malec appreciation fortnight: day nine
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honestly, what really makes alec and magnus work so well together, at least for me, is how similar they are. not in the sense of personality or shared life experience; rather, in that they both feel everything so deeply, despite trying to hide behind walls and bury their feelings. whether it be joy or despair, betrayal or anger or love- neither of them know how to feel anything halfway. when they meet, there’s an instant connection, and as they grow closer over the course of the season, they start to bring out that carefully concealed vulnerability in one another, more or less unintentionally. neither of them have had anything in the way of genuine romantic affection in their lives for a long time (alec has never had it at all), and i’m excited to see how things play out between them in season 2!

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has that problem. But when I try to read the new pages with the tumblr app they're all overlayed and you can only see one page.

Using the tumblr app here as well. Just….
Just don’t. Open your mobile browser and read the chapters there, pretty sure there’s no workaround having 15 images on a text post on this app.


neighboring tattoo and flower shops!AU that I worked on with what-fire-is-in-mine-ears

Daichi buys a building in hopes of being the best florist shop in town(he names it Crows Grows), and even if it’s ironically placed next to a tattoo shop (Neko Ink), he was sure to make his dream happen. The first time Daichi and Kuroo meet, it’s an understatement to say Kuroo was immediately smitten with the country boy constantly surrounded by flowers-Kuroo looks at the small defenseless flower in Daichi’s hands as an offering and is so sure of his abilities of being able to kill it, but when he looks at his new neighbor he just looks so great with a smile Kuroo figures he can take his chances with this flower care thing (A couple months later and it’s safe to say that not only he is impressed when that small flower successfully grows into multiple flowers). Kuroo’s pining gets to the point that if kuroo wasn’t working (To the annoyance of Yaku, and Kenma)you would more often than not find him bugging Daichi next door despite warning glares from the part timers in the flower shop and both the warning and teasing smiles from Daichi’s right hand man, Suga (everyone really loves Daichi and they’ve all made it very clear they’re all perfectly fine with messing with Kuroo’s well being if anything were to happen).

Kurodai Week Day 3 - Graduation/Travel

I don’t know it’s dumb I couldn’t really think of something for this one, but I guess Kuroo and Daichi traveling somewhere when they’re older ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

How can people talk to them like functioning humans?
I met them at a signing and my brain went completely bleargh and I wasn’t able to say anything more than “jsgdjavk”. I stg it was so embarrassing I remember Zayn looking at me and trying to have a conversation and my brain was just screaming “ZAAAAAYN”.
And there’s people having conversations and making jokes and touching them and… HOW?

@futurelounging replied to your post “My Mom was over to go to Liam’s transitional IEP with me today and I…”

You def deserve a drink! IEP meetings are not easy. I’ve got 4 years yet until we have to deal with the transitional IEP (& the thought scares the crap out of me). That said, explaining fan fiction is worth a couple drinks, too.

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I have some Hard Grape Soda in the ‘fridge that I plan on cracking open with dinner. I work twice as much as usual this week and I have three appointments on each of the two days I have off. Bleargh. On the up side, I’m back to my usual schedule next week with zero appointments. 

I’ve gone to so many IEP meetings over the last fifteen years I’m kind of used to them but they still stress me out. I am very thankful both of my kids had great teams behind them. My advice is to write things down and ask lots of questions. It not easy being an advocate but it’s needed.

Thank you! And you’ll kick butt, no worries.

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Omg your lyric comic of Blue Lips is so good ;;;; definitely my favorite piece of Phanniemay day 1, almost made me cry... Partly because you cut it so short. Please consider making the rest, it's so great!

>///< Ahhh I only realized this was in here a few days ago (tumblr didn’t notify me bleargh) but thank you!!! AHhh I would love to finish the whole thing but I don’t know if I have the strength~ OTL

I can show you a few of the sketches I have finished tho! (σ・ω・)σ