bleach streak

midnight star (1)

genre: thief!au

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,303 words

author’s note: the first part to a “whoever-knows-how-many-parts” series because I’ve had this idea for too long and I love Taeyong.    

other parts: (1) (2) (3)

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opening line: “A thief who steals to feed his own competitive ego, Lee Taeyong has never tried to steal something as intangible as a heart before, let alone yours.” 

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| Request: “I have a request for a fanfic if you’re willing: basically a fic where dan asks the reader to dye his hair, with cute fluff and stuff” |

| Warnings: None. |


“Babe.” Dan said, rolling onto the bed beside her.

“What honey?” She replied, without looking away from her laptop.

“Will you dye my hair?”

Now that caught her attention.

[Y/N] had dabbled in dyeing her hair. Whether it be all of the, the tips, streaks, she had done it all and she’d likely done every colour as well. It was something she enjoyed. An artistic way to express herself, if you will.

“Sure thing baby, what colour?” She said, ruffling his soft, chocolate brown hair between her fingers.

“I’ll let you decide.”

So an hour later, after putting some pants on, walking to the shops, and buying blood red hair dye, they sat on the bathroom floor, preparing to ruin the white tiles and Dan’s old tee shirt.

“So, how much?” She asked, shaking the bottle of bleach.

“Just like, a streak, I dunno.”

“I have an idea, you emo.”

[Y/N] pulled on the thin gloves, and grabbed a comb, separating the hair she was going to bleach and dye from the rest and pulling it into a ponytail.

Dan’s eyelids drooped as she tugged and ran her fingers through his hair, and by the time she had applied the bleach, he was almost asleep.

“Baby wake up we have to wash the bleach out.”

His eyes popped open as he lazily leaned over the countertop, head in the sink. [Y/N] began washing the section which she had bleached, gently handling it as she washed it, and blow drying it once she was done.

Dan sat back down on the floor and inspected the box of dye as she rubbed red dye all over the section of his now yellow hair, making sure to cover every single bleached hair.

She hummed as she worked, and Dan blushed at the sound of her voice.

Even though they had been dating for months, she still gave him butterflies.

“We have to leave it on for an hour.” She spoke, breaking Dan out of his trance.

“Oh, ok.” He replied, staring at his girlfriend with puppy dog eyes.

She pulled off her gloves, somehow managing to have covered her arms and clothes with dye, anyway, and sat in front of Dan on the floor, grabbing his chin and pulling him in for a kiss.

“What was that for?” He asked when she pulled away.

“Because I felt like it, that’s why.”

And soon as hour passed, and they rinsed Dan’s hair, the bathroom sink and countertops now looking like a murder scene, as they were covered in red blotches and splatter.

[Y/N] blow dried, straightened, and fixed Dan’s hair as he normally would. All the while Dan stared at her through her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“It’s done! You can look now.”

Dan’s jaw dropped.

She had dyed his hair like Gerard Way’s that one time. When it was black and red on top. Now he understood why she called him an emo.

Dan of course tweeted a picture of his new dye job and the phandom immediately reacted to it.

He kissed [Y/N]’s lips softly.

“I love it.”

Imagine if the core four were a band though

It, of course, would be called Isle of the Lost.

Mal plays the drums, Carlos plays the keyboard, Jay plays the guitar and Evie sings/plays keytar sometimes because yes.

Mallory ‘Mal’ (Bertha) Faerie is the daughter of Maleficent Faerie, who runs the world-wide known music label ‘Cursed Wings Music’. Although, due to complications with her mother, she and her band are signed to the rival label ‘Auradon’. Thanks to her friend being the son of the guy who owns it and lead singer of the most popular band, that is. Mal is known for her sarcasm, mischievous green eyes, purple leather and ever-changing hair that ranges from bleached blonde with purple streaks, or full on magenta/violet. Basically, she is the one that everyone’s gay for and knows it.

Carlos Oscar De Vil is the son of British fashion designer Cruella De Vil, although he was born and raised in California. He found a passion in playing the piano when it became his only escape from his mothers ranting and yelling, throwing prized fur coats in frustration then blaming it on Carlos. Although younger and smaller than the rest of the band, he is extremely talented and intelligent, often staying quiet in interviews unless asked a direct question and getting rather flustered when swarmed by fans. His signature look is platinum-blonde hair with black roots, black and white t-shirts with a red jacket thrown over, and white shorts with black spots that somehow works. He is commonly referred to as ‘smol bean’.

Jayson ‘Jay’ Sultan is the son of fallen business owner Jafar Sultan, and although raised most of his life to follow in his fathers footsteps, he much prefers strumming chords on a guitar over looking at paperwork and charts all day. He grew up alongside Mal, and before the band was formed, they often covered random songs together in her basement. Little known fact; Mal has some pretty sick vocal chords. Jay is mostly seen with an electric guitar, although in rare instances he is known to be a tearjerker with an acoustic. He has long brown hair with a beanie usually thrown over it, and often wears black and brownish-yellow leather/sweatshirts. However, he isn’t one for sleeves, and therefor the sweatshirts appear shredded at the shoulders.

Evelyn ‘Evie’ Grimhilde is the daughter of former model Evangeline Grimhilde, or ‘Evil Queen’. She was raised to believe that beauty is happiness, and becoming a model like her mother is the only thing that mattered. Although, after being caught singing by a bashful, curly haired boy who had as many freckles as there were thoughts running through his brain when she was ten, her views quickly changed. She grew to love music with a passion, and value herself to a much higher level, striving for A’s on tests instead of perfecting the red carpet walk(although she rocks at that). She is known for her blue hair(with natural brunette strands at the end), and bright smile, often referred to as ‘Princess’ by the fan-base.

Theft and coupon fraud, I will slay you with fake kindness and throw away your coupons.

This happened a couple weeks ago. I work in a large store in the toys and electronics department. I was set to close in that department, but the store was extra busy due to some early holiday sales. I got called up to backup the registers as a spare cashier, just to shorten the lines and check out 3 or 4 folks.

I hop on a register and call over the next person waiting in line at another overflowing register. But before that person can move over, another woman pushes past her, pretending not to have seen or heard what was going on. I’m going to refer to her as Bad Mom. She’s pulling two overflowing baskets, has a baby covered in vomit in one arm and a toddler running behind, trying to keep up.

I overlook Bad Mom cutting in line, knowing she would only slow down another register anyway, and none of the other customers complained or looked annoyed. This poor mom definitely had her hands full, or at least that’s the image she was going for.

I greet Bad Mom, do my friendly bit as I start scanning her items. She is flustered and rushed, but is overly friendly. She starts strategically placing the toys on the counter to check out in a specific order.

“Oh! The friendliest employee was helping me out in toys earlier. She said to double check all of the prices for these toys, because they’re not ringing up for the correct amount,” explains Bad Mom.

Alright, sometimes old signs are left up, and we have to honor them. I’m trying to move quickly, so I listen to her as I ring up the items. I would have ignored one red flag, and corrected one item no problem. The store was incredibly busy, and sometimes it’s easier to chop off $3 off their bill and look into it later.

But this wasn’t the case. Bad Mom had corrections on almost every toy, $10-$20 off each item with the rare “Oh that one is correct” to balance her story out. So I start asking innocent questions in a very friendly fashion to lure out more details.

“Oh wow, these prices seem really off!” I say in a surprised, apologetic voice.

“Yes, I know! The girl working back in toys was so very helpful.”

“I’m so glad to hear that! Do you remember who it was? It helps them a lot to get good compliments from customers.”

Bad Mom happily weaves a lovely detailed story for me about a non-existent employee. One, I was the only person working in that department. Two, I was the only female employee anywhere near that section of the store that night. Three, Bad Mom describe this girl as being blonde. There was literally no blonde females working in the store that day, and absolutely no blonde female employees in that department or the surrounding departments.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a manager walking past. I flag her down in front of Bad Mom.

I keep my voice very sweet and happy. I speak clearly and loudly so the customer can hear. “Hey, [managers name]! This guest had an awesome compliment about a blonde employee working toys tonight, but we can’t figure out who it is. I’m the only one working in toys tonight, correct?”

I see Bad Mom get a little nervous hearing that I work in toys.

The manager is very obviously confused, “Uh, yes, you’re the only one in toys…” She speaks politely, but I can see her looking over the customer and her overflowing carts. “Is something wrong?”

I sweetly explain that I’m having to do some price adjustments and just wanted to double check with her and whoever else was working in toys. As I say this, an idea pops into my head.

“Oh! Was it [employee]?” I point over to another employee, who’s head is barely visible through the crowd. You can just barely see the top of her head, which has two bleached streaks of hair. I secretly hope Bad Mom takes the bait.

“That could be… Yes, I think that was her!” Bad Mom exclaims, her voice overflowing with happiness and relief at being given an out.

Little did she know, I had pointed to a woman who works in Asset Protection (AP). The manager picks up on it right away and says, “Oh perfect, I’ll send her over. Take care of the other cart until then.”

I become increasingly apologetic about the hassle, saying that I really didn’t mean to make a big deal about it and promising to hurry with her groceries in the mean time. Bad Mom keeps her act going, her voice dripping with fake friendliness, meeting each of my apologies with her own for being so much trouble.

As I start scanning her groceries, she pulls out more than 30 pages of printed coupons and scatters them across my entire check lane. She turns up her flustered act, waving her children around for pity. Her baby boy, his face and entire front half of his body covered in dry vomit, looks exhausted. At this point Bad Mom is literally slinging him around in her arms, jostling him, keeping him from sleeping. Her toddler is laying on the floor crying quietly and unable to articulate completely that she is hungry. Bad Mom keeps apologizing to her toddler without even so much as glancing at her, promising to get her home soon.

Bad Mom keeps going with her story, saying she had been in our store shopping for over four hours (which I later learned was very false thanks to the cameras). I offered having her carts ready for her if she wanted to get some food for her kids or take them to the restroom. She declined, saying it wasn’t a big deal.

By this point, Asset Protection has arrived. I prompt Bad Mom to explain the details to AP, who is very friendly in return and offers to have all of the prices checked for her, but warns it will take time. Bad Mom disengages as much as possible. She can tell her story is now very obviously false to us, and says she would love to come back later tonight to purchase the toys. Bad Mom diffuses as much as possible, clearly hoping AP will go away.

AP stays nearby, of course.

Bad Mom starts passive aggressively rushing me. She dials up the friendly act even further, responding to anything her toddler says with, “I’m sorry, honey, this is the last time mommy will use so many coupons. I promise we’ll go home soon.” Bad Mom intentionally brings up her children to me as much as possible, trying to invoke more pity and hoping I will mess up the coupons. She starts actively trying to trick me into scanning extra coupons or scanning them twice. She tries to separate out her orders to use conflicting offers.

Sadly, I’m not new to this game. I don’t fall into the rushed emotional state she’s trying to put me in. I scan each item and coupon correctly, and gently explain each time I can’t accept a coupon. I work quickly for the sake of her children, but Bad Mom is wasting time mixing up the coupons intentionally, literally shuffling them when she thinks I’m not paying attention.

My visual memory is very good; I know when I’ve scanned a coupon. Bad Mom can’t trick me, and even when she thinks she does, I intentionally scan a coupon double to show her the error that pops up on the register. After 10 minutes of coupon scanning and item counting, I begin to lose my patience. So I turn it into a game for myself. How many pages of her precious coupons can I throw away?

See normally, we are supposed to throw away coupons when we scan them, but because she had them all printed out together on pages (6 or so per page), she wouldn’t let me take them. I began exclaiming things like, “Awesome! I got all the ones on this page,” and “Perfect, you’ve claimed all of these already” and throwing away full pages of coupons. After throwing away 5 or 6 pages, which was sadly only a small dent in her stack, she began clutching each page to her quickly after I exclaimed that I was done with a page.

So I lean back comfortably, take a short step away from the counter each time I pick up a new page to scan. I keep up my friendly chatter and toss each page after I’ve redeemed the coupons on it. I keep saying little victory phrases after each page, as if I was on her side. I do return a few pages to her to keep the illusion going, but only if more than half of the coupons on the page weren’t redeemed or duplicates.

Bad Mom must have admitted defeat after that. She dropped the butt-kissing attitude and didn’t shuffle the coupons after that. She even sifted through the cart of toys and paid full price for two of them with the excuse of: “I remember the price of these were correct, so I’ll pick them up now.”

I apologized for the inconvenience (of not letting her get away with lying or coupon fraud) and gave her oldest child a sticker for being so patient. The poor girl had given up on crying and had spent the last half hour sitting on the floor fidgeting with some M&Ms that Bad Mom bought for her quite angrily.

After Bad Mom left, I checked in with AP. Turns out she had been watching her since she first walked into the store since she was a known shop lifter. She hadn’t been in the store long, grabbed toys quickly off the shelf without even looking at prices, and of course, there was no mysterious blonde employee. Bad Mom was very lucky that she didn’t try to steal anything that day. This just gets added to her file, and she’ll be watched even more closely at the registers now.

tl;dr A mother tries to get $200+ worth of toys for under $50, feeds me lies to do so and neglects her tired, hungry kids in the process. She then wastes my time and delays her kids from eating even more by trying to commit coupon fraud. I unnecessarily toss most of her coupons and add to her record with AP.

I’m long-winded, sorry. D:

so i was bored, a tad bit tired, & extremely motivated to expand my vocabulary & improve my writing, so i figured i’d share. under the cut is a LONG ASS masterpost of anything you could think of to improve vocabulary & such. there will most likely be a part two considering i have so much left to write, & i’ll definitely post that if people enjoy this one ! like/reblog as you please, i just hope this helps some people !

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Hey could I get a ship for 13rw? I'm 5'7 or 5'8. I'm very skinny and I use to have very long brown hair but now have really short hair with a bleached streak underneath. I have green eyes and I'm very outgoing but I can be very shy to. I love road trips but I also love sleeping all day. I'm always up for adventure. I love to read books and I love cafes. I do ballet and volleyball and swim over the summer. I'm also very artistic and I love to paint! (Can I get a male and female ship and bff ship)

Ship : Tony Padilla or Jessica Davis !!

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Best Friend : Alex Standall

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Thanks !!! xxx

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So this is gonna sound kinda weird maybe (?) but the fact that illy has his streak of white hair really is making me feel proud and embrace my own white streak that's at the back of my head that I always got made fun of (: so thank you so much for making a character that has such a unique style and hair thing... That's it I guess , I love your art!

ahhhhhh oh man that is so awesome ; 0 ; <3  you should embrace it cause it’s so damn cool I wish I had streaks in mine haha then I wouldn’t have to bleach streaks in it all the time! Olly also hated his streak but he’s slowly getting over it, I mean the only people who would talk shit about something like that are people who are jeaaaaalooous  and need a kick in the teeth <3  

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43 eruriren

43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au 


“Take him with you,” Erwin had said earnestly. “He deserves a chance to go to sea. He’ll serve you well and I wouldn’t trust any other captain.”

And Levi had looked at Eren, so bright-eyed and expectant and he should have said no, but at the time he was merely concerned with making sure Erwin’s special friend received no special treatment and that the rest of the crew didn’t know his backstory.

And he’d agreed. And Erwin hadn’t lied; Eren was an asset to the crew. He’d had experience on local fishing boats, and what he lacked in nautical knowledge he made up for in courage and enthusiasm.

Levi had assumed Erwin had told him to stay out of battle, but either Eren was ignoring him or Levi had been mistaken because when the time came to board the crippled pirate ship Eren was right there with them, swinging a sword without hesitation. Levi could see what Erwin saw in him, why he’d moved to some out of the way fishing village for him to retire rather than taking a young wife and going into trade in the City.

Erwin must have told him about Levi because Eren openly admired him, to the amusement of the crew. He’d follow him about hang on to every word he spoke and it was flattering. Too flattering. And they both missed Erwin, and too often Levi would end up reminiscing while Eren listened, and eventually venturing his own stories.

Levi taught him to take readings and to plot a course on a map, and the sun had bleached streaks in his dark brown hair that glowed gold under lamplight and Levi wondered if he should detour, take another six months.

He didn’t. He wasn’t that sort of man.

“I’ll miss you,” Eren said. They were two days from port, and while most of the crew slept, save for those on watch, they were on the fore-deck, as they often were, just talking.


“When you retire, you should come and live near us,” Eren said enthusiastically. “There are some lovely cottages and we could go out fishing and-”

“What sort of life would that be?” Levi snapped, and Eren’s eyes widened, and Levi realised he’d given away too much. “You belong with him,” Levi muttered and turned and went back below deck, aware of Eren staring after him.

He kept his distance after that. Erwin was waiting for them when they docked, presumably having spent the morning peering through a spyglass from his clifftop home. Eren bounded down the gangplank and into what everyone politely pretended was a paternal embrace, while Levi busied himself with the usual administrative tasks. He knew he couldn’t avoid them forever, however, and that evening he made his way up the hill to Erwin’s house.

“He’s still dressing for dinner,” Eren said as he took Levi’s coat. Despite being scrubbed and combed and in neat, clean clothes, he still looked recently debauched.

“I see.”

Eren heaved a sigh, as impolite as that was. “Captain,” he began. “What I said, it doesn’t have to be like that.” Levi flinched as Eren reached out and brushed his fingers across the back of his hand. “Just, you know, think about it.”

“Think about what?” Erwin asked, descending the stairs.

“Finally,” Eren said with an affectionate look. “Now you can entertain our guest and I’m going to see how dinner’s getting on. Pour him a drink,” he ordered Erwin as he darted off, smiling at them.

“From that I’m to assume you need one?” Erwin asked.

“I think you will as well,” Levi replied.


@tori_stewart93’s secret rainbow streak 🌈 (at Bleach Salon - Topshop, Oxford St)

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The signs as hair colors

Natural (dyed natural colors or not dyed): Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, Virgo

Blonde ({bleached}all, streaks, bottom, etc.): Cancer, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo

Unnatural (blue, red, pink, orange, etc.): Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Capricorn

SuperVillains are too hot!

(Internet was out for a few days and during that I came up with a Super powers Au)

Dr. Wecht’s school for the unusually talented was a fancy way of saying school for the future superheros and villains of the world.  The school is divided into two sections, Hero and Villain (morally impaired), which are divided within each other, sidekick and henchmen.  Depending on your powers and how you do on the entrance test is how you will be placed.  Naturally the two sides do not mix well and either does the idea of teaching the villains of the world.  In the mind of Dr. Wecht (SuperDad as many like to call him), there is no way to try to control the wicked while young but you can try to teach them morals and pair them with an equally matched Hero.  During graduation, you will be paired with the Hero/Villain that is best matched for you and will be with you for the rest of your life (given that you do continue to fight into old age).  But this isn’t about the school, but more about when a sidekick gets detention for the first time that will change everything.


           Walking into the West Hall detention room made Arin’s heart pound in his chest.  He had always tried his best to keep his head low, being a sidekick it wasn’t that hard. All eyes were on him as soon as his foot hit the floor, it was hard not to look when a broad built teen with a bleach blonde streak of hair and a sailor moon shirt walks in.  Most of the other students went back to what ever they were doing but one.  A skinny, wildly curly haired boy in a leather jacket and skinny jeans who sat in the back of the room liked owned the place.  With the devilish smirk he had, he might as well, Arin could just tell that looks like that could lead to nothing but trouble.  

           The only couple of seats left were in the back, near the boy, who was still staring at him.  Arin took a seat that gave him some privacy from the others and two seats from him. Detention went on as you’d expect, the teacher (who were all retired hero’s and villains) sat at the front of the room and ignored everyone as long as there as no funny business.  Arin took out his DS and started playing Smash, hoping the two hours would fly by fast.  

           Barely thirty minutes in, Arin didn’t even notice the kid sitting net to him, watching over his shoulder until he looked to his right without thinking.  He almost screamed but instead jumped and lost the match at the same time.  Sitting next to him was boy he purposely tried to keep distance from and from up close he was even more handsome then before. The boy was just his type and made a lump form the Arin’s throat.

           “Don’t stop because of me.”  Even his voice was hypnotic as his face, “It’s like I’m not even here.”

           “Um….can I help you?”  Arin finally manged to say with out sounding weird.

           The boy looked Arin up and down and shrugged. “Kinda looking for a new toy and you’re on my wish list.”  Words could not form to describe the shock on Arin’s face.  “Kidding, kinda.  Anyway, what ya here for?”  He leaned on the table, arm propping his head up and curls rolling to one side.

           “I….I cussed at a kid.”

           “That’s it?!  Damn, they’re giving detentions for no reason now a days.  If you got that, I should get expelled.”

           “What did you do?”

           “Told a kid jump into the lake.”


           “He did.”

           The calmness of that statement made Arin go cold.  He tried his best to pinpoint the kids class and power but just from that he could tell that it wasn’t going to be good. Still in the back of his mind, he thought of all the Hero’s that have slipped up and still learning to control them selves while students.  Before he even knew it, detention was over and everyone was getting up, instead of him and the other boy.  Arin was getting ready to pack up when a hand gripped his other shoulder tight. Jumping out of his skin once again, Arin turned a saw a face he wish he hadn’t.

           “Am I interrupting?”  Ross said with his usual smirk.

           Ross was a notorious Villain from Australia who couldn’t go two seconds with out pissing anyone off.  With his ability to teleport, instead of doing good or becoming henchmen like most with his power, Ross always choose to do wrong and made sure he was placed as a Villain out of pure stubborn attitude.  He was also the main reason Arin was even in detention.

           “What ya doing hanging out with Fire boy, Danny?”

           “Fire boy?  Can you like throw fire or like become fire?”  Danny’s excitement was too cute for Arin to even handle.

           “Even better,”  Ross said before Arin could even breath. “This little sidekick breaths fire when he cusses.”  The intruding boy started rustling his hair and earned himself getting swatted away.

           “And your a side kick?  Such a powerful ability like that and they made you a someones punching bag? It’s like making Colossus be Antman’s pool boy.”  Danny got up and swung his backpack over his shoulder and started heading to the door before turning back towards Arin.  “If I was you, I’d ask to retake the test.”