bleaching technique

Model reading in pajamas by Kickernick in “Southwest Passage - Sunset Pink” for Harper’s Bazaar, 1951. Photograph by Lillian Bassman.

Known for blurred silhouettes, exaggerated gestures, and unusual compositions, Bassman’s photographs illustrate the mystery and glamour of the modern woman. Transforming her images with bleaching and toning techniques in the darkroom, she introduced a new aesthetic and revolutionized fashion photography.

idk i’m changing up my Cecil headcanon i guess. or coming up with yet another one? anyway i love the idea of him having really long hair that he braids or ties back most of the time (but that doesn’t stop him from playing with it). also not sure if the platinum hair is a result of blood stone rituals or clever bleaching techniques.

also constellation tattoos! and he still has tons of freckles i don’t think i’ll ever let those go.

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literally i want to know why everyone in this god damn world keeps singling out larries. like what is the fucking problem? name me another fucking ship that does not do what we do. write fanfiction? draw art? draw nsfw art? make manips? make nsfw manips? make posts about how real the ship is? WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MAD WHEN IT COMES TO US? ARE THEY JEALOUS WE HAVE GREAT FANFICTION AND ART? WELL COME ON OVER AND JOIN US WE'LL ALSO EDUCATE YOU ON PROPER ASSHOLE BLEACHING TECHNIQUES.