Got my art stolen...again.

Remember my Guardians of the Galaxy fanart? (this ⬇️)

So a couple of days ago two kind people on deviantart informed me that someone had taken my pic, cropped my signature away… and slapped their own OC on it. Like. Literally painted over my pic to add their character to the group in a “similar" style.

And here I go to see if at least I get credit or something but I find this:


An illustration by someone else isn’t a “base” for you to draw on. There are accounts and artists that do specialise on that and can be found anywhere online and most of the times for free. And “Comics girl” is definitely not a way to credit me or anyone else - and I say anyone else, because this person’s gallery consists of pics traced off other people’s art, always credited like “Base - Comics girl”, so tbh I don’t even know if this person is new to the online world of art or they just don’t care, but it’s exhausting. Tracing is a whole new level of shittiness and I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll leave it here for now.

Since I found out, I left several comments on this deviation and others on their gallery only to be ignored. Also filled a request on @deviantart to get the picture taken down, only to be ignored as well, twice (also, something seems to be broken with your system, dA, because you ask me to describe the stolen pic…but you don’t provide any space to write anything on so there’s that).

So after all this saltiness… Look, I’m just tired. I’m tired of having my work ripped off, my trace as creator erased away, I’m just tired of people having zero consideration and I’m tired of being disrespected by getting replies like “I’m not taking it down because it’s a cool pic and I’m getting RTs” (this has happened for real). I’m tired of people using someone else’s work and effort to get views, notes, shares, or RTs without sparing any thought about how they’re damaging that someone else. I’m not even talking about followers or money or anything like that. Just this crap is distressing and discouraging and I don’t know why someone upset another person like this and not give a shit about it. 


IMPORTANT EDIT:  forgot to say but please don’t go after this person. don’t send them hate, don’t harass them. i appreciate so much if you guys intend to defend me, but i’ve already tried to talk to them and i want to believe they don’t know better. if you want to help me get this situation fixed, @ deviantart and help me to get their attention.

EDIT 2: After a second DMCA request, deviantArt finally took the pic down. Thank you everyone for your kind words and your support. Please keep raising awareness on art theft so other artists don’t have to go through this.

Income inequality? Meh.

Dark money corrupting our government to the core? Bleargh.

Out of control gun violence? Meh.

Crumbling national infrastructure? Who cares?

A goddamn stupid fucking movie is pulled from release? HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU GUYS WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO STAND!!!1


neighboring tattoo and flower shops!AU that I worked on with what-fire-is-in-mine-ears

Daichi buys a building in hopes of being the best florist shop in town(he names it Crows Grows), and even if it’s ironically placed next to a tattoo shop (Neko Ink), he was sure to make his dream happen. The first time Daichi and Kuroo meet, it’s an understatement to say Kuroo was immediately smitten with the country boy constantly surrounded by flowers-Kuroo looks at the small defenseless flower in Daichi’s hands as an offering and is so sure of his abilities of being able to kill it, but when he looks at his new neighbor he just looks so great with a smile Kuroo figures he can take his chances with this flower care thing (A couple months later and it’s safe to say that not only he is impressed when that small flower successfully grows into multiple flowers). Kuroo’s pining gets to the point that if kuroo wasn’t working (To the annoyance of Yaku, and Kenma)you would more often than not find him bugging Daichi next door despite warning glares from the part timers in the flower shop and both the warning and teasing smiles from Daichi’s right hand man, Suga (everyone really loves Daichi and they’ve all made it very clear they’re all perfectly fine with messing with Kuroo’s well being if anything were to happen).


malec appreciation fortnight: day nine
        ↳  why you love malec

honestly, what really makes alec and magnus work so well together, at least for me, is how similar they are. not in the sense of personality or shared life experience; rather, in that they both feel everything so deeply, despite trying to hide behind walls and bury their feelings. whether it be joy or despair, betrayal or anger or love- neither of them know how to feel anything halfway. when they meet, there’s an instant connection, and as they grow closer over the course of the season, they start to bring out that carefully concealed vulnerability in one another, more or less unintentionally. neither of them have had anything in the way of genuine romantic affection in their lives for a long time (alec has never had it at all), and i’m excited to see how things play out between them in season 2!

Kurodai Week Day 3 - Graduation/Travel

I don’t know it’s dumb I couldn’t really think of something for this one, but I guess Kuroo and Daichi traveling somewhere when they’re older ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

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I’m going through my iTunes library to listen to tracks I haven’t listened to on this computer yet, and I just found a remix of the Howard Dean scream. Thanks, high school ex-boyfriend.