bleached hollywood

Dear Black Woman

It’s written all over your strong face
Sketched across your thick skin
And burned in your intense eyes
Dear Black Woman,
Don’t believe the lies.
Shut your eyes to the bleached Hollywood
And cover your ears to the ignorant opinions of those who believe in said bleached Hollywood
Because that’s not what’s true
That’s not what’s you.
Embrace the kink in your hair
Like your big nose, and love your even bigger lips
Become one with your body and flaunt your God-given hips
Dear Black Woman,
You don’t fit your stereotype, your stereotype fits you
Because you have the right to be angry
You have the right to mad
And you have the right to be pissed
‘Cause everything on this Earth, you bore
Yet they treat you like you have no part in it
Dear Black Woman,
It’s like you just can’t win for losing
Like there’s some type of system in place to see you fail
Like there’s this hidden agenda to make sure you never know peace
A twisted game that keeps you sick and tired of going 3 steps forward just to be knocked 10 ​steps back
Where at the end of the day, you’re asking, “Why even go through all of that?”
Dear Black Woman,
Why is it every time your name comes up, something negative comes along with it?
“Oh, you pretty for a Black girl.”
“I just love your skin. You so light I never would have thought you were Black, girl.”
“Damn, you fine. Look at all that back girl.
When you gon let a real nigga slide something in between that crack girl?
They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, so you know I gotta get a Black girl”
Dear Black Woman,
Tell me how are you supposed to love in life if niggas ain’t shit?
How are you supposed to trust a person if you can’t trust the person you were made to be with?
Because “I’m single and ready to mingle”
Don’t sound like, “I’m single with 3 kids, 2 jobs, a mortgage and a car note?”
Or is it because the nigga that hears you got all of that
Will be the same one to use you up and leave your heart broke?
Dear Black Woman,
Whose nose grew bigger every time her nostrils flared because her temper couldn’t
Whose lips carried the weight of all the words left unsaid
Whose eyes burned with fire for every time looks could have killed
Whose skin grew an extra layer to bear the lashes of a tongue
And whose curls represent every time she couldn’t sit back and unwind
Dear Black Woman,
I don’t know how you deal with it
And because of that, I’m jealous
But I want you to know, what you’re going through, I understand.

Sincerely signed,
A big nosed, thick lipped, fire eyed, thick skinned, curly haired Black Man


I bleach my skin in order to fit into the standards of Hollywood.

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Hey Bleach characters, what do you think would make a good plot for an animated Bleach movie?

As requested by anon. :)

There have been four Bleach movies so far. But what if they decided to make a fifth one? What might make a good plot for it? Bleach characters are about to give their ideas! 

Ishida: A kidnapping movie in which KUROSAKI is kidnapped!

Ishida: ‘bout time he’s the rescued not the rescuer!

Ichigo: Wouldn’t I just fight my way out?

Ishida: No, because your powers are GONE!

Ichigo: Wouldn’t I just get my powers back at the last second?

Ishida: No!

Ichigo: This movie sounds confusing.

Cang Du: That embodied zanpakuto arc was not bad. How about a movie in which the Quincy powers are embodied?

Bazz-B: Ew that sounds like it would be full of feelings.

Cang du: Maybe for you.

Hiyori: How about a movie about the visored in exile? We never get enough screen time!

Lisa: Mostly we sat around and did nothing for 100 years.

Hiyori: They could add stuff!!

Orihime: I think an AU movie would be fun! All of us, living different lives!

Orihime: Maybe one in which we had an actual dating life!


Rose: How about an animated musical? We all have such great voices!

Love: With what plot?

Rose: Um…a demon forces us all to sing?


Nanao: I think they should do a movie in which all the captains end up powerless, and the lieutenants have to take over.

Nanao: That is probably the only way I’ll ever get a fight.

Nnoitra: All the fucking movies so far have been about Ichigo and the Gotei-13!

Nnoitra: How about an espada movie, huh??

Ulquiorra: Yes, we could attend staff meetings and hang out alone in our palaces.

Ulquiorra: Exciting.


Ggio: Like we’d need some lame new enemy!

Ggio: Let’s just have a movie all about rematches!

Soi Fon: You’d still lose.


Ukitake: What if everybody in the Gotei-13 turned into a little kid for some reason?

Ukitake: That would be both adorable and exciting!

Chad: Or what if everybody - through contrived circumstances - ends up having to take care of a puppy?

Ukitake: OR - just hear me out - everybody turns into a kid AND ends up with a puppy!

Chad: That is…

Chad: Brilliant.

Ukitake: I know!

Chad: We so belong in Hollywood.

How Funny-Looking Benedict Cumberbatch Conquered Hollywood

The French have an expression called jolie laide—directly translated, it means “beautiful ugly,” but as a concept it embodies the intersection between attractiveness and unconventionality that makes us relish imperfection. Jolie laide is Sarah Jessica Parker and Benicio del Toro and Jessica Paré. It’s why Solange is visually more intriguing than Beyoncé, and why Meat Loaf, however improbably, was a sex symbol for much of the 1980s.

Sofia Coppola is often cited as the female embodiment of jolie laide, but as it relates to men, there’s no more obvious example in contemporary culture than Benedict Cumberbatch. In bleached-blonde, Botox-browed Hollywood, he’s the antithesis of everything we’re supposed to find attractive.

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Top 10 worst things Hollywood could do to a live-action Bleach movie

As requested by anon. :)

There have been rumors swirling for a while now about a live-action Bleach movie produced by Hollywood. Personally, I would be there on the first day it opened, full of excitement and low, low expectations. But for this list, it is time to be pessimistic, to consider the worst possible things that Hollywood could do to a Bleach movie! 

1. Try to put everything into one movie.

Bleach is going on 500+ chapters. If they tried to fit the entire plot into one movie, then… would either be an epic 50-part miniseries. Or just bad.

Movie exec. #1: Uh, this movie is already more than three hours long. Why are we giving the fullbringers 20 minutes?

Movie exec. #2: Because think of all the plushies we can sell!!

2. Leave out so much that the movie stops making sense.

Thus causing immeasurable pain to all of the SOs dragged unwillingly to the movie.

Movie exec. #1: Man, there are WAY too many characters in this movie!

Movie exec. #2: Well…let’s just cut Squads 10 and above. No way they’ll ever be important, right?

3. Make the movie about the Bounts. 

Do Hollywood execs even know about the whole “filler” thing?

Movie exec. #1: Vampires are super big right now!

Movie exec. #1: This movie is a surefire hit!

Movie exec. #2: I tried Robert Pattison like you asked, but he just laughed and then hung up.

4. Make Ichigo’s hair brown.

Or really any color other than his trademark orange. 

Movie exec. #1: I just don’t feel like orange hair is very relatable. 

Movie exec. #2: Unless, of course, we market it to clowns like *I* suggested.

5. Overly Americanize the movie.

You know, set it in America, change the names, change the mythology, etc.

Movie exec. #1: Okay, so basically a high schooler named Isaac becomes a grim reaper.

Movie exec. #2: Wasn’t there a TV show about this?

6. Change the characters’ physical appearance too much.

Some of that is inevitable. But I just can’t stop picturing tall Hitsugaya.

Movie exec. #1: It doesn’t make sense to me that an elementary school student would be captain.

Movie exec. #2: Yeah, he needs to at least be tall enough to get into Disneyland.

7. Change characters’ personalities too much.

Imagine emotional, dramatic Byakuya.

Movie exec. #1: Nobody will believe he feels bad about trying to execute his sister unless there are some tears!

Movie exec. #2: I totally agree.

Movie exec. #2: Now, about making Ulquiorra sassy…

8. Ham-fisted romance.

Sure, we whine about the lack of romance in Bleach. But it could be so much worse.

Movie exec. #1: Look, my sources say that if we touch the Rukia vs. Orihime thing, the fans may in fact kill us.

Movie exec. #1: The only solution is to make Ichigo a two-timing d-bag who dates both women at once!

Movie exec. #2: Brilliant!

9. Ask Michael Bay to direct.

Violence and explosions are great. But there’s a limit.

Movie exec. #1: …whoa, I didn’t realize all of the shinigami were secretly giant robots!

10. Ask M. Night Shyamalan to direct.

He already ruined ATLA. Please not Bleach too.

Movie exec. #1: So after Ochigee gets banikey, what happens?

Movie exec. #2: He fights Beakia Coochkey, I think. 

Movie exec. #2: After his power-up dance, of course!

Movie exec. #1: This movie has so many layers.

Valerie from Josey and the Pussycats : portrayed by Rosario Dawson

Shana from Jem and the Holograms: Portrayed by Aurora Perrineau

Storm from The X-Men: Portrayed by Halle Berry

Real life person Nina Simone portrayed by Zoe Saldona .

This is just a short list of canonically dark skinned black women who were lightened for the films. Far from a complete list of Hollywood bleaching.