bleached denim jacket

Steal His Look: Justin Timberlake (It’s Gonna Be Me)

Madewell Denim Jacket, $128.95

Bleach, $19.95

Surebonder Round Head Framing Nails, 500 pack, $11.99

Next Level Gray T-shirt, $4.25

Chicken Ramen Noodles, $0.39

Cellophane, $6.50

Punk!Nursey headcanons

Part 2

-Nursey has an entire sleeve/back tattoo planned but his artist is still refining small details hence why he hasn’t gotten it yet
-He goes into thrift stores to buy band t-shirts for all his fav bands
-Dex has no idea how he has a Sex Pistols t-shirt from before he was born
-His fav colour is dark green
-he has the back of his neck pierced 
-as well as one of his eyebrows, tongue, all up one of his ears (6 + tragus) and then up to his seconds + industrial on the other 
-not many of the team know because he only wears them in the off season
-the only one to ever grow over was his tongue
-he repierced it in his bathroom 
-Dex freaked tf out when he got a snapchat of blood just running out of Nursey’s mouth

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