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Name: Stefano Valentini
DOB: 12/22/1985
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Florence, Italy
Current Residence: Krimson City
Height: 5′10″
Weight: 142 lbs
Occupation: Artist

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i have no idea what that thing is but i got sort of a cyborg-fairy-entertainer feeling from them so i went with that. if the submitter is still around i’d love to know what they’re actually supposed to be. another thing i’d love to know is the thought process that led to those pants.

Honestly that is #fashion I could see myself wearing that

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Anon bc my sterek blog is a side blog but - those prompts, omg. They're all so good! Maybe start with #7?

7. Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

[I’m sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be sad but my brain works in a weird way]


Stiles knows many things, some useful other not so much, but what he doesn’t know is how to properly use a hammer. Now, one might say if you don’t know how to use a hammer, then don’t try to use it, but Stiles is stubborn and – as his dad sometimes points out – a little stupid.

“Ah, shit.” Stiles yells, dropping the hammer on his desk. Great, now he has a scratch on his desk and a broken finger.

“Stiles, what is –” his dad shows up at the door, the burger he’s supposed to be grilling for dinner in his hand, “fucking hell, is that blood?”

Stiles bites at his lip to hold back another curse. Damn, it hurts. “No?”

His dad strides into the room, glaring between Stiles and the desk. “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.” He sighs, inspects Stiles’ hand. “Come on, I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

Stiles sighs too. Yeah, maybe he’s more than a little stupid.

Melissa doesn’t laugh when Stiles shows up at the hospital and shows her his bloodied finger, but her lips curl up and she gives his dad an exasperated sigh before guiding Stiles to the emergency room. “Do I get a lollipop after this?” He asks her, barely suppressing a whimper when she begins to wipe the blood.

She doesn’t answer, cuffs him on the back of the head instead and tells him the doctor will be there in a second to stitch him up. “Don’t try to hurt the other finger!” She says, turning around.

Stiles glares at her retreating back and makes a mental note to call Scott and tell him his mother is mean.

The wait takes longer than a second and Stiles kind of wishes he had remembered to grab his phone before his dad manhandled him inside the car. As it is he walks around the room, looking for stuff to distract him but won’t cause any more damage. See, dad? He can be responsible.

He’s reading a pamphlet about gonorrhea when the doctor finally shows up. “Sorry.” He apologizes. “We had an emergency with a kid. So you hurt your finger?”

Ah, shit. This cannot be happening.

When Derek looks up and recognizes him, Stiles shakes his head and says, “ah, shit.”

The thing is – Stiles wasn’t supposed to be living with his dad after college. He had plans, big and beautiful plans. He was going to ask his boyfriend to move in with him, they’d get an apartment together and then some years later a house for the kids. They’d get married and live happily ever after with each other.

And then one morning, his boyfriend was gone, taking Stiles’ plans and his heart with him.

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“Now bow to your Queen ”


Now, Ma’am. Do you have anything for me or not?

Starter guide to Person of Interest

[Update: The episodes Guide is now complete and cleaner. Don’t hesitate to reblog I don’t have any followers^^]

Hi everyone.
I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to start Poi for Root and Shaw but having no idea what’s it’s about or where to start so i made a starter guide for you. It contains a little characters and story description, a few words about the fandom and at the end you’ll find an episodes guide to help you through.

I’m french and my english is not perfect so i apologize in advance for every mistakes made, hope your eyes won’t bleed ^^
Everything here is my personal opinion that may not be shared by everyone, no intention to offend anyone .

First of all, why watch Person of Interest?

Because it’s one of the best shows you’ll ever going to watch.
It’s not nearly as popular as it should be, and it’s a shame really,it deserve all the awards and it got everything you can ask for.
A good and complicated story with continuity, multidimensional characters that you’re all gonna end up loving, great performances from the actors and nice guest stars, a lot of OITNB cast, Bridget Regan, Katheryn Winnick, just to name a few and there’s a dog too !
It’s action packed with a little dose of humor, great evolution of characters as well as the relationships between them.
That’s a show that’s gonna make you think, make you cry, make you smile and make you swoon forever :)
And there’s Root and Shaw, probably two of the most bad ass women on tv right now. You’ll love them on their own and you’ll love them together. Their relationship is CANON even if it start with subtext and is supported by the writers and the actresses. Actually, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are the captains of this ship, search youtube, they’re the cutest.

But little warning, Shaw is a character with an Axis II personality disorder, she’s a sociopath and can’t feel things the way most people do and it’s extremely important to me and other people to respect that. So don’t expect great declaration of love, hugs and kisses, it’s not them, it’s not her and it’s way more subtle than that. So if that’s what you’re looking for go read fan fictions.

What’s the story is about?

Grosso modo, Harold Finch build a computer program, called The Machine, that analyses all our datas to detect terrorist activities. But the machine also detect people who want to hurt others or are about to get hurt and send their social security number to Finch. He team up with John Reese in order to stop what’s about to happened.
It’s start as a procedural with the number of the week but involves a lot of flashback on the origin of The Machine and the characters background. In season 2, there’s a lot more stories arc involving stuff like corrupt cops, government agencies, mafia and The Machine become a character on it’s own. At that point the story become a lot more complicated and interesting and it gets better and better from there with the addition of Root and Shaw.

What about the characters?

Harrold Finch (Michael Emerson ): He’s a computer genius,billionaire and creator of The Machine. He live in secret, changing his name so many times we still don’t know his real one. He’s a little bit paranoid and awkward with people sometimes. He’s the voice of reason, the moral compass of Team Machine and most of the  philosophical aspect of the show come from him. He’s a true gentleman and wouldn’t hurt a bird ;)

John Reese (Jim Caviezel): Former CIA agent who lost everything, even his will to live until Finch comes looking for him. Extremely loyal friend, he would do anything to protect you or rescue you. John loves shooting people in the kneecaps but John doesn’t like to talk about himself or bother people with his problems. John may be a straight white male but he’s not a whinny bitch and even if he doesn’t appeal to you at first, you’re going to love him sooner than you expected.

Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson ): Police detective. Carter is the one arresting John in the pilot and release him before knowing who he really is. She then try for a time to capture the “man in the suit” mostly because he keeps shooting people everywhere he goes but kinda start helping him along the way. She is fierce, smart and you don’t bullshit her, if she has in mind to get you, she will.

Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman): Former dirty cop working with the organization called HR. In the pilot Fusco get in trouble with Reese who later blackmail him into feeding him info on people and the NYPD. Fusco is the comic relief of the show who always have a nickname for everyone. In reality, he’s a good guy who got caught up in shady business. Official Team back up, he’s going to save the day more than once. Somehow he’s still clueless about the truth surrounding The Machine.

Root (Amy Acker): Former Assassin/Hacker for hire, Root start as an antagonist. She is obsessed with the Machine and consider her a God. Root will spend most of the show doing stuff on her side and popping up to help Team Machine when required. Root love The Machine, wielding two guns at the same time, tase and kidnap people but her favorite activity is to flirt with Shaw as well as tie her up.

Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi): Compact Persian Sociopath. Shaw work for the government on the relevant numbers, stopping terrorist all over the world until she’s betrayed by her boss. She has an Axis II personality disorder that makes her a sociopath, in her own words, she can’t feel sad or happy or lonely but do angry okay.
Shaw like food, dogs, guns and in her own way Team Machine, don’t ask her more than that. Gets annoyed all the time by Root attempts at flirting with her but you’re not fooling anyone Sameen.

Bear: The Team mascot. Bear is a former military dog that Reese meet in the first episode of season 2 and take him back with him. Bear is the cutest dog and everybody’s best friend but can rip you apart if ordered to. He give a paw to the team in various situation. Likes to eat Finch’s books and shoes.

There is some nice recurring characters that are important to the show. Mainly Zoe Morgan played by Paige Turco (Abby in the 100) and Carl Elias played by Enrico Colantoni.

What about the ships?

Well, Poi first focus is not romantic relationship but team dynamic.
Most of the relationships are hinted at rather than shown and for once, it’s true for straight and gay pairings. There’s not that much kissing in that show, let alone sex. There’s a few straight relationship that are popular, mainly Finch x Grace and Reese x Zoé but the most popular one are Root x Shaw (Shoot) and Reese x Finch (Rinch). There’s even more m/m fiction on Ao3 than f/f.

Root x Shaw: I’m crazy about them and by the end of season 4 you’ll have become a shoot trash like everyone else. It’s start with a taser, an iron and Shaw tied up to a chair, they’re into kinky shit and that’s CANON too.
Root flirt shamelessly with Shaw every time she sees her and Shaw pretend to be annoyed in order to keep her cool. But they care for each other, really, and the more time pass, the more it become obvious, even to their entourage. That’s a relationship that is treated with a lot of respect, by the characters, by the actors and the writers. You won’t find anywhere else a bi racial same sex couple with one of them having a personality disorder and stay true all along to themselves.
But as i said before, no fluff here, they ain’t gonna end up married with a house, a kid and a dog in the garden. There’s hope for a dog, Shaw would totally steal Bear from Finch lol

Reese x Finch: The original duo of the show, can be seen as a friendship but to me they’re totally MARRIED. Honestly, it would be great if they went for it too. They take care of their dog together, have a baby for a few days, bring each other tea and food, help dress each other, stay beside the bed when one’s hurt, shield each other with their bodies you know, what couples do. There’s is ton of fanart out there and it’s worth a look, super fluffy.

Team Machine: That’s not a ship but it’s probably the most important relationship in the show. The link between each member is really strong, they got each other backs.
But it takes time to build trust between strangers and I’m really glad it doesn’t take 3 episodes like in other shows to become friends. It takes entire season sometimes and it’s an evolution during 4 seasons, each new member has to prove themselves trustworthy and accept to give their trust to others too. It’s a beautiful journey in terms of characters development, they’ve grown so much since the first times we saw them. And without realizing it, every members becomes precious to you. There’s so many BroTP in that show !!

And let’s talk fandom a little bit.

I’m not active member of the fandom, but i notice things, on tumblr, on twitter, on youtube. And frankly, it’s probably one of the least toxic fandom ever. There is no ship wars here, no drama between actors and production, no negativity.
The biggest debate is who’s top and who’s bottom. Answer: Root is top and Shaw is power bottom. Don’t argue with me, i could write a thesis on it ;)
The entire fandom is just pissed because we don’t know when season 5 will air and because CBS treats this show like crap.

Episodes Guide

For Season 1 and 2, everything in black is relevant to Root or Shaw.
For Season 3 and 4, everything in black is relevant to big Root And Shaw episode/scene but they still appear in almost all the other episodes, so don’t skip them unless you’re really here only for Shoot moments. (If that the case, just go Youtube)

For all the episodes, I divided them into 4 categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to class them because there’s too much going on, I’ve done my best.
Fillers: Just the number of the day, do not contain any major plot development or characters backstory.
Character Focus: Relevant to one or several characters story, important for their personal development.
Character Flashback: Contain information on the character past, he/she is often the focus of the episode.
General Story: Episode relevant to the major story arc of the show, can concern The Machine, the government, HR, the mafia, Vigilance, Samaritan…. Sometimes 2 or 3 at the same time.

I still advise you to watch the entire show, but this way you know if you need to pay more attention to an episode or play video games while it runs in the background ;)

Season 1: Lots of flashback and fillers in that season.

1.01 Pilot
1.02 Ghosts (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.03 Mission Creep (Reese Flashback)
1.04 Cura Te Ipsum (Fillers)
1.05 Judgment (Fillers)
1.06 The Fix (Zoé introduction)
1.07 Witness (Elias Introduction - General Story)
1.08 Foe (Reese Flashback)
1.09 Get Carter (Carter Flashback)
1.10 Number Crunch (Reese Focus)
1.11 Super (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.12 Legacy (Finch Focus)
1.13 Root Cause (Root Introduction)
1.14 Wolf and Cub (Finch Focus)
1.15 Blue Code (Reese Flashback - Fusco Focus)
1.16 Risk (Fillers)
1.17 Baby Blue (Elias Focus)
1.18 Identity Crisis (Fillers)
1.19 Flesh and Blood (Elias Flashback)
1.20 Matsya Nyaya (Reese Flashback)
1.21 Many Happy Returns (Reese Flashback)
1.22 No Good Deed (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.23 Firewall (Season Final)

Season 2: At this point, all the episode are relevant to the story or a character, even if it’s just a scene.

2.01 The contingency (Finch/Machine Flashback - Bear - Leon Introduction)
2.02 Bad Code (Root Flashback)

2.03 Masquerade ( General Story)
2.04 Triggerman (Mostly Fillers - Elias)
2.05 Bury the Lede (General Story - Zoé)
2.06 The High Road (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.07 Critical (General Story - Number of the day are lesbians YAY)
2.08 Til Death (Finch Flashback)
2.09 COD (General Story )
2.10 Shadow Box (Carter Focus - General Story)
2.11 2 Pi R (General Story)
2.12 Prisoner’s Dilemma (Reese Flashback - General Story)
2.13 Dead Reckoning (Reese Focus - General Story)
2.14 One Percent (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.15 Booked Solid (General Story - Zoé)
2.16 Relevance (Shaw Introduction)

2.17 Proteus (Mostly Fillers)
2.18 All In (Mostly Fillers)
2.19 Trojan Horse (Shaw and Carter Focus - General Story)
2.20 In Extremis (Fusco Focus - General Story)
2.21 Zero Day (Final part 1 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.22 God Mode (Final part 2 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)

Season 3: At this point, Root and Shaw are regular. Shaw is in every episodes.

3.01 Liberty (Root Focus)
3.02 Nothing to Hide (General Story - Introduction Vigilance)
3.03 Lady Killer (Root Focus - General Story)
3.04 Reasonable Doubt (Fillers)
3.05 Razgavor (Shaw Flashback - General Story)
3.06 Mors Praematura (General Story)
3.07 The Perfect Mark (General Story)
3.08 Endgame (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.09 The Crossing (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.10 The Devil’s Share (Team Flashback - General Story)
3.11 Lethe (Finch Flashback - Introduction to Samaritan)
3.12 Aletheia (Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.13 4C (Reese Focus)
3.14 Provenance (Fillers)
3.15 Last Call (Fillers)
3.16 RAM (Team Flashback)
3.17 Root Path (Root Focus)
3.18 Allegiance (Mostly Fillers)
3.19 Most Likely To (General Story)
3.20 Death Benefit (General Story)
3.21 Beta ( Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.22 A House Divided (Final part 1 - Vigilance Flashback)
3.23 Deus Ex Machina (Final part 2)

Season 4: Honestly, all the episode are relevant to the general story since everything is connected now.

4.01 Panopticon (General Story)
4.02 Nautilus (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.03 Wingman (Mostly fillers)
4.04 Brotherhood (General Story - Introduction to the brotherhood)
4.05 Prophets (Finch/machine Flashback - General Story)
4.06 Pretenders (General Story)
4.07 Honor Among Thieves (Shaw Focus - General Story)
4.08 Point of Origin (General Story)
4.09 The Devil You Know (Elias Focus - General Story)
4.10 The Cold War (Greer Flashback - General Story)
4.11 If-Then-Else (Finch/Machine Flashback - General Story)

4.12 Control-Alt-Delete (Control Focus - General Story)
4.13 M.I.A.(Root Focus - General Story)
4.14 Guilty (Fillers)
4.15 Q&A (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.16 Blunt (General Story)
4.17 Karma (Finch Flashback)
4.18 Skip (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.19 Search and Destroy (Root Focus- General Story)
4.20 Terra Incognita (Reese Flashback)
4.21 Asylum (Final part 1 - Root Focus)
4.22 YHWH (Final part 2)

That’s it, i hope it will help some of you during your journey into Person Of Interest.

Prompts 2

1. “A boy needs his father.”

2. “I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”

3. “Am I under arrest, or not?”

4. “Don’t you look at me with that tone of eyebrow.”

5. “Is that my shirt?”

6. “Oh. My. God. Are my eyes bleeding? I think my eyes are bleeding.”

7. “Here – have a cookie.”

8. “We’re going to jail, aren’t we?”

9. “Please don’t die. Please don’t die. Please don’t die.

10. “Get out.”

11. “Oh my god. You’re jealous!”

12. “You were never going to tell me, were you?”

13. “Why are you giggling?”

14.  “I hate you.”

15. “Shut up!”

16.  “So, I guess we’re going to wing it…”

17.  “That is not my arm.”

18.  “Is that what I think it is?”

19.  “Prove it.”

20.  “Stop it. Stop lying to me. Stop lying to yourself.”

21.  “I think I’m dying.”

22.  “I need wine. All the wine. Right now.”

23.  “I need to you to sit down, shut up, and pay attention.”

24.  “Why are you bleeding?”

25.  “I love you! OK?!”

26.  “You’re really pretty.”

27.  “Please don’t leave.”

28.  “Where are your shoes?”

29.  “Was there something you forgot to tell me?”

30.  “Fine. Go. Run away and hide.”

31.  “I have no where else to go.”

32.  “Oh I could just kiss you!”

33.  “I’m so scared.”

34.  “Alright Houdini, how are you going to get us out of this one?”

35.  “Are you drunk?”

36.  “How – how long have you been standing there?”

37.  “When I said that I’ve done this before I may have been lying.”

38.  “I’m going to be alone forever.”

39.  “It’s not just a crush and you know it.”

40.  “Don’t believe everything you read.”

41.  “I’m not going to lie. This is going to hurt.”

42.  “I can’t do this.”

43.  “This is forever.”

44.  “I’ve got you.”

45.  “Where are my clothes?”

46.  “Why don’t you have any pants on?”

47. “Hi, I’m [Name], [    ]’s boyfriend/girlfriend.”

48.  “I need a shot of vodka, a piece of chocolate cake, a searing kiss, and a kitten – all in that order.”

49.  “Why is there an article announcing our engagement in the newspaper?”

50.  “You’re still here.”

51.“Cut the suspense and tell me the truth!”

52. “Stop inviting undead animals into the house. No normal person owns these.” “I’ve been a magnet for the unknown since I was a kid.”

53.“It’s bad enough that I want to hold their hand all the time.”

54.“The next time I see them, I bet they’ll have another scar.”

55.“Pretty words can hurt just as much.”

56.“Don’t you think you should have told me about this before our date?”

Other Prompts:

Joker showing up at Harleen’s house because she’s the only one who won’t call the cops (immediately)

Joker and Harleen fighting for the remote

Harleen yelling at Joker for stealing her lipstick

Joker teaching Harleen how to dress wounds

Harleen walking to the fridge in the middle of the night to get a snack and when she closes the door the Joker is RIGHT THERE but instead of being horrified she just rolls her eyes and says “Mista J you gotta stop doin’ that”

Harleen not being afraid of Joker at all and Joker being completely fine with it