bleed the victim dry

Immortal Souls

Asli was only two when his mother passed and he was too young to remember face clearly or her voice. But he felt something was missing and it made him uneasy, looking to his father for protection. But he felt something had changed with him as well but was unknowing that his father had become immortal. A wretched, disgusting creature that was neither alive nor dead. A soul living in a never aging but slowly decaying body.

Asli was now almost three as he watched his father bleed dry a helpless victim and using the blood to draw symbols and provoke black magic to summon a demon.

The small child watched from his place on the floor, blocks surrounding him and a large bunny held tightly in his arms. His golden hair curled against his head and his amber eyes were large and innocent, unaware of the evil that he was witnessing.

His tummy rumbled and he pulled his eyes away to pick up his cookie monster sippy cup and began sucking on the juice inside only to find it empty. He then reached for the plastic bag that normally held his cereal so he could have a little snack… It was also empty.

“… Dadda…” He said looking to his father but the elder didn’t look at him. Asli stood, holding his cup and snack bag tightly in his hands. “Dadda!?” he said louder.

“NOT NOW ASLI… DADDY’S BUSY!” His said loudly and Asli flinched and watched in silence for a moment before opening his mouth to speak again. But the symbols began to glow red and he whimpered, clutching his bunny and empty cup.


anonymous asked:

If you watched Dexter maybe Tooru is the kind who likes doing his stuff slowly, while watching his victim bleed dry.

I got that kind of vibe from Mucchan too. He definitely likes to go up and close to his victims.