Oh America. What a place. No Direction’s dyes, hardly any Fudge, and no Bleach London whatsoever. What’s that? A light at the end of the tunnel? Why yes, it’s Manic Panic! Lasts about as long as Super Cool Colours and, when done right, can be mixed to make some vv similar dyes to Bleach :)

The manic panic dyes look much darker in container then when on so make sure you look at pictures online to see what color they come out too. Also, adding white conditioner to them all will give a pastel look. When mixing, put conditioner in the bowl first and then add the colors. 

*** obviously they wont look dead on the exact same and you will have to do a little experimentation when mixing but you can get pretty darn close with these combo’s. Maybe soon Bleach will ship and this won’t be necessary*** – she does ship to America if you are keen on waiting and shipping fees :) I might get some rose stuff soon