bleach stop

West Indian Thought: I really hope that this generation will be the one to stop promoting bleaching.. But first, we need to tackle colorism.

Stop cracking jokes and supporting vines about dark skinned ppl bleaching or hiding from the sun.

Stop requesting a “brownin” and ridiculing dark skinned women.

Understand that those who bleach are probably hurting and going thru some serious self hate.. They need healing, not shaming.

Idk about any other ethnic group.. I can only speak for mine. But we need to eradicate this bleaching thing. And to do that, we need to recognize the effects of colorism and do right by our people.

I can’t believe I just saved the Bleach fanbase

Y'know what? I’m sick of the Bleach discourse. I’m ending it right now.

You ship IchiHime? Awesome. RenRuki? Great. IchiRuki? Neat. RenIchi? Beautiful. RukiHime? Marvelous. RenHime? Golden.

It’s all canon now. That’s right – the true ending is RenIchiRukiHime.

Ichigo and Rukia and Renji and Orihime are all married to each other, in a happy and healthy polyamorous relationship. Kazui is Ichigo and Orihime’s kid, Ichika is Renji and Rukia’s kid; the other two decide against having biological children because that would become extremely complicated due to laws in both worlds, but it doesn’t matter because all four of them are parents to any kids they have.

Kazui got Ichigo’s last name, Ichika got Renji, and they all agreed that Rukia’s next kid would have Orihime’s last name because Kuchiki is a fancy-shmancy super important name and can’t be given to any random person (Rukia isn’t a Kuchiki by blood, and thus cannot pass on the name). To make up for it, Orihime agrees to give her next kid the Kuchiki name, as she’s not bound by Soul Society’s laws and therefore they can’t do shit to stop her (Byakuya approves of this, but not aloud).

Ichika and her sibling are both Shinigami, Kazui gets a mix of Quincy and Shinigami powers, and Kazui’s sibling gets a mix of Hollow powers and whatever the hell kind of magic Orihime has.

Orihime runs a bakery called “The Four Corners Bakery”, known for letting just about anyone in so long as they promise not to kill people. She gives jobs to anyone temporarily staying in the living world (e.g., Shinigami on the job, Arrancars with nothing better to do, the occasional jobless Quincy, etc.). Riruka buys donuts from her on a daily basis (and is effectively a full-time employee but won’t admit it), and Urahara builds one of his crazy underground fight zones for people who need to work off some stress. Orihime also sells “feel-better treats”, which are custom-made baked goods that look like whoever the maker doesn’t like. Ironically, Loly buys them only from Orihime directly, because no one else is willing to make them for her.

Renji eventually becomes captain of the insert-number-of-your-choice-here division, Ichigo and Uryuu (who is dating Chad) bicker a lot, and Tatsuki gets some cool superpower because lord knows she deserves one.

There, I solved all your problems. Y'all can chill now.


                                              I shouted your name in tears
                                I wished I wouldn’t wake up, if it were a dream
                                       Ah, the person before my eyes was
                                           You see? No one else but you

                                        Ichiruki+Lyrcs: Fated - Ayumi Hamasaki

I like how Aizen low-key hates Hitsugaya for being smart and impossible for him to recruit. For a long time he had been able to outwit everyone who had crossed his way and either enroll them into his group of followers or get rid of them by framing them into some major crime, or just experimenting on them. There might be also some jealousy involved because everyone is calling Hitsugaya a genius, he seems to get a lot of praise and attention for it and people are even calling him a successor for Yamamoto and comparing Hyorinmaru to Zanka no Tachi. The only time that other child prodigy was mentioned in the series happened in TBTP and the first thing  Aizen did back then was reaching out the kid and recruiting him as his subordinate. It must have been pissing him off that despite being one of the most intelligent people in Soul Society, he couldn’t show anyone how smart he really is because it would have ruined his Master Plan™, instead he had to pretend to be this obedient boy who climbed to a position of a captain by working hard and respecting the authorities. I bet that whenever there was a rumour about someone exceptionally talented it was immediately catching Aizen’s attention and he tried to place them under himself and control their every move, just to make sure that he always stayed at the very top. Shining like the brightest star in the galaxy… until Hitsugaya came along lol. Then there was this another apparently Smart Person™ who was also very nosy and evidently had no intention of working for him but started to sniff around and actually pay attention to the situation in Seireitei more than the others did instead. Aside from that, despite being smarter than others, Hitsugaya still wasn’t as smart as Aizen which pissed Your Future Soul King™ even more because according to him Hitsugaya clearly didn’t deserve all the fuss that people were making about him when there was someone a lot more intelligent and powerful in Gotei. He even admitted that the only person who he thought deserved the recognition they got was Urahara. I have found the scene in FKT arc where Aizen stabbed Hinamori again and beat Hitsugaya’s ass right after that, kinda satisfying because I knew doing this made him feel better. I’m a spiteful person so I could feel how some of that old tension was lifted from his shoulders. I guess I would make a good anime villain lmao.