Double Bacon Cheeseburger - Bleecker St Burger, Southbank

Bleecker St Burger is a traveling/pop up burger van that ranks very highly in the opinion of burger enthusiasts. I had been aware of Bleecker St for a very long time, but it would usually be parked up in a food market at a time when i usually work. So when they announced that they will be pitched up at Southbank, 11am-8pm for 50 days, i literally exploded from the groin area.

Offering a small range of burger, cheeseburger, bacon cheese and blue cheese, i knew i would go for the daddy and get a double bacon cheese. I did get a little upset though, but only because i saw their choice of cheese, American sliced =[ 

The burger was very big, the patties are a very generous chunky cut. The bacon was cut in to small strips, rather than left whole, which i liked, and was slightly crispy. The cheese actually looked amazing! It had melted well and was topped with onions. Due to my over excitement, i forgot to even check for any sauces within the burger, so someone please help me out and remind me whats inside!

As it was dark whilst i was there, i took 2 pictures, one with flash and one without just for comparison.

SO, this burger was… AMAZING. Words cannot describe the noise that came out of my mouth on the first bite. The patty was cooked medium rare and was full of flavours. But what i appreciated more than anything was that the bun held up and didnt fall apart. One thing that i love about a burger is when everything has just melted together. If you can take the top bun off freely then something isnt right with the toppings and sauces. Even though this burger doesnt use the same sauce, bun or process as Dirty Burger, i found them quite similar in taste.

I feel like i cant really say much more about this, its something you just have to go and experience for yourself. But hurry, there’s probably only 3 weeks or so left. I will be revisiting soon, for sure.

I do generally rank my burgers in a top 3 and 5. This is definitely within the top group, but its so hard now to distinguish a top list. So to narrow it down, in my list of pop up/traveling eateries, this is a definite top 3.


Southbank Centre (opposite the skate park)