tumblr girls fighting evil:blearyeyedmoon

amelia’s blog is filled with beautiful pictures. just looking through, you can get lost for hours in her wonderfully curated collection of pretty pictures. she’s also incredibly kind and friendly.

name/age and job/major/whatever, please!

Amelia, age 22. Mom to Lennon, age 3. I teach English as a foreign language (often called TEFL).

in a demon hunting world, what role would you play?

i’d love to be some type of translator or spy, who can transfer information secretly that would be of help to others.

weapon(s) of choice?

language. poison. deadly traps. magic.

best song to fight evil to?

wildfire by sbtrkt

what kind of demon would you be most excited to fight?

the kind who would mistake me as easily defeatable.

what fictional girl fighting evil would you like to have at your side?

margaery tyrell. she has a heart that fights evil, but isn’t totally corrupted by it.

what kind of outfit would you feel most powerful in?

i have to give a typical mom answer here - ever since i had my son, i’ve been self-conscious about my body. i’m down to my pre baby weight, but my body is not the same. i would honestly feel powerful in anything that wasn’t sweats and button ups.

do you think you could ever help evil instead of fight it?

i guess that would depend on what the evil side is fighting for. i’ve been told i’m evil for things i believe in (or don’t believe in.) i could never fight for something i didn’t feel strongly about.

is there a real world girl fighting evil that you particularly admire?

i have to say nicki minaj. i actually really, really don’t like her music, but she has helped a lot of people feel secure because of her image and values.

is there anything you do (or plan to do) in real life to fight evil?

i try to teach my son that everyone is important, and there’s never a reason to hurt anyone else. i hope that he teaches his children the same one day, and so on. if i knew any other way of making a difference, i would do it.