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BTS Reaction To An MC Being Rude To Their Girlfriend

Jungkook - 

He would be trying so hard to hold his anger in when the MC called you fat. The MC asked why Jungkook chose you over a skinny female idol. Jungkook’s lips would be set in a firm straight line. “Actually, I love Y/N because she is carefree and beautiful. I don’t have to date an idol, I’m free to date who I choose.”

Jimin - 

Jimin would be far from the little mochi the fans know and love when the MC decided to comment on your skin colour. You were more tanned than the female idols around you, but Jimin loved your caramel skin. “Maybe your girlfriend should think about investing in some skin bleach treatment.” As soon as Jimin heard the comment his eyes pierced sharply at the MC, and no more was said about the situation. 

Taehyung - 

He would try to make a joke out of the situation, but inside he would be fuming. He couldn’t believe that the MC felt the need to comment on your appearance and the fact that you should ‘dress more for your figure’. You were a little bit on the larger size, but Taehyung loved the way you looked. “I think it would be best if you didn’t make a joke like that.” He would say, raising one eyebrow at the MC.

Yoongi - 

Yoongi would just nod along until the MC finally finished putting you down. The slight smirk of his face showed that he was getting ready to end the MC’s life with savage comments. “Don’t you think Y/N is a bit controversial?” Yoongi loved your tattoos and dyed hair, and he certainly wouldn’t let someone talk shit about you like that. “I think Y/N is beautiful, I love her ink, it makes her unique.”

Hoseok - 

Hoseok would be so upset about the situation. He knew that you were still learning to love yourself, and he couldn’t stand the fact that the MC commented on your appearance like that. “One thing I don’t understand, is why you would date a black girl. Don’t you think white skin is prettier?” Hoseok’s eyes flashes over to you immediately. “No. I think Y/N’s skin is beautiful. We shouldn’t judge people by the colour of their skin. Maybe you guys should be more careful about the way you talk about my girlfriend.”

Rap Monster - 

The other members would keep looking over at Namjoon when the MC started to diss his girlfriend. His expression hardened instantly, and you knew shit was about to go down. “Aren’t hip hop girls considered easy?” Namjoon managed to somehow stop himself from decking the MC right there and then. “Sir, I think it would a lot easier for both of us if you just apologise right now.”

Jin - 

When the MC called you ugly, Jin’s face became darker and his eyes narrowed. “She has a very boxy face, I thought you would go for someone with a sharper chin, maybe an idol girl?” Jin felt like grabbing the man by the collar and punching him. He stopped himself only because he didn’t want you to see him fight. “Let’s just pretend this never happened, say anything else on this subject and I won’t hesitate to get you fired.”

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Just a quick tip to the anon wanting to dye their hair: I've gotten away with not bleaching my roots by having a Balayage style done instead! I'm currently rocking a pastel pink balayage, but it looks amazing with other colours as well (you can google some pics up to look)! :) Additionally, ask your salon if they use Olaplex to help bleach hair -- Olaplex makes your hair so much softer after a bleach treatment!


“Random Personal HCs” (Peter Maximoff)

Warnings: Like one curse word, Possibly wrong trivia, Self-Deprecation


- Little known fact: Peter doesn’t dye his hair, Its color is result of his mutation. I personally think this is true because;

1) Peter’s hair looks freakin soft ❤. With the amount of bleaching and dyeing needed to maintain silver hair, chances are it would be no where near that soft. And remember, bleach treatments were no where near what they are today back in the 70s/80s. That much bleach? It would have completely fried Peter’s hair (I have a really funny story abt this, tell me if you want to hear it).

2) I’m pretty sure that other mutants have abnormal hair color as a part of their mutation. So, idk why Peter wouldn’t?

- @fandomstalker13 mentioned this the other day, but Pete’s body temperature is a few degrees warmer (bc of his heightened immune system/metabolism, I think?). Peter can’t really tell any difference in his temperature, other than always feeling like your hands are cold. It’s precious though. As @fandomstalker13 said, “He’s like your own personal space heater!”

-It takes Peter a while to fall asleep, but when he does, he is out like a light. It takes up so much energy to run around all day, that when he falls asleep, he’s most likely going to stay asleep for several hours. He’s a bitch to wake up in the morning. Also, he probably snores just a little bit. Not annoying snores, just quiet little ones. It’s really cute.

-Although he may act like it, Peter is not very self-confident. Yes, he makes dirty jokes and flirts with everything that has a pulse, but he doesn’t really like himself all that much. His confident demeanor comes from a need for others to validate him. His whole experience with Magneto has made him feel like everyone is going to leave. He’s sometimes says things like,“ How can I expect anyone else to stay, if my own dad left me?” He also has a horrible habit of trying to laugh things off. Whenever something makes him uncomfortable or insecure, he just makes a joke to try to avoid the subject. He hides behind his humor when he doesn’t want to face something. It’s a trust issue. He only really opens up to the people he trusts, (and there aren’t that many of those). He sometimes even puts up the front around his mom and sister. He’ll do everything in his power to avoid it, but in the end, he’s most likely going to come to you. Because of this, you get to see a whole new side to Peter. And it’s beautiful.

- Personally, I’ve always gotten the impression that in the X-Men series, Peter’s little sister is named Lorna. I’m not 100% sure this is true, but I did read it somewhere. She is not Called Wanda, because Xmen gave the rights to the Scarlet Witch to Disney for The Avengers. Lorna is there, because in the comics Wanda and Pietro have a younger sister named Lorna.

- To any of you who are confused as to why Disney’s version of Quicksilver is named Pietro and Fox’s version of Quicksilver is named Peter, know that the original name of the character is Pietro. This is because Wanda, Pietro, and Lorna are Roma Jewish, and have Roma Jewish names. Magda, their mother, also has a Roma Jewish name. Why is Quicksilver named Peter in the X-Men franchise, you ask? I’m not quite sure. But, that’s where a headcanon comes in. I personally feel like Pietro might have gotten bullied or teased for his name growing up. I bet he may have started going by Peter to avoid this. Also, there is a fanfiction about this somewhere. If I find it, I will link it.

Fun fact: Quicksilver is also another name for the element Mercury.


(Please correct me if I am wrong about any of this. This is just what I’ve come to understand.)

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hair care masterpost

help i dyed my hair and hate it now
do you have permanent hair dye or semi-permanent? permanent goes into the hair strand and semi-permanent sits on the outside
permanent colors are usually box colors found at a drug store. semi-permanents are often those rainbow-bright colors we love
for permanent color, you need color oops
for semi-permanent, you can use frequent shampooing. but for fast color removal try clarifying shampoo (like dandruff shampoo). consider using dish soap and washing well but you will need a follow up treatment for damage

help my hair is green
tone with pink or dilute a red semi-permanent dye with conditioner

help my hair is orange
tone with blue-violet and consider bleaching more. there are direct toners you can use as well as diluting a semi-permanent color with conditioner and carefully monitoring. there are also blonde-enhancing shampoos and conditioners with a violet tone to use if you are patient

help i need to lighten my hair and it’s too damaged for bleach
this is tough. be patient. how light do you need? to lift a couple shades i suggest lemon juice and sun, or vitamin c with water. go slow and use multiple treatments. online sources suggest chamomile tea tho i havent personally tried it
for a more effective but more damaging treatment mix bleaching powder with shampoo. condition deeply.

i did all this stuff and it’s fucked up now
you likely need to repair the protein. you might need to get your ends trimmed. to restore protein, look for products with wheat protein, biotin, keratin, and sources like egg or.. beer? read about but not confirmed
my experience is protein treatments restore the suppleness of hair but do straighten it out

great. i have curly hair and i want to keep it curly
heavy oils are great for curls. i recommend overnight coconut oil treatments and products with shea butter. treatments for frizz give extra curl definition

my hair is doing pretty good but a bit dry?
then you prolly want more middle of the line oils. avocado oil gives some extra softness and jojoba oil matches your natural oils to nourish the hair

my hair is looking dull
shampoo using gentle products and follow up with a conditioner for your hair type. consider using a apple cider vinegar rinse for shine. neem and argan oil are great all around. aloe can give good shine too.

ok great but my hair is frizzy
look after the health of your hair. use protein treatments or heavier oils to maintain good hair. products like frizz ease or shea moisture curl cream can tame your hair but weigh it down. wash about every 3-5 days with a gentle shampoo. use an argan oil spray

i have oily hair
ok i have less experience with this since my hair runs dry. do not use harsh products since that aggravates your scalp and that’s more oil produced. use a natural, mild shampoo. rinse with apple cider vinegar. follow up with argan oil or jojoba oil

what if i want my hair long like yesterday?
patience. unfortunately. there are supplements you can take like biotin, keratin, and vitamin e that could speed up hair growth. amla is known for hair growth. in general just take care of your hair. trim the ends, use protein and oil treatments, dont overprocess it, etc.

surprise! i want darker hair
ok for natural darkening there are a couple things. i’ve heard about (and tried) a black tea rinse. black walnut is also recommended tho not personally tried. coconut oil gives me a deeper, richer hair color. henna is good if you dont mind a red tint

hmu for questions about your particular hair problem.
i have course, curly (3a), thick dry hair. i can answer a lot of questions from experience and some from research. i have dyed my hair all over the spectrum from box colors like mahogany to semi-permanents like purple to white and fixed truly spectacular fuckups. i recommend products from your cupboard as well as particular brands. don’t be shy. i love to help

Opm character dirty little secrets...

(….that I found through my awesome assassin investigation skills).

Saitama: in high school some bullies shoved an explicit yaoi manga in his locker as a joke. He’s still got it.

Genos: has the ability to take photographs with the lenses in his eyes and store them to a small hard drive. Very useful when walking behind girls in skirts up stairs.

Mumen: literally nothing. A gum packet fell out his pocket and accidentally “littered” and he hasn’t forgiven himself. Dork.

King: he doesn’t mind people seeing his huge collection of hentai but what he doesn’t want them to know is they’re all full of pictures of the check out girl at the local market. Literally hundreds of photos. It’s scary.

Seaking: you know those hearts that look like nipples? Yeah. They’re stickers. He lost his nipples in an embarrassing fight with a jellyfish when he made a drunken bet about fucking one…

Puri Puri: his first kiss was actually with a girl called Susan. Yeah. I dunno either.

Boros: the only problem with being the last remaining member of your species (by your own fault) is that after years and years of deep space travel your second-in-commands tentacles start to look reeeeal appealing…

Handsome Mask: every time he gets a spot he eats an entire tub of ice cream and cries himself to sleep to PS I Love You. Also has creepily small feet.

Fubuki: wears a heavily padded push up bra to make her C’s look like DD’s.

Bang: has a camera hidden in the female changing rooms of his dojo. I disabled it. Even I can’t sit around and tolerate that.

Flashy Flash: is naturally a “dirty blonde” (read: ginger) but regularly goes for bleaching treatments and waxes. Hair stylists are sworn to secrecy under pain of death.

Dog man…thing: actually saw him pissing up a lamp post. That guy has real issues I swear.

Child Emperor: how old is this kid? Because he hacked the website of a major porn company and sent all the content to himself for free. I don’t even know anymore I regret this.

Metal Bat: he always refuses to tell people what inspired that ugly ass pompadour hair style of his. No wonder. It was inspired by a cringey 80s porno he saw on tv at 3am at the age of 9.

Tatsumaki: has a side job as a cam girl under the screen name NoImNotAChild

Pig God: just….no. I still have nightmares and ptsd from that.

Garou: wears that tight as fuck muscle shirt cause he was the fat kid in school and wants to show off his weight loss. Also gets through several cans of hair spray a day to look like an Addams family reject.

That’s everyone I’ve spied on so far…after all that I need a lie down. In some bleach.

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Do you think Robert ever had any help with his hair my doing hair treatments (bleach, perms, etc)?

Ahh, question of the day. :-) I’ve pondered this more than I’d like to admit.  While I know it goes against all of Robert’s 70s hippie tendencies, I can’t help but think he did!  No perms but I can see a little lightener here and there.  I know the sun lightens hair, but sometimes his pics look night and day (okay that may be an exaggeration but you get the picture lol.)

I guess it could be lighting and / or the sun, but I do wonder … 

Thanks anon!  Fun stuff! xxoo

Something for Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Speaks is terrible. Autism Speaks is awful. You most certainly shouldn’t support them in any way. However, I want to make it clear that getting rid of Autism Speaks will not fix the problems Autistic people face. Autism Speaks is merely encouraging and amplifying these problems, it is not the cause of them. We have to fight Autism Speaks, but we must also fight everything else ableist too.

We must end abusive therapies like Applied Behavioural Analysis that are designed to enforce compliance with neurotypicality.
We must end the use of functioning labels that tell people that being Autistic is either “mild“ or “severe“ as well as the stigmas that come from this idea.
We must encourage people to accept all forms of communication and body language like AAC, stimming and not forcing eye contact.
We must end any eugenic mindsets, research and practices people have.
We must stop the spread of pseudoscientific misinformation like that vaccines, pollution or genetically engineered food causes Autism as well as stop the use of unproven and even dangerous treatments like bleach solutions on Autistic people.
We must stop letting people whether they be police or parents get away with the murders of Autistic and other disabled people, and treat the perpetrators as we would with any other murder.
We must stop parents, teachers and employers from abusing Autistic people.
We must stop treating Autistic and other disabled people as “special” and stop viewing people as heroes just for being nice to or helping Autistic and other disabled people.
We must stop letting Autistic and other disabled people succumb to poverty by providing the right services to assist us and making sure we are paid well and treated fairly in employment.
We must recognise the intersections with other forms of oppression and marginalisation that Autistic people may face and how it impacts them, whether it be race, sexuality, gender, class and/or other disabilities.
We must end the idea that Autism is something tragic and an awful disease.
Finally, we must promote the idea of neurodiversity and that it is acceptable to be neurodivergent, no matter how one feels about whatever neurodivergence(s) they have.

Autism Speaks may be awful, but dealing with them won’t mean that our problems are solved. It will be just the beginning in the fight against ableism.

F*CK Bleach 686

Here’s a list of badasses who needed more screen time than Orihime - who was useless except for ONCE in the end:

1. Rukia (MORE screen time, MORE Bankai, MORE Ichigo interaction - hello, she started Bleach!!!!! And this was the last arc!!!!)


3. Shuuhei Hisagi (a.k.a the guy who literally imploded Tosen’s head with his wind blades.)

4. Rangiku (More Haineko, less zombie!)

5. CHAD (a.k.a Ground-lover, a.k.a the guy who said he’d never use his fists for fame!)

6. Yumichika (spiritual-pressure sucker!)

7. Nel (more centaur Nel, less ‘ITSYGO’. Whatever the hell happened after Urahara’s fight?)

8. Zombie Izuru Kira (Wabisuke and chill, amirite.)

9.  The Hogyoku, Ichigo’s bankai, Ichigo’s Hollow, literally all the plot holes that needed plugging up might be called badassery because of how SHIT THE ENDING WAS.

10. Ichigo. (Not what was left after getting those two blades. NOTHING AFTER THAT WORKED, WHAT HAPPENED.)

The rant is over but the internal war continues.

"She's pretty for a dark skinned girl."

Our skin is the largest organ on our body. We have 22 square feet of skin & it’s 8 pounds heavy! We’re in a long term relationship with our skin, whether we like it or not. Some of us constantly wish it was this way or that way. Well, it’s not going to be any other way. We’re born with an X amount of melanin in our bodies, which should be embraced not rebuked!

Women come in varying amounts of melanin. Some of us are light skinned, others of us are *drum roll please* dark skinned! The skin tone associated with stereotypes such as inferiority, uncleanliness, & ugliness. This isn’t a racial rant whatsoever, but dark skin girls have been dodging bullets from family members, friends, men, & others we simply come in contact with. In a way, I feel it does humble us, but it still doesn’t make it okay for others to discredit us.

“Ooh she’s/ you’re pretty for a dark skinned girl”. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that from anyone in your life! -RAISES BOTH HANDS- I’ve heard it so many times that I feel the need to raise both hands. What this phrase implies is… “Hi I’m totally judging you based on your skin color, and you’re pretty decent compared to other females in the same skin tone family as you.” This is basically what it means, and it’s typically a slap in the face. Like would it have killed you to say, “Ooh she’s/ you’re so pretty -period-” ?!

I believe females are beautiful creatures regardless of the amount of melanin they are blessed with. I’m not saying light skinned females have things easier, but I’m saying its a renown/ recurring issue dark skin females have to battle. It’s easy to discourage a dark skinned female from purchasing harmful skin bleach or undergoing expensive/ risky skin treatments. BUT…

Has anyone ever tried to go to the root of the problem that drove her to such an extent that she’s willing to compromise her health and well being? I bet you didn’t know her grandma always told her “You better learn how to cook and go to school to get any man you can get”. I bet you didn’t know her mother told her “Don’t go outside to play you’re gonna get darker!” I bet you didn’t know those girls at the playground that bullied her saying “How are you so dark? Did your mom leave you in an oven?” I bet you didn’t know that teenage boy that joked around with his friends saying “Eww her? I’m not into dark females like that man! Stop sending her messages from my phone.” I bet you didn’t know that older lady at the make up counter said “It’s so hard fitting a foundation color on a dark skinned girl. Just buy two foundations and mix them dear”.

This was a small scenario of a few taunts a dark skinned female has to endure on a daily basis. These small taunts and emotional abuse from males cause dark skinned females to resort to extreme measures. We’re damaged from society’s labels, prejudice, & discrimination. This makes us want to jump through hoops and loops to reduce the amount of melanin in our bodies. We know the dangers of hydroquinone, and we’re smart enough to read the fine print. Yet, we’re willing to disregard it in hopes that we’ll be just a tad prettier and tad lighter than our original skin color.

I want to reach out to my dark/ light skinned females and let you know that… You’re beautiful. You’re worth it & you’re loved.

If you know a dark skinned female who’s going through insecurities with her skin let her know that she needs to embrace her melanin. It’s easier said than done, but speak positivity in her/your life. When we actually start looking for alternatives to appear lighter you know we’ve been damaged by society. Know that your melanin is a blessing and not a curse. Love it cause that 22 square foot organ isn’t going anywhere! xoxo JeSuisFaux xoxo

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Rukia’s lack of panel time correlates with the decline of the manga’s quality. Most of the fandom appreciates her as the heroine, that’s why she always placed 2nd or 3rd in character popularity polls and was even voted as the most popular shinigami. No wonder the last high selling volume was the one featuring her on the cover. Lmao, Kubo even stated Ichigo was the protagonist of the humans and Rukia was the protagonist of the shinigamis, and now he suddenly states she’s been reduced to a supporting character? If she isn’t the heroine then why place her on the last cover, especially since she had no immense role in the final arc? Rukia was such a refreshing heroine with a pure, selfless heart who had a big part in making Bleach what it was. What a shame that she was sidelined, it’s consequently a factor in the manga’s deterioration.

Bleached Skulls (and bone)

Every collectors nightmare…for most people, collecting raw heads or the skulls of certain animals themselves is impossible so buying a skull is usually the only option. With this comes the maze of untreated skulls and skulls where you have no idea how they were cleaned. If you suspect ammonia bleach has been used please read on…

The pictures looked OK, but you open the box and low and behold the skull is flaking, cracking and/or is greasy. Immediately we picture this skull only lasting a few years slowly turning to pieces and the thought of owning that treasured skull turns sour.

BUT there is hope for bleached skulls!

Firstly if the skull is only showing minor flaking and/or damage and is greasy my best advice is LEAVE the grease in. Even though a greasy skull isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the grease and the fat actually help to secure the bone structure and over-rides the bleach treatment and actually is making sure the skull stays in one piece.

Secondly don’t do anything with the skull in terms of further cleaning, a small wash with clean water to get rid of the surface flakes and slowly dab dry with a paper towel or cloth. Then my advice is to paraloid the skull to avoid any further damage, paraloid and other clear sealants can be found in many D.I.Y based shops. Make sure you give a skull at least two coats, and don’t overload the brush and very carefully layer it on!

Even though bleach does destroy the bone it isn’t a “death sentence”. Bleach used to be the “go-to” treatment for many bone based specimens in museums and they can be saved as long as you act with caution, handle carefully and coat it with a clear sealant such as paraloid.

(I take care of a few bleached skulls from the 1950s (at the museum where I work) and after being treated with sealant as well as careful handling has meant that no further damage has been done.)

“Rukia got screwed over in the last arc! She deserved better!’‘

> Went to the soul palace were she trained under the Zero Squad and thus gained a considerable power boost.

>Got an excellent one-on-one fight against an opponent who previously decimated Byakuya Kuchiki.

>Got revenge for her brother and got the praise of said brother, something she wanted for a long time.

> Got a beautiful, OP af bankai.

>Saved several of her fellow shinigamis, including some in higher positions.

>Is a captain and a mother with a beautiful daugther and a husband that loves her dearly.

… the hell is wrong with you?

                       Adultery should not be romanticized



                                    HAVE SOME DECENCY
                      & DO NOT ROMANTIZE ADULTERY!!

angie b.’s tips ‘n tricks for dyeing your hair crazy colors:

01: If there’s a Sally Beauty shop nearby, totes go there to get all your things – they have a beauty club that only costs $5 to join, you get scads of coupons, and everything is then discounted. It’s also all the high-grade salon quality stuff! (And if you don’t have a store location nearby, totes sign up online and order that way – you will save SO MUCH money in the long run and always get the highest quality stuff.)

02: I use L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder lightening bleach with 40 Oreor Developer Creme (you could probably get away with using 20 or 30 if your hair is a lot lighter than mine, which is pretty damn close to black – the higher the concentration, the more color it strips). The very first time you bleach, leave it on for about 45 minutes to see how it goes. You can always do a second round for 15-30 minutes after that if it still looks too dark. (I always have to do two rounds of bleaching myself.)

03: AFTER the bleaching, you wanna use toner to get the last of the yellow/orange out of your hair – I highly recommend Wella Color Charm Lightest Ash Blonde toner with 20 Oreor Developer Creme. This step is the secret ingredient to getting super vibrant jewel-toned hair, otherwise there’ll be too much yellow/orange left from the bleaching.

04: After this point, it’s a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment so your hair doesn’t get all dry and frazzled. I usually use the Ion brand conditioner; slather it all over, slap on a shower cap, and let it just sit and percolate for a half hour or longer before you rinse it out.

05: NOW TO DO THE DYEING! With Manic Panic, you just brush/comb it through towel-dried hair with a dyeing brush, making sure to get all the layers. But be careful along your ears, neck, and forehead-line – Manic Panic tends to dye skin pretty quickly. I recommend putting a little line of Vaseline at the top of your forehead and over your ears so the dye doesn’t stain your skin. I tend to leave the dye in for an hour or even longer and put on a movie while I’m waiting – just slap a shower cap over your head so it doesn’t drip or get onto clothes/furniture. The longer it sits, the deeper the dye sinks in and the better the color. (NOTE: I’ve recently switched to Ion Color Brilliance Neon Brights, which is also semi-permanent, and thus far I’m enjoying it even MORE than Manic Panic. MP is vegan so it’s probably actually not as bad for the environment/your hair, but it does wash out/fade relatively quickly, whereas the Ion Color Brilliance shades last significantly longer and don’t bleed as much onto pillows and towels.)

06: Before you wash the dye off, blast your head with a hair dryer for a couple of minutes. The heat will help “seal” the color.

07: When it comes time to rinse the dye – and every time you wash your hair here on out – be sure to use cool water. The colder the water the better, actually. Warm water opens the follicles in your hair and the dye will wash away much quicker as a result. Cold water is actually better for your hair in the long run anyway.

08: And as for shampoos/conditioners, avoid anything with sulfates (the stuff that makes shampoos foam and lather), because that stuff’s really hard on your hair – especially after a bleaching/dyeing treatment – and will make the dye wash away quicker. I use this REALLY FUCKING AWESOME stuff from Biotera Ultra Color Care that’s, like, FIVE THINGS IN ONE: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, shine treatment, and detangler. I slather it on at the beginning of my bath, let it sit while I wash all the other bits, and then rinse it out with cold at the very end and it leaves my hair a lot smoother, shinier, and softer than color treated hair typically is.

08: Couple of last suggestions: I use a spray leave-in keratin replenishing conditioner (Ion brand) every day after my bath to keep my hair strong and frizz-free, and do a deep condition on it every week or two just to further combat the usual frying bleaching and dyeing does. These steps are hardly necessary, but may be helpful if you find your hair feeling crunchy or if you’re afraid too much is coming off on your brush every day. :D

  • this is mainly for @murderpartridge, but i’m posting publicly in case any of y’all wanted to know how to get super cartoony hair like so:

made a profile of my Sole Survivor using GUNKA’s template ^^)/

he is based on an old character, because the story fits well in Fallout 4! but he works well as a regular non-SS NPC too… 

he is a traitor & double (double?) agent… he makes a lot of deals to get out of trouble… he agrees to anything and it always backfires. 

his roots are showing because pre-war beauty supplies are hard to find (bleach, toner, conditioner, protein treatment … he needs to do it right). he likes lobster, but mirelurk works too. he’s cowardly and doesn’t like to fight, but if he has to he will use mines. he cannot carry many, he is a limp noodle. 

he is afraid of robots and detectives and especially robot detectives.

he likes the name “Charmer” and he wishes for Deacon to take off his sunglasses for him. he won’t take his own off though.

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I have black hair. Any advice on how to get it super shiny like Adriana Lima?

Good night, beautiful!

No matter what your hair texture is, there are ways to step up its shine! For the shiniest possible hair, practice hair care habits that keep it healthy and strong. Here you have some tips on how to get shiny, healthy and beautiful hair:

  1. Deep condition your hair — If your hair isn’t shiny because it’s dry, dull and frizzy, a deep conditioning treatment should put things right. You can get a store-bought deep conditioner or make your own using coconut or olive oil. Once a week, follow these steps to deep condition your hair:
    • Wet your hair.
    • Comb 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil from your roots to your tips.
    • Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap.
    • Let it sit for one hour or overnight.
    • Shampoo your hair. You may need to wash it two or three times to remove the oily residue.
    • Rinse with cold water.

  2. Apply leave-in conditioner while it’s wet — If your hair is on the dry side, it may look a little dull after it dries. Using a good leave-in conditioner can keep it from getting dried out and dull. While your hair is still wet, apply a dime or quarter-sized amount of deep conditioner to your hair. Use a comb to comb it down to your tips.

  3. Let it air dry — Sure, a Brazilian blowout will leave your hair looking shiny and sleek, at first. After awhile, blowing out and straightening your hair will damage it and leave it looking dull and rough. When you allow your hair to air dry, you don’t risk causing damage. After a few weeks or months, you should start to see a noticeable difference in the texture of your hair — it will be softer, with more shine.
    • Avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible. Straightening irons, curling irons, and so on provide temporarily pretty results, but in the long run they’ll leave you with dull hair.

  4. Use a finishing oil — Once your hair has air-dried, smooth finishing oil through your locks. A good finishing oil will add instant shine and protect your hair from damage. Wait until your hair is fully dry for best results. A little goes a long way, so use no more than a dime-sized amount or so, depending on the length of your hair. You can buy a special hair oil, or use one of these oils as a finishing oil:
    • Coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil.

  5. Try a shine serum — This is a product that has been formulated specifically to add shine to your hair. Shine serums contain silicones and other ingredients that cause your hair to look instantly shiny. Most shine serums can be used on either wet or dry hair.
    • Using a shine serum every day could end up having the opposite effect of what you’re going for. The silicones that make your hair shiny build up in your hair over time, causing it to look dull. You might want to save serum for special occasions only.
    • Look for a serum that’s alcohol-free. Alcohol can cause hair to dry out.

  6. Keep frizz to a minimum — Frizz is the enemy of shiny hair. A halo of frizz makes hair look dull and rough instead of shiny. Whether your hair is straight or curly, you can tame your frizz in the following ways:
    • Wash your hair with cool water. The cool temperature helps your hair shaft lie flat, rather than standing up. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this easy step makes.
    • Don’t towel dry your hair roughly. Pat it dry gently, then let it finish air drying. Towel drying roughly puffs up your hair and makes it frizzy.
    • Switch from a brush to a wide-tooth comb. Brushes tend to break hair, especially when it’s curly or wavy. Broken hair strands will stand up and turn into frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb. Detangle when your hair is wet, starting at the tips and working up to the roots.
    • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Curly heads know that this trick does wonders for frizzy hair. Cotton fabric absorbs moisture, leaving your hair dry and frizzy. Satin or silk will preserve your hair in its natural, non-frizzy state.

  7. Get regular trims — Removing frayed split ends goes a long way toward making your hair look shinier. Ask your stylist not to use chemicals and heat styling tools on your hair.

  8. Avoid harsh treatments — Dyeing, bleaching, and permanently straightening or curling your hair can have damaging long-term effects. Altering your hair from its natural state will eventually cause it to get dried out and prone to breakage. Avoid harsh treatments whenever possible.
    • If you really want to dye your hair, look for a natural alternative. For example, henna dye is plant-based and can actually be nourishing to hair.
    • Use honey or chamomile tea as a natural lightener.

  9. Protect your hair from outside elements — The sun, extreme temperatures, and environmental pollutants may be making your hair look less than optimal.
    • Use an hair sunscreen.

  10. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle — No matter what you do to your hair, it won’t look naturally shiny unless you’re healthy from the inside out. Eating well and staying hydrated have a big effect on the way your hair looks.

Hope it helped you, beautiful. May The Lord bless you!

hair bleach tips

ok so i have had countless problems with bleach and ive explained them before but heres an update for everyone:

  • i would never ever recommend a manic panic bleach kit because of the events detailed here
  • i would also never recommend lorel’s blue flash bleaching powder it burnt my scalp really bad and even my ear when a little bit of bleach got on that and it’s still burning hours later. i could just be having a bad reaction i suppose but just be warned.
  • never ever use a metal anything when mixing bleach
  • don’t mix bleach around any sort of heat
  • if you can scrape by with a volume 20 developer, do it! don’t use anything higher than volume 30 and even then try to use a lower volume one if you can!
  • please don’t leave your bleach on your hair more than 2 hours!
  • don’t bleach your hair twice in a short period of time because your hair will start to break off and fall out!!!
  • use deep conditioner/hot oil treatments after bleaching! they work wonders!!
  • you know you’ve mixed you bleach down when it’s nice and creamy, almost like yogurt! you don’t want it too runny or too grainy

my personal preference is salon care brand volume 30 developer (lower volumes don’t really lighten my hair) and salon care’s blue flash bleaching powder. for mixing i just use a plastic tupperware bowl and usually just mix it with my finger (with gloves on ofc) so i can make sure its mixed well enough!

happy bleaching!



Tallow candles have been around for centuries, and are practical, eco-friendly alternatives to paraffin, which is a chemically-treated by-product of the petroleum industry typically used in commercially-made wax products. 

On par with bee’s wax, tallow is a pure and natural material created from rendered beef fat, which requires no bleaching, harsh chemical treatments, and lasts an incredibly long time with no special care requirements. I obtain my beef fat from local, organic, grass-fed beef and render it here in my own home. Even the wicks in these candles are made from all-natural materials - in this case, cotton - to produce a tall, bright flame.

The best part of all, is that tallow itself has a million-and-one uses aside from being “just” an all-natural candle wax alternative.

Things you can do with the melted wax from your tallow candle include (but are surely not limited to):

1) Treating/waterproofing leather (see last listing photo for before and after of tallow application on leather boots. Left is tallowed, right is not).

2) Protecting metal surfaces from rust, including carbon steel knife blades.

3) Lubricating mechanical parts.

4) Oiling a firearm. I use tallow on my hunting rifle, and it was commonly used by soldiers during the Civil War, as well.

5) Massage oil. No joke; the melting point of tallow is about 70 degrees, so it’s warm but not burning hot like other forms of candle wax. Refer to point 6 for more info on benefits!

6) Skin lotion. Misconceptions abound, but studies show that tallow is actually uniquely compatible with the biology of human cells, and does wonders for softening skin! Tallow fat is typically 50 to 55 percent saturated, just like our cell membranes, with almost all of the rest being monounsaturated, so it is perfectly-suited to cosmetic use.

7) Flux for solder.

And much, much more.

All of the tallow candles currently offered here come in an array of handmade ceramic vessels, created and signed by local artist Kayla Burrow. The vessels can be re-used after the tallow inside has been used up, and they compliment the natural creamy hues of the wax perfectly with earth-toned semi-gloss glazes.