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“I am very honoured by your proposal, but I never expected it. I never thought you felt anything for me but pity.”
“I don’t want you to feel honoured by my proposal, I want you to marry me, to love me as I love you-”
“I have told you, I am not free to love you.”

missemilieelisabeth  asked:

Good Regency/Victorian movies or shows?


Miss Austen Regrets, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, Beloved Sisters, Horatio Hornblower series.


Dickensian, Bleak House (2005), Possession, Wives and Daughters, Anne (coming to Netflix May 12 as “Anne with an E”), The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1995), and though it’s technically a few years post-Victorian, the Spanish series Gran Hotel.

I just realized you can describe Bleak House (2005) and The Fall with the same sentence; Gillian Anderson sleeps with John Lynch and it’s the worst decision of her life.

12 Fresh Gillian Anderson GIFs

As The X-Files continues its two-night return, we’re celebrating by looking back at star Gillian Anderson’s filmography through the wonderful world of GIFs.

The X-Files (Season 1 - Fresh at 89%)

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The Simpsons (Season 8, Episode 10 “The Springfield Files”)

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The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998, Fresh at 64%)

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The Mighty (1998, Certified Fresh at 75%)

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Playing By Heart (1998, Fresh at 60%)

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The House of Mirth (2000, Certified Fresh at 81%)

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Bleak House (2005)

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The X-Files: I Want To Believe (2008, Rotten at 32%)

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The Fall (2013 - 2014, Fresh at 100%)

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Hannibal (2013 - 2015, Fresh at 88%)

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War & Peace (2016, Fresh at 79%)

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The X-Files (2016, Rotten at 56%)

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