Not putting this under the cut >8T

I’m so sick of tumblr’s awful decisions.
Catering to everyone but the creators of the contend of this goddamn site.
(I really hope that at some point the only blogs left will be spambot porn blogs piling shit on their servers)

Where is my knight in shining armor coming up with a new platform  for us :C
Why is it that the creators have to go through sooo much shit just to make sure they get credited for their work that keeps this site alive.

The recent change with HAVING to PASTE your URL MANUALLY into this goddamn source window is awful! (which by the way I forget in 90% of the time)
It should NOT be MY additional burden to be able to receive credit when other ASSHATS remove my comment which literally erases any further possibility for anyone finding MY ORIGINAL post because tumblr thought this makes sense???
If anything they should make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the original text!
Sure erase added reblog stuff no problem, but stop BUTCHERING MY POST the text is as much part of it as the art! (and my username most importantly)
Also they made it even easier to delete my comment than before, just have to check the box ‘please spare me this artist’s lame excuse of words I want my awesome blog to be free of words just their art - button’

Now you see I’m adding my url into my pictures for a really long time now even though I know it looks crappy but I’m sure it helped me in a few cases (Yay for everyone actually bothering to just check out the url!) but people on the internet are 80% less intelligent than in real life, like literally  the moment they enter the internet their brain seems to be turned off. (In fact that is not entirely true they just get lazy and pretend they don’t know better)

Only 1 out of 10 people will realize OOOH there is an url in the picture maybe I should search for that? Nope most will be like: “Oh damn I don’t know the source  I TRIED TO FIND IT SOO HARD  BUT COULDNT  so I better repost it with 'source unknown/pinterest/weheartit)’ :’D

(By the way NEVER repost EVER just reblog or leave it be you lazy butt)

The layout of the dash is getting worse by the hour (this new thing they want to introduce with the reblogs?????? What????) and I’m so glad there is new people trying to continue Xkit because this site is unusable without people coding COUNTERMEASURES to the staff’s pointless changes.

I know this wont help anyone really, we will all go down with this shit pice of a site. I just needed to vent and want somewhere we can build a new community so badly :C
Deviantart sucks hardcore and sites like blogspot have too little 'community’ its just blogs floating in the void on their own.

'lies down in corner sobbing’

u know how when you have that One Part of a fic that you really want to write, but it’s kind of towards the end and you’re just like. i dont want to write the beginning i don’t want to write the beginning i don’t want to write the beginning i don’t want to write the beginning i dont w


I know I just made a recent post, but things have changed a bit since then. The car has broken down AGAIN. Twice in two months, just ugh. So, I’ve thought about it and I quit my job. It may not have been the smartest move, but honestly I wasn’t happy there. The manager was demanding and any work I did was not good enough. And I was given a write up for absences, but in reality the schedule was just fucked up. But, none of that mattered and my manager didn’t believe me. 

I honestly don’t know how much more I could have handled there even if I didn’t quit.

Anyway, I’m offering up mini-commissions for tf fics. I’m not just asking for money this time because it makes me feel awful without giving something in return.

$5 Dollars for 500 word ficlets. 

All you have to do is donate here. Leave a message with your tumblr name or something like “Credit me as anon” because I understand if you don’t want me to know your tumblr! This is only for the Transformers fandom because it’s my only real active fandom. I’m even willing to write MegaStar for this. So, you can even use this format on the message “ *TUMBLR NAME* Megaop, G1 or whichever tf pairing you enjoy. But please no Xeno! or KissPlayers nopenopenope

It’s going to sfw stuff, unless you are willing to pay a few extra dollars. It’s a little hard to write smut in such a limited word count imo. If anything, this will go to help support my cats. They aren’t in danger of starving of anything like that, I just want to buy extra food and litter since most of my last pay check went to replacing the control arm. The first time we ordered it, it came in bent and the second time it was for the wrong side. It’s just really bad luck, I guess.

ANYWAY, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If anything, just reblogging this to signal boost helps.

Route #23 (This is my happy fic.)

Slightly stumbling up the bus steps, Hinata slid into the first empty seat she saw.

It was cold, she was sleepy, and she’d be damned if she didn’t get any sleep during the thirty minute commute to her private school. Sitting her book bag in her lap, she leaned her head on the frosty window letting the quiet chatter from the back fade into silence.


A particularly hard jolt had Hinata opening her eyes to get a bleary view of her surroundings. Apparently while she’d been snoozing, someone had invited them-self to sit with her. It was probably Shino- she couldn’t tell exactly who the hooded figure was, but one of her two childhood friends usually sat next to her, so it wouldn’t he extraordinary for the mystery man to be the entomology-bound boy. She even saw a tuft of ebony hair.

Reassured, Hinata took the liberty of shifting to rest her head on the dozing Shino’s shoulder. It was softer and warmer than the chilly glass, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’d slept on him.

The combination of the newfound warmth and the lulling rumble of the school bus had her out in seconds. She never saw or heard the shocked glances and lilting whispers of her schoolmates.


“…are we gonna wake them up?”

That bitch.

“No, I wanna take a picture first.”

“She’s not a bitch. Out of his league, maybe.”

“Can we go, please? I would actually like to get breakfast today…”

“We could draw on their faces?”

“Maybe she like, didn’t know it was him?”

“What if they’re secretly dating like…Romeo and Juliet?”

“You kids need to get off the bus.”

“Let’s just leave them.”



“Come on, I need to ask Ms. Saito a question!”

“You do know that’s not how Romeo and Juliet worked, right?”


After all the rowdy kids had left- juniors he supposed- he was finally able to get a good look at who the students were crowded around.

In the second seat on the lefthand side were Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata, ones head resting on the other, dreaming silently.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.