Re-reading BLEACH chapter 529 and I just had a weird thought: does Isshin know about Hitsugaya and Momo’s bond and past together?

At the time of the chapter, Momo would have been a lieutenant (because Gin is a captain by then), so I’d imagine she, Matsumoto, and Isshin would have interacted every now and then, and she probably came over to the tenth division sometimes for whatever reason (and she probably found Hitsugaya doing all the paperwork!).

Now Isshin being Isshin…I wonder if he teased Hitsugaya about his relationship with Momo or (playfully) used it against him / to encourage him to improve his skills?

My Initial Reaction and Thoughts on Bleach Chapter 529...

Seeing young Rangiku again

 Confirming Isshin is from Shiba nobility

Finding out the Squad Isshin was in charge of

Seeing young Toshiro again

Seeing Aizen, Tousen and Gin again…

Had so much GinRan Feelings from this Chapter~<3

On another note. I also confirmed Ichigo’s Zanpakuto is basically one of a kind. It’s pretty much the extension between Rukia’s shinigami powers and Zangetsu. So I’m quite interested in seeing how Ichigo will fix Zangetsu himself, either he gains it back similar to the first time he got it, with Rukia, or–Papa Isshin might have a alternative way. Also it’s also confirmed that Ichigo is Kaien, Ganju and Kukkaku’s cousins, while Isshin is their uncle. And Ichigo is from Shiba nobility like the others. I just wonder why the Shiba family fell in the first place, my guess is because of Isshin being with Masaki and leaving the Soul Society, or he was kicked out. And either way must have brought shame to the Shiba family. Well….that’s my guess is all.