bleed eyes


You killed a friend of mine. Her name was Charlotte, and you did it for reasons that had nothing to do with her. There were men I knew that would’ve killed you for me. I wanted to ask them. Had the money. But Max refused.


“People ask me why I became a weightlifter. My dad took me to a weightlifting stadium when I was 10 years old, and I strangely liked the metallic smell of the barbell. That’s when I decided to become a weightlifter too. As a young player who made history, I grew up with weightlifting. I lifted and threw the barbell thousands of times, and I cut out calluses from my hands hundreds of times. I shed thousands of liters of sweat and tears and now, I’m about to go on stage.” 

Tips for faceslapping women

- Find her tolerance limit: First hit her softly and then gradually increase the force of each slap if you see she can take it.
- Always make her close her mouth before the slap to avoid her teeth cutting inside her mouth during the slap.
- Always hit her in the jaw. Never close to the ear (audition loss hazard), nose (bleeding nose harzard) or eyes. Any hit above the cheekbone (around the eye) will give her a black eye.
- If you wanna slap her hard in one cheek, then is useful to support her other cheek with your other hand. This is done to avoid a strong “whiplash effect” on her head.
- Keep clipped and filed nails to avoid accidental cuts.
-Avoid slapping her as a punishment/discipline. She has a fatty butt and some sensitive thighs that can be used for that purpose. Those are much safer to hit than her face. Use them.
- Never slap her with anger.

A good slap puts a naughty girl immediately in her place. It makes her shut up immediately so it’s really effective against a back-talking girl. Normally it brings instant tears of submission. But it can be a severe tool, so it must be used with care.

Remember: Women are delicate beings and they are easy to break. Better play with your toys without breaking them… so you can keep on playing!




I love the ACOTAR series, but I think I’d adore a version of it where fairies (and High Fae too) are a bit weirder and dangerous and monstrous and inhuman: still beautiful, but beautiful in a way that is not uber-movie-star perfection, but a wicked, disturbing and definitively otherwordly thing. 

Like, Tamlin would still be the High Lord of spring, sure - but his hair would be actual flowers, closing and blossoming with twilight and dawn, and antlers on his head, and maybe sometimes, when he’s sleeping or fighting or fucking, thorns would spread from under his skin, bleeding with wild roses.

Rhysand would still be breath-takingly handsome - but he’d be a sleek, smoky thing of moon and dark, pianist fingers ending in talons he can’t hide, and raven’s feathers instead of hair. His eyes would stil be lovely and violet-blue, but they’d be an actual moonlit sky - with stars slowly spinning in them, and a solitary moon rising and waning where pupils should be.

Mor would still be herself, but a tad more like the Celtic Goddess she takes her name from: sweet and silvery, refreshing like clear water, with hair spun in starlight tumbling down her shoulders and snagging in her amor, the maiden and the mother. But then she’d step on the battlefield, and warriors would fall at her blade, and then her cheeks would flush crimson, her eyes bleeding red, and she’d be beautiful and horrible at the same time, beaming with silver light, a quartz princess of the dark caves of her kin.

Elain would get out of the Cauldron with fawn’s velvety ears, vines and blossoms spiraling and spreading across her skin, almost tattoos, shifting with the sun and her emotions. At first, they’d stay tightly closed - shivering and wrinkled liker her soul. And Lucien would have true fox ears, and clever, gold-flicked fox eyes, and his ears would tremble with delight the first morning he would make one of Elain’s blossoms open to him.

Nesta would forever be beautiful, but she would never be lovely again. The Cauldron didn’t leave her any softness, any warmth, any sweetness of features or shape. Looking at the sharp planes of her face, at the bloody-red slash of her lips is like looking at the jagged peaks of a mountain - at white wood washed over a shore, polished and hard and dead. She mourns her youth in secret: she mourns whatever girl-like beauty she has ever had, that scrap of Elain that used to live in her. Now she looks like a monster. She looks like something you should be scared of. But Cassian has teeth, predator’s teeth, and his hands have claws, and when he’s holding her she’s not afraid he will be scared. 

Maybe they’ll devour each other, but they’ll do it together.

And Feyre…  Feyre would find herself with new joints, new hands - with eyes that could see clearer and wider than ever before, but that are also pure pools of black, with no pupil no iris and no white. Her teeth are sharp - they tear through her lovers’ skin and don’t stop till they draw blood. And there’s something of the forest in her, too, of the woods where she had made herself a hunter: twigs and leaves growing amidst her hair, corsets made of leather and oakwood, so that when she’s running through the trees she looks like a sprite or a pixie - barefoot, quiver on her back, fangs bared in pleasure. She passes by with the rustling of fallen leaves, the whisper of squirrels and owls’ wings. You wouldn’t know she’s behind you till she’ll lean in to kiss your cheek, or stop your heart.

“Feyre darling,” this strange star-eyed Rhys would say, cupping the cheek of his wood-made girl, holding her close so feathers and twigs would mix together, and they would smile mirror fanged smiles, and they would still be beautiful.

Aries: You are alluring, enchanting and full of wolfs screams. You’re not a bad person for letting words escape your lips, you’re not bad if you feel regret after exploding. Accept yourself ‘cause let’s face it, you’re pretty damn great.

Taurus: You have hands that heal wounds, your touch made them feel so much better about their scars. Why can’t you just know that you aren’t an open wound anymore, you’re not bleeding. You have eyes like romanticized suicide, hush it’s alright; just not tonight.

Gemini: Your hair is flowing like the silk on your mattress made of broken dreams. Award winning lips spilling misleading sips of information like honey slips from the tips of the toes of bees. You don’t know, but it’s better to move on than to let go. It won’t show, but you grow; inside.

Cancer: How sweet it is to be loved by you, how cruel it is to be hated by you. You have a venomous edge but your compassion makes you sting yourself. Take care of yourself for once, it’s medicine to the ones who care too much, I think it’s called love.

Leo: You always cloud your own mind, a different track of thoughts every time. An aposiopesis that’s not to be controlled, they’re gone. Wanderer of the past, basking in dark halls filled with harps and sirens luring people in. You’re bewitching your own mind, stop. They can’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe.

Virgo: You are all the seasons and all the colors, you overwhelm me with scent, taste and sight. Too many feelings for such a soul, nimiety. Breathe, you’re okay. You’ll be okay love. The seasons all stop changing eventually, and the rain eventually stops cascading down the windows of your soul. Close your eyes and hold on tight, it’s a wild ride to come where you belong.

Libra: You have comeliness, you paint the town in black and white with bright red eyes and vibrant lights. I can’t believe your art is less beautiful than you, it’s more beautiful than me. It’s as beautiful as you, pulchritude.

Scorpio: You write an encomium about someone cantankerous. You don’t have to put up with the shit of someone who gives you nothing but tears. Fly like an eagle, you’re strong & free. And so much more than what you think you are and should be. You’re a dark soul, a warrior with a knife and Scarlett blood running down open wounds. Just because people can’t see your pain doesn’t mean you’re not hurt. Outlast the ignorance, you know its going to get better.

Sagittarius: You lost yourself in the alleyway you divagated in. You waylaid the demons in your heart, you’re sparkling scintillas of hope. “HOPE” is knitted on your blue denim jacket. Your thoughts are blue clouds of smoke filled with ‘h o p e’ Don’t become hopeless, unless it’s hopelessly in love. Stay a believer, don’t let them take you.

Capricorn: Don’t be beguiled by the tactlessness of heartless people, you are made in heaven off feather wings and pearly eyes. People would do kinesics on you all day because you move and work so angelic. You’re a kind soul not to be befouled.

Aquarius: You are abstruse. Don’t feel abashed because of your own self complexity, you are a puzzle made of thousands of colors and thoughts left unsaid. You’re waggish, laughing at the insults that hurt you ‘cause humor is the best coping mechanism. Nobody will think you’re hurt even though their nescience throws you off, don’t worry. You’re smarter than they know.

Pisces: Unflegged, innocent, dainty, I know how they portray you. But they know your words & not your thoughts. The darkness lurking at late night and the stars shining in your bright eyes, don’t let the stars stop shining for people who like rain better than sunshine. Shine. Shine to keep yourself warm and don’t burn yourself down to keep others warm. They don’t deserve your heat.

—  Late night writing.
‘Crow persona was fake’..really?

One of the things about this fandom that grates me to infinity, is the perennial notion that the ‘Crow’ persona of Akechi’s was.. and without room for doubt, nothing but a falsity, the outfit and Persona included. The evidence for this is dubious at best and at worst, this undermines key aspects of Akechi’s character.

First, let’s say he is capable of ‘creating a thief outfit’ as the common belief postulates (and matching Persona.. somehow) for the sake of deception. It… doesn’t exactly show that it’s deception, given that he barely fits in with the group to begin with

This is especially significant given:

  • the amount of time he’s skulked around watching the Thieves, profiling them
  • the kind of person Akechi is in the first place, someone who is able to ‘adapt himself’ in the real world for his own survival 

You might say that he ‘wanted to look as innocent and inoffensive as possible’, but even then it’s hard to believe. Considering how he likened himself to the Thieves, you’d think that he would fashion something that would reflect that in him on the surface level. (Not to mention he has a mask that looks like it could literally stab you in the back. Nicely inconspicuous..?!)

Second, Morgana might have said that his two separate powers meant that his ‘appearance was a fake’ (even though there’s a literal wildcard on the team…uh…), but as we all know, Morgana’s word is not God. He’s proven to be fallible on numerous occasions, and is very clearly established to have an incomplete knowledge of himself and even Personas, let alone the Metaverse.

Not only that, Futaba even rebuffed the notion later with more context, saying he likely had the 'same talents as Joker’. The disparity with them being of course, that Akechi went through life alone; therefore his power had, in some way, become warped in comparison to Joker, affecting how that power manifested.

The full scope of this manifestation isn’t clear, but even so, there’s no reference to his outfit there, or to *ANYTHING* about Crow being faked. Neither of them can corroborate that, and evidently, they do not even try to. The emphasis right now is on understanding his thought process, and thus, his power.

Speaking of powers, his ‘Black Mask’ has its own dubious circumstances that throw doubt on it. I’ll save that for another post, but the main gist is- if he has no need to deceive the Phantom Thieves in Shido’s Palace, and his Crow outfit denotes such, why bother going to them in the Crow outfit at all?

Morgana also said that a part of Akechi’s facade- his smile- was the bonafide truth, especially where it came to Joker. And Akechi not only could not refute that, he reacted so badly to the idea that it spurred his tantrum and subsequent breakdown.

This time, Morgana had made an astute observation that hit the nail so hard on the head, it shattered Akechi’s understanding of his own feelings, his own self. After all, he wasn’t even fully cognisant that those feelings existed, much less how they manifested. 

Yet, deep inside him, he was able to recognise its truth and respond to it as such. 

Separating him into 'all true’ and 'all false’ dichotomies is.. oversimplifying that, to say the very least. Akechi’s mentality may have been black and white, but that doesn’t make Akechi himself just as plain.

And look. 

No really, would you just look at this. 

From what we know of Akechi, he’s a god damn showoff for approval. He lives and breathes it, and to an extremely worrying degree. That much is consistent through his interaction with Shido, and with the Thieves.

But the difference is in the sheer lack of restraint he’s showing right here, in this animation.

He has no reason to pose quite like this, with a dance move, let alone this energetic. He could very easily have taken the Yusuke route of ending it with a ‘cool dramatic’ pose, or even calm and dignified like Haru. 

Just like the ‘charismatic Detective Prince’ he is to the public eye. 

To the rest of them - from his perspective, that is - he is just the same ‘Detective Prince’ they have a deal with, and is nothing more than a means to an end. He’s not ‘one of them’, and he doesn’t plan on sticking around either, let alone showing them who he is.

Even given that, the sheer glee showing on his face is something else. The level of expression in his movements is unlike anything he’s shown in the real world. Coupled with how unrestrained he is able to be in this world versus the real world, it paints this ‘mere showboating’ in a very curious light.

Combine that with Morgana’s little observation, and there’s no doubt that all of this was part and parcel of the true smile Akechi tried to deny.

More on that All Out Attack finisher, there’s a certain thing that is ‘meta level deception’, but even that might not be what you think it is. Let’s zero in on it.

‘My sole interest is uncovering the truth’

Of course you would say, this is wrong. He is no ‘ace detective’ at all. He’s not uncovering any truth, he’s burying and twisting it. Which is true.

But what if this isn’t about his detective persona at all? What is his interest? More to that, what truth is it not only his wish, but sole interest to uncover?

Recall that he got his Persona power when he was fourteen-fifteen. Which was before he met Shido. At this time, he knew little of him other than that he was a top-tier arsehole who ruined his and his mother’s life. Acquiring this power meant bringing him divine justice, uncovering the scandal of Shido to the mistress and thereafter, the scandals of him to the rest of Japan. 

That sentiment still sticks, but what if even that isn’t all there is to it?

The meta image shown there is not something that the person can control, evidently. It’s just something that represents their thoughts about the battle, at that point. But in this curious case, it seems to be generalised to Akechi himself rather than a ‘curtain call’ for the end of battle.

It could be that the truth that Akechi desperately - if unconsciously - wants to uncover is the truth of Akechi himself

As evidenced by Morgana’s comment, he’s so single-mindedly fixated on another’s ruin that he doesn’t even seem to realise what he wants for himself beyond that. Which is where even his own interests have a warped sense of dissonance to them, to the point it’s dubious that he’s even acting in them half the time.

Lastly, we come to Robin Hood, his supposed ‘fake Persona’. The implication there being that it’s entirely unlike Loki, his ‘true Persona’.

Robin Hood is a vigilante, and one who fits right in with the group’s ideals of dealing with a corrupt system. But he is also a master of deception through disguise, a notable trait of Akechi’s in a way, which alone doesn’t compromise identity. Taking this a step further is Loki, whose ‘disguise’ involves changing form entirely. 

This could even suggest that Robin Hood was his first Persona before his mentality became extremely warped, to the point of distorting his own self.

At one point in Akechi’s life, all he wanted was just like anyone else in the PT: to bring rotten adults - in this case a rotten adult - to justice. The childlike idealism born from that part of his psyche would have been what drove his appearance to be the way it was when he awoke.

It’s evidently very deeply rooted and personal, which makes it really hard to believe that it’s fake.

The point is, the truth about Goro Akechi’s deception - and his history overall - is a lot, LOT less clear-cut than you’d think. Which is why it’s so necessary to know what the deal is with each of his Personas and awakening, so that the truths about him don’t get lost to the void.

I’m already tired of hearing all the hate about Rhaegar looking too much like Viserys.

First of all, incest or not. Genetics are genetics. Believe it or not sometimes siblings look similar to one another *gasp.* And yes we hear in the books about how handsome, smart, strong, musically gifted, etc. Rhaegar was. But come on from the side profiles we get of Rhaegar. The man is nowhere NEAR ugly. I mean I for one sometimes I catch my side profile in the mirror and I have to look away before my eyes bleed. So lets all agree that he is not eye bleedingly hideous.

And secondly, can I just take a moment to somewhat put you in the shoes of a young Viserys? Prince Viserys got to experience 8 years of King’s Landing. He got to live in a palace with his mother father and older brother Rhaegar. Of course it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows but that’s a discussion for another day. Viserys knew Rhaegar. Viserys got to see him joust, play the harp, read, etc. Rhaegar was going to be the future king of Westeros. No doubt that Rhaegar was his role model. Have you ever seen a little sibling look up to their older sibling? They try to copy them constantly because they want to be just like them.

But alas, one thing leads to another and Viserys has to experience the deaths of both his parents and his heroic big brother. Plus he is exiled to a far away land with his newborn sister. How traumatizing would that be for a little boy? Now, I am not saying that Viserys would have been a good king. He grew up feeding on every lie he was told about the Usurper who stole his family’s crown. His own innocent, childish memories got twisted from years of yearning for revenge and power. Yet, a few of his memories still pull through unscathed. That being the memory of Rhaegar. Viserys mimicked his big brother’s appearance because deep down he still wanted to be like him; to be the king Rhaegar never could.

So in the end, what I am saying is that Rhaegar does not look like Viserys, Viserys looks like Rhaegar.