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Stuck like glue

Request from Anonymous: Hi! I love your blog. I recently followed you and have been reading everything I come across! Could I please request an angst/smut with Loco where you two have been together for awhile, but you think because he’s becoming more popular and people are paying attention to him more he’s changing, and kind of neglecting you. So he does his best to make you realize he still loves you and convince you he’s not changing. Thank you so much!! 

“Shiiiii,” you murmured underneath Loco. 

Loco and yourself had just locked each other in his hotel room and it has almost been a tradition that whenever you two stay at a hotel there would be some ‘action’ to be done. And thankfully, he is on tour with AOMG across 4 different cities within that month. 

“Uhhh fuu-,” you moaned into his mouth. Loco began to thrust faster and you held onto his back. Actually, more like making scratches on his back. Feeling your walls closing against him, Loco moved off of you to kneel on the bed. He grabbed your legs and pushed them closed to your chest and he continued thrusting. You grabbed onto the headboard with your hands and let him rode you. 

“Ooh shit..” Loco muttered. 

You managed to fully open your eyes and looked up to Loco and once you two locked eyes, an innocent smile spread across his face. You smiled back at him but then he used his free hand and began rubbing your sensitive spot. His touch made you shiver from your toes all the way up to your fingertips. You squirmed uncontrollably and Loco changed his position again. He dipped down so close to you that now your foreheads were touching. You held onto his arms as he rode you until you reached climax. 


“Damn boy!” Jay hissed. 

Jay and Loco were downstairs in the hotel’s gym the next morning and Loco was wearing a tank top with some basketball shorts. 

“What?” Loco asked. 

Jay walked past Loco and slapped him across his back. “Rough night, last night?” Jay jokingly cheered at Loco. A warm pinkish colour spread across Loco’s cheeks as he realised what Jay was talking about. Unable to face further embarrassment from Jay and possibly from other people at the gym, Loco put on his jacket and headed to the treadmill. Jay followed Loco and hopped onto the treadmill next to him. Loco started off with a jogging pace as he changed the incline on his treadmill. 

“Giving me a run for my money, aye?” Jay claimed as he was just casually walking on the treadmill. Loco grinned at Jay while increasing the speed on the treadmill. “Don’t tease me, Loco. Save that for [Y/N],” Jay exclaimed. 

“How was the gym? Did Jay tell you to record him while he’s lifting?” you asked your boyfriend. Loco laughed at you but also nodded to your question. 

“What do you want for breakfast?” he asked you, as he slipped his arms around your waist and placed a kiss on your neck. 

“Let’s order room service,” you decided. 

As the two of you waited for breakfast to be delivered to the room, both of you sat on the couch with the tv on. However, the both of you were on your phones instead. You were on Instagram and since you liked all of Loco’s post, your feed was filled with mostly fan photos of him. They tagged him in drawings, fan photos and concert videos. As you scrolled through the feed, you noticed a photo that was just recently taken of Loco and you knew this because he was wearing the exact same clothes. You looked at the caption and it read “he’s so hot now!!”

A funny feeling occurred in your stomach when you read it and this wasn’t the first time you had felt it. You usually look at the photos taken of him by fans and they were usually along the lines of him being so cute and such. However ever since he had been working out more the comments were different. Personally, you think that the fans are now paying more attention to him only because of how he looks. You looked up from your phone and all you saw was the same man you fell in love with 3 years ago. Yes, his physique had changed but his personality didn’t.

“Hey baby, look at this photo of you,” you showed him the photo, “Jay looks like a kid next to you”. 

Loco took the phone from you so you moved closer to him and now your legs were placed across his. 

“Jay looks scrawny, yeah?” Loco joked as he returned your phone to you. As you were about to make further comments, Loco’s phone rang. He muttered something under his breath before moving your legs off him and disappeared into the bedroom. 

“I gotta go, babe,” Loco emerged from the bedroom, fully dressed. He stopped by the mirror and adjusted his beanie before grabbing his jacket from the chair. 

“Where are you going?” you asked. 

“My manager called and I’m going to this local cafe for an impromptu meetup,” Loco explained quickly. You got up from the couch and stood by him. 

“What about breakfast?” you mentioned. Loco turned to face you and held onto your chin his fingers. 

“I promise I’ll make it up to you,” he said, placing a peck on your lips. 


I’m heading out with the guys after the meet up. I’ll see you at soundcheck tonight okay?

You looked at the message you had just received from Loco and wondered if you should replied back to him instantly. You put your phone back into your bag and headed into a shop. As you were browsing the clothes lines, you overheard two females on the opposite side talking about your boyfriend. 

“Did you see his arms?” one of them commented. 

“Yes! Oh my god and he’s actually taller than I expected,” the other girl said. 

“Do you still think Jay is still better looking than him?” the first girl asked her friend.

“Nah, Loco is my man now! He’s so hot!,” her friend exclaimed, “I’d climb him any day”. 

You were about to choke on air whilst listening to their conversation so you stepped out the shop quickly. The cold air helped you to breathe easily and you took out your phone to check the time, but also to see if Loco had try to contact you. 

He didn’t.

Feeling somewhat frustrated because Loco usually message you or call you multiple times if he didn’t get a reply to his questions. You thought to yourself that he must have been really busy with the guys….that he forgot about you.


You were back at the empty hotel room and you saw it was nearly time for the soundcheck. You sat on the sofa contemplating on whether or not to attend the soundcheck. Most of the day you didn’t speak to Loco and you realise this isn’t the first time. It has been happening recently but you just brush it off as if it was nothing to worry about. But little did you know, it was slowly eating up your feelings towards Loco. 

The sound of several knocks on the door broke your thoughts. You got up and to see who it was. 

“Hi, Ms [Y/L/N]. Are you ready?” the bellman asked politely. 

“I’m sorry but ready for what exactly?

“Mr. Kwon has told us to let you know that he will be sending a limo for you at 4 o’clock. The limo is right outside the hotel now,” the bellman informed you, “He mentioned something about a soundcheck”. 

“Umm I’m not sure if I can go. I’m not feeling too well,” you lied. 

“Please Miss, I must insist,” the bellman enunciated, “Mr. Kwon has given us special instructions”. 

Feeling like you’re not going to win this with Loco, you grabbed your bag and put on your shoes. 

“He better be in the limo,” you whispered to yourself as you closed the door behind you. 

But once you stepped into the limo it was empty, like the hotel room. However, on the seat is a small Winnie the Pooh plushie. You held up the plushie and saw a small card stuck to it. And Loco’s handwriting filled the card: 

Sorry I didn’t get to see you today but I hope this plushie can take my place..for now. Love, Loco :)


“[Y/N]!” Simon greeted you warmly. 

“Hey,” you replied unenthusiastic-ally. 

“What’s wrong?” Simon observed as he looked down to you. 

You didn’t say anything to him so Simon backed off.

“C’mon let’s go find your boyfriend,” Simon suggested as he put his arms on your shoulders, “I last saw him with some fans”. 

Simon guided you towards the exit of the venue and from far away, you could spot your minion. Loco was wearing his yellow Bleached t-shirt, black jeans and his usual yellow beanie. You stopped when you were about to get close him.

“You don’t wanna see him?” Simon questioned your sudden stop. 

“He’s busy. C’mon let’s go back,” you pledged. 

Simon’s arms were still around you and he didn’t let you leave. Instead, he decided to call out for Loco. You hit Simon across his chest and he gave you a fake hurtful look.

“What was that for?” 

“Why did you do that?!” you snapped at him, “Loco’s busy so we shouldn’t annoy him”. You looked in Loco’s direction and a smile beamed across his face, quite similar to the one last night, and he gave you a wave before turning back to his fans. You were hoping he would leave his fans and run to you, but he didn’t. He continued to sign autographs, make small talk and posing for photos. 

“Let’s go back, Simon” you urged. 

“No, let’s wait for him. He has been there for ages so security should come and kick his ass soon,” Simon joked, “And I want to see that”. 

“Fine, I’m going to go then,” you grumbled as you push Simon’s arms off yourself.

“Hey, why are you so upset?” Simon asked as he caught up to you. 

“I’m not upset,” you lied, “I didn’t want to be here in the first place but Loco forced me to come”. 

“Then why did you come at all?” 

“Because I wanted to be a supportive girlfriend but obviously, my boyfriend is too busy for me nowadays. It’s like he finds me annoying” you blurted out. 

“Annoying?” Simon gave you an eyebrow raised, “Throughout the whole day, all Loco did was mention you. Like we walked past shops today and all he did was point out the things you would have li–”   

“Hey babe!” Loco came up from behind you and circulated his arms around your waist. You clicked your tongue at his touch. 

“What’s wrong?” Loco asked, “Did Simon say something that offended you?” Simon scoffed at Loco’s accusation before leaving the both of you alone. Loco chuckled at Simon as he let go to stand in front of you. 

“Not happy to see me?” Loco teased, poking your cheeks. You hit his hands away. Loco was now genuinely worried because you always enjoyed it when he poke your cheeks. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked for the second time. 

“It’s nothing babe, don’t worry about me,” you told him, “Go do your thing”. You started to walk away from him but he didn’t allow it. 

“Is this about what happened this morning?” Loco guessed. You sighed and was actually surprised he guessed correctly because all day he had been ignoring you. 

“It is, isnt?” Loco continued, “Look. I’m sorry, okay?” Forgive me? Please?” 

“You didn’t do anything wrong so I can’t forgive you,” you mumbled. 

“Then why are you pushing me away?” 

You looked into his concerned eyes and took a deep breathe. “I just want to give you space, that’s all”. 

“Ah stop lying, babe. Talk to me,” Loco insisted, “Are you upset because I have been ignoring you all day?”

“It seems like you know everything so why do you keep on asking me?” you scolded at him.

“I’m sorry, okay?” I didn’t mean to ignore you all day but whenever I try to call or message you, the fans keep running up to me,” Loco explained, “And I just can’t ask them not to, you know?”

“Sending a simple message doesn’t take long. But whatever, I don’t want to come off as a clingy girlfriend so let’s just forget about it,” you told him. Loco eyed you carefully to try and read your inner thoughts. He knew you too well to know this was more than just sending a ‘simple message’. 

“Did something happen today?” 

Frustration began to creep on your mind as Loco was not letting this issue go. So to make this go away quickly, you told him what happened at the store and also the recent fan comments on his photos. You even threw in the fact that you felt like he’s changing his ways with you and that you were afraid he will turn into another person. 

“Babe,” Loco emphasised, “It’s good to know that the fans are noticing my hard work but honestly, I’m not going to change my personality. Just because I’ve started eating better and working out doesn’t mean I’m changed person. Well yes, my appearance may look slightly different but inside I’m still the same man, so stop worrying. I’ll always be the same Hyuk-woo that you fell in love with. Promise”. 

You gazed into his still concerned eyes and grinned shyly. 

“I’m really a clingy girlfriend, aren’t I? I won’t blame you if you wanna leave now,” you told him. 

“Not a chance,” Loco said warmly as he pulled you in a for a hug, “I’m stuck with you and you’e stuck with me”. 

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