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Why I think Michael's hair should be dead

EXHIBIT A 23 April 2012 - Here is Michael’s, I’m guessing, all natural hair

EXHIBIT B January 2 2013 - “So I dyed my hair brown… #nofilter”

EXHIBIT C January 27 2013 - “dyed my hair darkerrrrr check it” yes mikey you did

EXHIBIT D - March 30th 2013 - blue fringe. i see how it is

EXHIBIT E - June 19th 2013 - Going blonde for the day (to die his hair)

EXHIBIT F - June 20th 2013 - I couldn’t explain my hair color to you if I tried..“

EXHIBIT G - July 1rst 2012 - "more of a marooon”

EXHIBIT H - July 6th 2013 - bleached again i see

EXHIBIT I - September 28th 2013 - the famous blue

EXHIBIT J - October 21rst 2013 - PINK!

EXIHBIT K - November 27th 2013 - idk what to call this

EXHIBIT L - February 10th 2014 - galaxy?

EXHIBIT M - March 6th 2014 - “My bathroom is covered in hair-dye…. #redpowerranger?”

So it’s official I think Mikey’s wearing a wig 

Hair Evolution!

Just going to start with February 2011. I’m still identifying as female here, but I chopped off all of my hair for the first time. I wanted to look like La Roux.

 My hair grew out into a baby mohawk during the summer and I came out as Isaac. (august 2011)

Then I went blond and ended up looking like a pineapple. My hair got less yellow, I just couldn’t find a better picture of my blond mohawk. sadly I cant find any pictures(no good ones anyways) with my hair actually up, but I wore it up almost every day. (october 2011)

Then i went blue which was really fun and the first color i dyed my hair beyond streaks in 8th grade(ft my ex girlfriend) (november 2011)

dang thats a cute face. The blue grew out and I did pink with blue tips. (november/december 2011)

ohmygod this took forever. Kids, don’t bleach your hair 4 times in 2 days. It will fall out, I promise. The black washed out over the white and i was so disappointed.(january 2012) I feel like i had something in between the last one and this one but I can’t find picture proof.

then i had to cut off all of my bleached beyond repair hair and had this little shaved thing for a while.(ex best friend from middle school with me btws) (february2012)It grew out pretty cute, but i got annoyed with all the colors and..

dyed it all black. I had to search for picture with my hair like this because 1)i hated it. my dad did an awful dye job and i was so pissed my mom didnt trust me to dye it myself. 2)it lasted about a week. (June2012)

I buzzed it all off as the answer. Im at pride with some dumb friends here, and thats a rainbow lollipop in the shape of a penis. (June2012)

Then I went pink. I love the tanline in this picture between the back of my neck and my face. (august 2012)

then I got my mohawk back and it was green and blue. I feel like there was an in between but I could totally be wrong. Its faded in this picture, it did start out darker an faded quickly. (august 2012)

redyed green for school. (September 2012)

did purple, pink and blue stripes next, for picture day. (september 2012)

the pink and purple washed out so i went blue all over. (september/october? 2012)

chopped it off again(I forget why?) and bleached again, but some of the tips stayed pink. I couldn’t find a good picture of this, again, cuz i bleached it again the next weekend(october 2012)

the next bleaching got me super blond. I turned into a princess for a dance. (october 2012)

and even though im a ginger, i needed to dye my hair orange and turn into a traffic cone(november 2012)

put some pink over the top of my head, and my natural color is starting to come in. (december 2012)

bleached again and became a neon flounder. that was my goal anyways. the yellow did glow under blacklight which was awesome. (Jan 2013)

I’m actuallly not entirely sure when this hair happened. Because of the length, i m saying after the flounder hair, but I feel like the picture was taken in December, so theres that.

I remember trying to go pink in February 2013 but It washed out right away every time i tried and never stayed. so theres no pictures of that. 

so instead, i shaved my head again i think i shaved it before this but again, less pictures. (april 2013) 

I let it grow out so some fluffy poofyness (June 2013)

got my mohawk again to prove that I was cool. (july 2013)

and let my hair grow out again. Im dressed up as pan for halloween (october 2013)

and then my first split color! blue and teal. I was so happy (november 2013)

i bleached it to do a new color but ended up liking it for a little bit (jan 2014)

and then i did this color, please dona’t ask what it is cuz i have no idea and I don’t remember. It might have been mixed? idk (Jan 2014)

it faded pretty cool though. you can really tell how dead my hair is from bleach here(Feb 2014)

and then i went a darker pink/purple color that stayed surprisingly well (march 2014)

then i did my second split, it was lavender and teal, but the lavender faded quickly. Oh yeah, thats Ira Glass from This American Life btws. Super cool guy. Very nice. (may 2014)

I made the other side teal as well, when i realized the lavender wasn’t going to stay. (june 2014)

And the entire reason I was growing out my hair. these were a present( a 12 hour long present) and i kept them in for a monh. This was taken at Pride where I put lots of bells and beads in my hair, and people kept braiding it. (june 2014)

then i chopped off most of my hair and got a kind of mohawk back. (July 2014)

i let the top grow out and kept shaving the sides. (november 2014)

I dyed all of the blond bits red to make it go more with my natural hair color. Also this was taken on my birthday! happy 18th me! (december 2014)

Cut my hair short again to start over and dyed the top red without bleaching, so its darker and blended with my natural hair when it grew out. (January 2015)

and now its all grown out, most of the red dye has faded and im unsure of where to go next! ^^ (May 2015)

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You are actually amazing. Reading all your asks an posts is really helping me make it to tomorrow with out going down into a spiral of disppair.😂

No problem hun~!

And just remember, Bleach is pretty much a shell of what it used to be, the fandom knows it – and now WSJ knew it too, enough to cancel it right up out of no where – with the last time Bleach made headlines and charts being the Rukia volume --

Bleach isn’t even in the top 10 anymore?

Last time Bleach was top in sales? Yeah, you guessed it volume 54, aka Ichiruki, the cover is Rukia, the poem is Ichiruki, the end of the arc everyone hated that ended with IR goodness :)

2016 so far? No Bleach.

2015? No Bleach.

2014? No Bleach.

2013? No Bleach.

If all this mess is true – we can all leave Bleach knowing Orihime appearances and lack of Rukia/Ichigo made the death of Bleach lol