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There’s a limited time Valentine’s Day event happening in Bleach Brave Souls (the mobile game), called “Social Obligation or Genuine Feeling?” This is the kind of event I love, with the Shinigami Women’s Association, humor, and ships, of course! (It is Valentine’s Day!) (Feel free to use my BBS screenshots if you’d like.)

Here’s Ichigo and Rukia on Valentine’s Day. Rukia doesn’t seem to really ‘get’ Valentine’s Day–she only made one chocolate, for Byakuya, but Ichigo seems to want to receive chocolate from her. Instead she gives them some of Momo’s Aizen glasses cookies. ^_^;

What you do get in this event, and in a lot of BBS events, is the casual intimacy between Ichigo and Rukia–like her reminding him to tell his family she won’t be home tonight. That’s pretty sweet, even if it’s not a Valentine’s Day chocolate. ^_^

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Edward Petherbridge in the ‘The Exorcism’ episode of the BBC’s Dead of Night series, 1972