[ Pokemon : Sableyes ]

Trying out the “Draw the pokemon in 3 different body-shape than the original” challenges~

I like to think that Sableye’s gems “eyes” and chest would change according to what gems did it eats. The gems type are on the captions

and here’s a rough sketch of heights in comparison

isaiahjonesfurryartist  asked:

So are all the kids non-binary? If so, why? I really don't understand the whole non-binary thing and i'd really like if you elaborated more on the subject. Cause I believe we are all either a girl or a boy, you can identify as either or, but in the end there's so escaping you were once male or female. But that's just my opinion, I am NOT trying to offend anyone, I'm just genuinely curious and would like to hear your viewpoint on this.

Not all the kids are nonbinary. Just some. It isn’t an uncommon thing for monsters in particular. I mean… can you honestly say that something like The Bleb ever had a biological sex? They’re literally made of jelly. They are a lump of jelly with a face. Regardless of how you feel, you have to at least admit that a jelly-person shouldn’t have to conform to the gender binary if they don’t want to.

The whole issue of gender and sex is complicated and I’ve spoken at length on it in the past. Long story short… Gender isn’t the same as sex. Sex is your crotch junk. Gender is your heart junk. And isn’t it more important what’s in your heart than what’s between your legs?


my fave hxh theory that i have is that the reason gon’s mother is nonexistent on the show is because ging gave birth to him using a pregnancy stone, mostly because i fully believe that ging was like “wow i kinda wanna know whats it like to have a kid thatd be fun!” 

and his friends were all like “alright well do you need help finding someone to date to get started?” 

and then ging would be like “i dont think you understand. i want to know what its like to have a kid” and theyre like “ging no” but hes already getting out the blueprints