotta accept ur acne. u gotta accept that that’s just the skin you have, it’s part of u. and note, it’s only a part. there is so much more to u than just ur acne, and even if u don’t like that specific part of yourself u gotta keep in mind that you aren’t any less beautiful than people with clear skin. i just see all these posts on tumblr like “i wish u clear skin this 2017″ and while it is a nice sentiment, it’s ok if u don’t have clear skin. it’s not the end all be all, the highest objective you can wish to achieve. it’s ok if u have acne. it’s ok. 

honk honk its hance time
  • best friends since literal birth. since before birth. their moms were friends before they were born
    • so many embarrassing baby photos of the two of them in matching halloween costumes e.g. as woody and jessie from toy story
    • so many videos of them as little kids playing in hunk’s backyard, pretending to be explorers on a new planet
    • so many pictures of them at important events in each others’ lives (hunk at lance’s mom’s wedding, lance at hunk’s first piano recital, and of course hundreds of pictures of them at school dances, family vacations, award ceremonies)
    • also they “got married” at age 6 in lance’s bedroom and they both have photos from the wedding saved on their phones
  • hunk: [hyperfocusing] lance: [drawing hearts on post-it notes and slowly covering hunk’s back with them]
  • lance is chronically unable to not talk about hunk. doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, he will somehow relate it back to something hunk has said or done
    • pidge plays a game where she’ll bring up the most absurdly specific and obscure topic of conversation that she can think of with lance, and time how long it takes for him to start talking about hunk
      • his longest record is forty-eight seconds
  • lance: [takes hunk’s hands from behind, makes him dance]
  • both like to stim by making noise & like to copy each others’ noises
    • they will be sitting in the same room, working on separate projects, saying “bleep bleep bloop” back and forth to each other
    • they’re also the Spontaneous Harmonizing couple
  • hunk: [picks up lance when he’s in the middle of talking and just. holds]
    • lance continues talking almost as if he doesn’t notice
  • lance when hunk is being needy: ugh god hunk you’re driving me crazy, why am i even dating you hunk: ok let me just remind you that i, hunk, bore earthly witness to your real actual middle school scene phase, i was there, in the trenches, on the front lines, and i still had a crush on you so you don’t get to complain about anything i do literally ever
  • can smell each others’ meltdowns coming a fucking mile away
  • if one is ever hyperfocusing to the point that it’s sort of Bad the other will just. come over and take his hands and say “ok you’re done with this for now” and take him to get some food goo
  • lance loves when hunk lays on top of him it’s like he’s under a big ol rock and he feels safe and grounded
  • hunk when lance does something cool: [yelling] THAT’S MY HUSBAND

working on the Epilogue for Chasing Suns today, hoping I’ll be able to post it later tonight

I was a good adult and did adult things like responsibilities today, so I have some time to write c;

also got a haircut, and bangs ‘just because’ (though I feel I may regret them sooner than later, lolol forehead sweat) 

Also a rare day where I wore contacts instead. here have my face:

I was promptly reminded that I look like a guppy without glasses so HAH NEVER AGAIN XD