“Shout out to the entire Bleach community, every single one of the RPers out there are awesome. ALL OF THEM. And a little shout out to the staff that makes these confessions, you guys are especially awesome. Also to thatmustmeanyoureadeathgod for keeping track of a good portion of the community, bleachlists for the lovely lists we all enjoy, and bleachheadcanons for giving us all new ideas. The entire Bleach Community needs a big hug.”


source: hrtm

“I love to read the rp’s and answers of ask-ichigo-and-rukia. The mun is a great writer, with a lot of imagination and she portraits the characters in a lovely way. For all of us who ships Ichiruki, their interaction on her blog is very close to how they would be if Tite Kubo actually made them a couple. She is also very cute ooc and I’m grateful to have met her here~.”


source: 3

“I’d like to take a moment to honor thatmustmeanyoureadeathgod. Okay, they’re not (technically) an RPer on that specific blog. But they do so much for the community. Organizing a masterlist of Bleach RP blogs is a massive undertaking, and I know they’ve helped so many people. And they’re just really talented, kind, and funny. Thank you, Pokemaster~.”


“A shotout to everyone who actually do their icons and know it’s not easy to find and clean them ‘till they are of your liking. Even if they are taken from the manga, we try to clean them to make our muse look good and it’s annoying when people just use them on their RP without giving us the credit. A simple ask won’t kill anyone and most of the times we will say yes, or just do your own and feel proud of your work.”


source: 氷牙@ついぴくブーム

“Although I never talk to her, thedarkrescuer is one of my favorite Ichigo’s. I myself rp Ichigo, but I just want to shout out that she is by far one of the most amazing Ichigo’s I’ve ever seen. I love scrolling through my dash to see her threads, and I enjoy just seeing her online. She grasps Ichigo’s personality and attitude like a pro and I’m disappointed that very few people see that. Whenever I read her threads, it’s like I’m reading the actual canon Ichigo Kurosaki.”


source: x

“I LOVE ALL OF MY POKEMON. THAT’S RIGHT. ALL OF THEM. THE ONES I’VE CAPTURED, THE ONES THAT SAY I HAVEN’T CAPTURED THEM AND THE ONES I HAVEN’T EVEN FOUND YET. They make running this blog a zillion times more fun than it would be. None of them should ever say no one appreciates them, because I do. I love interacting with them and reading their interactions with each other. This is for all of them.”


“What can I say about tres-espada. Well for one thing she’s going to hate me for saying this, but Imma say it anyway. Her Harribel is most definitely the most compatible with my Starrk, and rping with her is so much fun. Each reply is a challenge to my abilities, and I can’t help but say that I get ever so excited seeing her on my dash, be it a reply or even an ooc post, her presence is just wonderful. Harri-mun you need to realize how good you are, even if you are going to cry and hit me. You’re awesome, keep up the great work!”


source: ar-ua

Lady of cherry blossom can interpret Hisana so sweetly that I can not even describe the mixed feelings that she conveys through their words. Each different Rp bears in it more than a thousand different feelings. I really love the way she embodies the character. And I pity so much that she be the target of Hate Anon. ‘Cause she doesn’t deserve such thing.


source: x

“I just want to say that Alex, the mundane who owns Shunsui (grabasscaptain) is absolutely perfect. Her portrayal for her muse is spot on and just simply amazing. She says she’s not good enough for it, but she is, the way she speaks as this ladies man, alcoholic is just brilliant, I really do not know how to  describe my love for her. Alex you are amazing, and you deserve this confession so much, you have earned this and your followers love you a whole lot. Please keep up the good work! <3”


source: swaaay

“I just want to fan girl with you guys for a second about getsuga-taichou purely because Zach, the mundane is an absolute amazing person, and the most important person in my life now, but I want to say that I adore this person for his role play threads, his words and just amazing personality. If it wasn’t for him, my role playing skills wouldn’t have improved like they have done in the past months of role play here on Tumblr, I owe him so much, he took the time to talk to me, understand me and my OC and took more time to actually get to know me as a mundane and the fact that I can give him whatever I want to now, makes me such a happy person. He was another reason why I brought my Luna OC back, she died a couple of months ago, but I missed the threads we did together, the feelsy and the fighting threads we wrote were amazing, I remember them like it was yesterday. I know that anyone else who has experienced a thread with this man knows exactly what I mean, he is always there for the ones he loves and his followers, no matter what and it just makes me think that there really are kind and generous people in this fandom. I just want to show him how much he actually means to me and to other followers by writing this and I want him to see it and smile and just be happy, like he deserves. I love you. <3”


source: Mizashi

“I honestly haven’t rolled played Rukia for long, and I thought I wasn’t really good at it at first. But then I started role-playing with rain-soaked-knight and I started to have more confidence in my rp skills. RSK is a sweet Ichigo, who can be funny, honest, and also patient. And I love how kind he is to my Rukia, when ever he’s online it makes me smile. I think he’s an amazing Ichigo and needs more love.”


source: 3

I wanted to write a confession for neko-ichigokurosaki for a long time, but with all the drama going on I figured I should probably wait. Now that things have cooled down, I just want to say that I love the way the mun writes her character. He’s so nice to everyone, and makes anyone feel welcome to be around them both. It’s no wonder she nearly has 1000 followers, because she really does deserve it. The mun multi-ships all of my favorite pairings, so I’m never disappointed whenever I see her on my dash. Not to mention the ShiroIchi I’m bound to see popping up sometime soon~ So Saku, this is a shout out to you by all your friends. We love you and all you do, including the way you role-play. So don’t let yourself get put down, and keep up the good work!


source: x

“This confession is not just for one, but for all the role players out there in the Bleach community. I may not be a role player myself, but I do enjoy simply observing and keeping track of the threads of plenty RP blogs. The wonderful muns behind the muses are all excellent writers and RPers in their own ways, and it is safe to say that it’s because of them that I’ve managed to understand and enjoy Bleach the way I do now. Each and every one of them has made me change my perspective on the characters and the series itself (in a good way), and they’ve all taught me to love and pay close attention to even the most minor characters, because they do, in fact, matter. So, yeah. Kudos to all of you!”


source: touya

“Down to the sadist nature and cold personality, Shiroichigo is by far a top Hichigo/Shirosaki/Hollow Ichigo roleplayer. Her concept of Hollow Ichigo’s personality is downright canon even with the smallest threads. Reasons for this Hichigo to not be mention are beyond me because the roleplays are amazing that you can even hear and see Hichigo become alive in the writing.”


source: 香夜

“The writing of ladyofcherrybloosom is simply divine, she conveys so many emotions and feels in her writing. I seems that I walk into a parallel world when I read her RPs and drabbles. She plays Hisana perfectly! I’m sure if Hisana had appeared more in the anime, she would be like her. Hisana-mun with your writing transports us to a world of emotions and deep feelings.”


source: 天良

“I just adore king-of-dust. Her Grimmjow is pure perfection in my eyes and I’ve always loved every single RP we’ve had. I think we were each other’s first RP partners on these accounts, but I have to admit that I’ve never felt like I quite deserve such an amazing writer to be my partner. Her Grimmjow is so great that it’s almost scary! I do adore the mun too tho, since she’s totally a beautiful person inside and out (and also one heck of an artist)! Wish we just spoke more - IC and OOC… Simply put, I love and look up to king-of-dust, wishing that some day I’ll be even half as good as her.”


source: ナカジ