bleach spoiler

Thoughts I had while catching up on a year’s worth of Bleach in one sitting

********spoilers obviously*******

Yes! I am now basically caught up! Except for the most recent chapter which hasn’t been released by Shonen Jump yet (I get their weekly online editions). So here, in no particular order, are some of the thoughts I had while reading through tons of Bleach in one sitting.

1. Gerard is ridiculous and I love him

I imagine he must be super annoying to live with. You know he responds with “It’s a MIRACLE” to absolutely everything. He’s so melodramatic. And actually, so is Lille. Which is why I have decided the two of them need to be in a sitcom together as roommates.

Lille (turning on the light to wake Gerard up): YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE LIGHT OF GOD

Gerard (pulling a pillow over his eyes): IF I KEPT SLEEPING THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE and also I don’t wanna get up.

Lille (flicking the light on and off): LIGHT OF GOD

Gerard (pulling the pillow closer around his eyes): MIRACULOUS SLEEPING

2. Also: Lille

When he turned into a flock of birds, all I could think was, “I gotta make some jokes about Kira wanting to kill Lille without knowing why” AND THEN KIRA FREAKING SHOWED UP AND STARTED CHOPPING HEADS AND I WAS 100% THERE

But how awkward must Squad 3 be, huh? Rose with his bird-headed mask and Kira skulking about muttering about how he hates chirping birds.

3. Also: Kira

100% responds with, “I’m too dead for this” whenever he is annoyed.

4. Yoruichi and Bambietta are the same??

According to Askin, because they are beautiful and like to suggest strangling. The two of them are definitely going to start a band called “Beautiful Stranglers.”

5. Urahara is 100000% gross 

and I can never ship him with Yoruichi again and that fight makes me so mad and it is so clear that Tite Kubo thinks Yoruichi is just an ass and tits and she is my favorite and ugh I could not take it

6. Grimmjow’s contract??

So apparently Urahara made Grimmjow promise to kill his enemy? How does that even work as a contract?

Urahara: You have to kill my enemy.

Grimmjow: What? You mean Aizen?

Urahara: Maybe. Who knows?

Grimmjow: so…if I kill anyone you hate, that counts?

Urahara: No it needs to be someone I’m fighting and losing to.

Grimmjow: So I have to follow you around and protect you??

Urahara: Yeah basically.


7. Grimmjow followed a line of thread to get to Urahara

Such a kitty. Following string.

8. Urahara’s planning

Apparently he makes like 100 plans and then just sees which ones he needs? Yeah he definitely has caches of duct tape hidden everywhere.

9. Hitsugaya and Byakuya

Were super cute and you go, Hitsugaya, being so cool in front of your idol. 

10. Also: Hitsugaya

Didn’t change out of his Quincy uniform?? Yeah, he loves how it looks.

Loves it.

More later??


See, I was very cool with the chapter - Until Renji’s speech.

I fucking cried. I didn’t cry when Orihime was acknowledged by Ichigo or so. I did not cry when Ichigo went through despair for a few chapters. 

But, I cried when Renji said this to Ichigo.

Lord, because, do you know how hard - how possibly hard was for both Renji and Rukia, childhood best friends, growing distant, almost trying to ignore each others existence, with their chest heavy? Be it friendship or romance, it’s still hard. A hollow feeling in your chest being felt for what felt like eternity. But, the bridge that was broken between Rukia and Renji was mended thanks to Ichigo. Can you imagine? Them talking again as if it’s most natural thing in the world, teasing, laughing, smiling, scowling, hitting, rolling their eyes at each other. Suddenly, every moment Rukia and Renji shared feels so precious to me.

Renji being forever grateful to Ichigo is so precious and beautiful - I can’t. 

I mean, it’s so wonderful and makes sense, because they are able to be together so naturally like before, thanks to Ichigo and him trying to repay him back with his whole life because his and Rukia’s relationship was broken for decades and it was actually fixed and just -

My feels are real here and even now I am trying not to burst into tears. Lord, they are all goddamn pure for this world.

Thank you, thank you SO much, Kubo. For giving this moment. This is officially one of my favorite moments.

Bleach 681

Okay, first of, I just wanna say: 
It was so GOOD. 

I dunno why some fans are so pissed of or disappointed. I mean, they’re all angry that things are rushed when last week they were all saying that there were only 5 chapters left - lmao, what did you expect? Another good 3 chapters of talking about their feels? Kubo don’t have time for that and y’all knew it. 

I mean, for a very rushed chapter, I have to say Kubo wrapped it up very nicely. In just one chapter, he showed some good things.

I have to admit, last week, I thought Rukia would head over to Ichigo. Which I, will openly admit, feared. I am a IchiHime shipper and I tend to get very insecure. Then, this chapter happened and damn… I’ve felt rush of great affection for my babes and great deal of disappointed in myself. Because, I claimed that I loved RukiHime then… I - I just plainly tugged down on Rukia’s character and - Wow, Kubo just straight slapped me and the shippers in the face. Because, how could I, how dare I doubt Kubo. I was no better than the crazy IR fans - I was blinded by ships and this single chapter just slapped so much sense into me. 

When I saw Rukia beside Orihime, I realized… I remembered that Orihime and Rukia are wonderful friends. Rukia mainly hangs out with guys and Orihime is one of the few girl friends she got and I just really love how she treasures Orihime dearly. 

I remembered Orihime is dear to Rukia just like her other friends. 

I remembered Orihime is not less important to Rukia than Ichigo. 

I remembered Orihime is an important dear friend to Rukia.

And you know what that is? That is canon.

Also, there are people who are angry at Orihime??? Like, now Antis are just bashing her because she’s there or smth? Because she didn’t do anything to damage your damn ship??? 

And speaking of ships, many IRs who hate Orihime are really angry, eh? Suddenly, it’s OOC for Rukia to be beside Orihime and not beside Ichigo. Rukia is suddenly OOC to be worried about her friend. Lmao, like, whut. Rukia apparently should be only worried about Ichigo and nobody else. [inserts sarcasm]

Like, it’s a very bad, illogical chapter because IR’s reunion did not happen… I am not applying every IR - There are just certain amount of people who only read BLEACH because of IR. [ I know many IRs who I actually respect. ]

Also, I saw someone bash Orihime for admitting she cannot heal the sword, saying her words are making things worse. Whut? Lol, her words didn’t do shit. Orihime apologizing did not worsen the situation or whatsoever. Ichigo knows her ability was futile. He did not even goddamn react to her apology. And suddenly, IRs who ignored Renji because they were awaiting for IR reunion is suddenly cheering for him because he interrupted Orihime. Pfff, what, suddenly your eyes see him? 

And, people saying Rukia being pessimistic is OOC - HAHAHAHAHA Whut. Are you sure you people understand her character? Rukia was never optimistic nor she is pessimistic. Her view of point is merely realistic. She is appalled, astonished by Yhwach’s ability and knows things are bad. Renji, on the other hand, tries to be optimistic and tries to lift Ichigo’s hope - quite literally, haha. He is, like Ichigo, tends to charge without a plan. Renji is not viewing things like the others because he thinks things can be fixed. You know why? Rukia and Renji have not physically and emotionally experienced Yhwach power, while Orihime and Ichigo did. That is why Renji tries to handle the situation like it’s rather simple. 

Speaking of Renji - I am also glad it was Renji who tried to lift Ichigo. It could’ve been Rukia - But it wasn’t. Because, why it should be Rukia? Why NOT Renji? Because he’s still important, he’s still a friend of them, he’s still in the crew. Stop plainly ignoring him just to justify your damn ship. 

THEN TSUKISHIMA. I must say, I was very surprised. But, I was pleased. It was rushed, yes, Ichigo quickly obtaining the power he lost in such horrible way is rather ridiculous. But, Kubo is told to wrap up, so, yeah this was to be expected tbh. 

But, Tsukishima appearing is logical - I don’t know why people think it came out of nowhere. We all knew they were alive and we all knew Tsukishima’s ability. 

Read here for his and Orihime’s ability and how it worked.

ALSO, I want to say to Anti and Pro Orihime: It was not only Tsukishima’s nor Orihime’s work. Antis are claiming Orihime barely did a thing, while Pros are saying Orihime did the main work. Both are wrong. They did the work with together, 50% - 50%. It’s very simple - If Tsukishima wasn’t there, Orihime, herself, admitted that she could not fix his sword. While, if Orihime wasn’t there, Tsukishima’s ability alone cannot fix the sword as well. 

AND, I am pleased Kubo did not do the ‘Friendship is Magic’ thing. That would’ve been a real asspull. Like, just because friends are there, doesn’t just boost their power. That was realistic. Tsukishima arriving and fixing things with his ability (+Orihime) was realistic and logical.

All in all, I was very pleased by this. C: