Grimmjow Q & A

As requested by destructiondragonslayer. :) And also anon and dannatlf. ;)

It is now time for Grimmjow to answer some of the questions sent in by you the readers!

1. bleachxcaps said: where are you at -.- / cute-assassin29 said: Grimmjow!! When R You going to show up?! / soccajenna88 said: When will you show up in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc? Dude, people are dying. / soulless-and-bloodstained said: where are you??? / 50shadesofichigo said: when are you coming back / whitegirlblikeee said: Grimmjow wtf are you doing!?! Where you at? / reap–kazeshini said: WHY WONT YOU SHOW UP? / knbootys said: When the hell are you coming back?!?!?

Grimmjow: I’m a freakin’ espada, people.

Grimmjow: Whey the hell do I care if Soul Society’s in trouble?

Grimmjow: I’ll show up when I’m good and ready!

Grimmjow: ..

Grimmjow: And maybe – just maybe - that’ll be at a point when Kurosaki needs help.

Grimmjow: Because that asshole needs to see how it feels to be rescued by an enemy!

2. ask-ichigo-and-rukia said: If Rukia hadn’t been there when you first met Ichigo, how would you have gotten his attention? Some ritualistic mating dance?

Grimmjow: Sure, definitely.

Grimmjow: If by “ritualistic mating dance” you mean, “removing the dude’s stomach to get his attention.”

3. secretninja312 said: What’s your secret to your flawless eye makeup and got any tips to share? / primtheamazing said: Is the blue stuff a part of your face, or do you apply it each morning? / sinoauri said: Do you and Ikkaku use eyeshadow of the same brand? / ninjagirl015 said: What is with the eyeshadow? Is it actual eyeshadow, a tattoo or some type of really cool kitty war paint?

Grimmjow: My tip for having flawless face makeup is to have the “makeup” be part of your face.

Grimmjow: Because it’s not eye shadow. It’s part of my face.

Grimmjow: Pretty sure Ikkaku is using actual eyeshadow, so that’s different.

Grimmjow: Since mine is PART OF MY FACE

4. samgetsu said: What would you do with an army of cats/PANTHERS?

Grimmjow: I’d tell ‘em to stop following me around!

Grimmjow: What is it with animals wanting to follow me all over the damn place?

5. lightblade97 said: have u ever felt asymmetrical because of how ur hollow mask is only on the right ride of ur face? 

Grimmjow: Uh…not until just this moment.

Grimmjow: Why? Is being asymmetrical bad or something?

6. rythik78 said: What you think of Bazz B?

Grimmjow: I don’t know the guy, but there’s just something about him…

Grimmjow: I just feel that he’s probably the coolest of the Quincy.

Grimmjow: Dunno why I have that impression, though.

7. dannatlf said: Do you think you deserve a higher strength ranking? 

Grimmjow: All the other espada are dead, ‘cept for Halibel, who’s in prison.

Grimmjow: So I pretty much figure I’m Espada #1 now.

8. mihain87 said: Grimmjow, isn’t about time you go and rescue Halibel? 

Grimmjow: Why should that be my responsibility?

Grimmjow: She’s the one who got herself captured!

Grimmjow: And anyway, I’m still bitter that she didn’t want me working for her.

Grimmjow: What? Am I a bad employee just 'cause I don’t like to follow orders? 

9. animentary said: Do you get annoyed when people call you “kitty”?

 Grimmjow: Ha! LIke anybody would dare to do that!

10. zoveoriel said:
do you keep a fridge full of catnip for midnight snack?


Grimmjow: Why the hell would someone REFRIGERATE catnip?

Grimmjow: N-not that I would know!

11. existentialhomestucker said: Yo Grimmjow, do you purr? Or less specifically, retain any cat-like features?

Grimmjow: Purr? Big cats don’t purr.

Grimmjow: They growl friendly-like.

12. hypoluvspie said: Do you wash like a puss cat, with your tongue? / randomdmstuff said: since you’re a kitty do you shower like one too? Do espadas even shower?

Grimmjow: The hell - ?

Grimmjow: You people think I LICK myself?

Grimmjow: I don’t fucking lick myself!

13. mashirokuna said: Hey Grimmjow, how did they make a cat bed big enough to accommodate you? 


14. trunkai said:
What’s your problem with doors?!

Grimmjow: Closed doors offend me.


Grimmjow: That one might be a cat thing.

miu27 said: Do you think you and Yoruichi could be friends?

Grimmjow: I’m not really the “friend” type.

Grimmjow: But if she wanted to follow me around and call me “king,” I sometimes let that happen.

16. maevellekunoichi said: How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning? / vodyanoj said: How many hours do it usually take to style your hair with that much gel? / ohhairingo said: How do you maintain your blue luscious hair? :D 

Grimmjow: Hair gel?

Grimmjow: My hair’s been stuck like this for like 15 years.

Grimmjow: I think it might have something to do with never washing it…

17. aricifer said: I know you took your fracciones to the world of the living once, but what other adventures did y’all go on together?

Grimmjow: We went to Ikea once.

Grimmjow: Needed some furniture for the palace, you know?

Grimmjow: D-Roy was lost in there for 3 days.

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