bleed that blue and orange

Tell Me A Secret

Requested by anonymous: 45 and 28 with Namjoon for the drabble game thing 😄  part of my reader/pairing request series.

The tall grass swayed around you as you continued to look up at the deepening blue of the sky. The sunset had peaked in the blink of an eye and you watched as hues of blue rapidly bleed orange until they were red, dripping into the clouds until they were stained lilac.

Namjoon’s hand twitched in yours. A reminder that caressed circles into your palm causing your head to tilt to look at him. He was still gazing upwards with his mind a million miles away.

“Tell me a secret?”

Your words were whispered across in a light breeze, and you watched as he blinked himself back from his daydreams. His eyes focusing on you moments later.

“What kind of secret?”

“Any kind of secret you feel comfortable sharing. Just…something that lets me know you trust me.”

“How do secrets show trust?”

“Because you’re sharing a private piece of your soul in hopes of it finding safety in another.”

Namjoon answered you with his deep, “Hmph,” of acceptance. His gaze turning back to the sky, and you wondered if you were dismissed. If this was his way of letting you down gently without breaking you with words. You followed his motion and looked back to the sky. The stars beginning to peek through as the day gradually came to an end.

“The first time I saw you at the airport, and you were coming up the escalator,  it all felt very dramatic. The way movies portray love at first sight and books depict how lovers enter our lives. I knew I couldn’t love you then, but I wanted to know you. I wanted to know why a girl couldn’t bear to leave behind her favorites books and why she cried into their pages. I remember when I fell in love with sometime after, eating at our favorite restaurant, and rice stuck to the side of your mouth. I wanted to blurt out, “Marry me?” But it stuck to the back of my teeth and I couldn’t get them out. There isn’t a day since then that I haven’t wanted to tell you.”

Your heart swelled against your chest as your lungs held in their caged air. You were afraid to speak, worried you might say the wrong thing. You could feel his eyes on you now, as yours held the blanket of stars above you. Namjoon’s hand tightened around yours as he asked, “Tell me a secret.”

“If you’d asked me, my answer would be yes.”