phantom updates again

I’m doing final edits on some of my older fics, mostly because I want to print them out so I have hard copies, and so I may be creating a bunch of pages splitting some of the longer one-shots up (like The Girl Who Waited), so don’t be surprised if there are suddenly a bunch of posts from over time…sadly, they are not new updates…though I am also trying to get something nice and hopeful and happy up for thanksgiving.

So tomorrow is the big day - my hernia operation. I’m scared snotless and also very grateful that we have very good insurance to cover most of it. The fact that my body is falling apart slowly is why I’ve been AWOL as of late. (I also have an appointment with a rheumatologist in September to hopefully get my chronic pain down to a dull roar.) It’s been such a busy year, medically speaking, since we moved back to Michigan. I’ve been trying to get healthier, make better choices, and with each new diagnoses it seems to weigh more heavily on me. Bleargh. Who knows what the next year will bring? Hopefully more health and less pain -physical and emotional.

That being said, I’d appreciate any good thoughts or prayers that you have sitting around.

Thank you

Kurodai Week Day 3 - Graduation/Travel

I don’t know it’s dumb I couldn’t really think of something for this one, but I guess Kuroo and Daichi traveling somewhere when they’re older ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)


neighboring tattoo and flower shops!AU that I worked on with what-fire-is-in-mine-ears

Daichi buys a building in hopes of being the best florist shop in town(he names it Crows Grows), and even if it’s ironically placed next to a tattoo shop (Neko Ink), he was sure to make his dream happen. The first time Daichi and Kuroo meet, it’s an understatement to say Kuroo was immediately smitten with the country boy constantly surrounded by flowers-Kuroo looks at the small defenseless flower in Daichi’s hands as an offering and is so sure of his abilities of being able to kill it, but when he looks at his new neighbor he just looks so great with a smile Kuroo figures he can take his chances with this flower care thing (A couple months later and it’s safe to say that not only he is impressed when that small flower successfully grows into multiple flowers). Kuroo’s pining gets to the point that if kuroo wasn’t working (To the annoyance of Yaku, and Kenma)you would more often than not find him bugging Daichi next door despite warning glares from the part timers in the flower shop and both the warning and teasing smiles from Daichi’s right hand man, Suga (everyone really loves Daichi and they’ve all made it very clear they’re all perfectly fine with messing with Kuroo’s well being if anything were to happen).

Begin Again (Ch1: Here Comes A Regular



“Ugh” Caroline groaned, trying to reach for her phone that was sitting on her night stand to hit the snooze button. She had a really late night, and was in no mood to get up from bed at all. She fumbled with her passcode, and managed to get her phone to stop ringing before it pissed her off enough to throw it at the wall. Her head was throbbing, and it felt as if her brain was too big for her skull. Silence filled the room once more, and she let out a sigh of relief as she sank her head back into her pillow and closed her eyes.

The quiet lasted for two minutes

The familiar voice of Katy Perry singing “I Kissed a Girl” started blasting from her phone at maximum volume. She jolted straight up from the shock, and the speed at which she sat up only made her migraine worse. She rubbed her face and ran her hands through her hair as she glared at her phone. Only one person in the world would have the cheek to change her phone settings and customize her own personal ringtone to a Katy Perry song – her best friend, Bonnie Bennett. She hit ignore, laid back down on her side, and pulled the duvet over her head. The offensive song came on again almost immediately.

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