bleakwaterpuffball  asked:

Dear future me,

I hope that you’re doing better. I wish that you have found the right people to spend time with, and, this is so important, have forgiven to yourself all those things that didn’t even really need to be forgiven. Hopefully you’re happy and fine with yourself and who you are. I hope that you have achieved what you wanted and remember to be proud of your work. I hope that you don’t stop trusting people completely like you nowadays constantly fear you will - good people will come. I hope that you’ll stop feeling so lonely and won’t be afraid  that you will be left alone anymore. You won’t be. I wish that you can be more of a whole that you’ve been for years and you stop thinking what everyone else thinks about you. And I sincerely hope that even if things are not like this in the future, you don’t beat yourself up for that and you’re proud of what you’ve done so far. Don’t forget who you are. Let go of the things that make you feel bad, was it a place, a memory, a person, whatever.

Dear future me, I promise to you that I will be kinder to you that I have been for myself now. You are important and strong and there are those who care and love you and don’t ever forget that.

Sincerely, me at March 2015