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Hi! Um… short answer, yes I do! 

Unnecessary Long Answer: 

Ichiruki has always been the main canon-material pairing in BLEACH for me, but as BLEACH was an action genre, I was very happy it didn’t get into any romance that would get in the way of the series. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Orihime’s position in the franchise, because that’s all she was demoted to in the end. 

Ichigo and Rukia had amazing chemistry in the first and best arc of BLEACH. But when the Hueco Mundo arc came around, Kubo kinda destroyed Rukia’s personality. She did hit Ichigo now and then in the first arc when he’d make fun of her, not for just the sake of beating Ichigo up. Ichigo was extremely depressed, injured, and misinformed about the hollow attack. She shows up and beats the crap out of him. She brings him to his senses, but after the Hueco Mundo arc, Kubo butchered Rukia’s caring side towards Ichigo, which I was extremely unhappy about. You’d think considered Kaien’s death she’s be far more caring and considerate…… but no. Just down the gutter. ESPECIALLY when Rukia forced Ichigo to apologize to Orihime. That was not acceptable. Orihime and Chad ran into the fight of their own will, its not Ichigo’s fault they got hurt and he should not take blame for that. Orihime did try to reason with Ichigo that she ran in of her own accord and that he shouldn’t have to be there to protect her all the time. This set up the whole gary-sue trope for Ichigo, and ever since then he was the only one to ever actually progress the BLEACH series and things just got sickeningly repetitive. 

Now…I apologize if I’m side tracking but I have to talk about my stance on these pairings again: 


….Orihime was shown to have a crush on Ichigo throughout the entire manga, but never had any real reason or explanation behind it. 

Seriously? Why????? She literally would give up her life for a mere highschool crush.. who does that? Its been stated she didn’t develop a crush for Ichigo until she saw him in Highschool. She stalks him and constantly gets in his way. 

Ichigo has never once shown any interest in her at all, he’s brushed her off and ignored her everytime she approached him, and yet Kubo has the audacity to co-author a book and release it about Ichigo saying he knew about Orihime’s crush this entire time and even asks her out? I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my entire life. 

I saw a video released recently about one of the BLEACH editors saying Orihime was the heroine of the series which is entirely false. Out of the entire series (besides filler arcs), Orihime has only defeated ONE enemy. Which was a weakling hollow in the first arc. That’s literally it. I don’t think heroines are defined by the amount of people they’ve healed, but regarding that, her healing abilities could be replaced easily by Hachigen or Unohana. Hachigen told her she had the ability to bring things back to life without needing a body, and yet her power couldn’t even HEAL a body like Ichigo’s in the Ulquiorra fight. She’s no heroine. She was demoted to a side-character. 

Back to her crush on Ichigo, remember the ONE time she actually defeated an enemy? That was for TATSUKI. TATSUKI WAS THE ONE WHO AWOKE HER POWER, AND THAT’S WHEN ORIHIME GAINED INDEPENDENCE TO FIGHT. But when going to rescue Rukia, she was really only there to “protect” Ichigo for no real reason as to why besides her crush that she doesn’t even know if its requited. 

Orihime had the ability to reverse time. She was given many opportunities to actually make a difference in the series that only she could make. But none were taken. She didn’t reverse the Hougyoku, she couldn’t stop Tsukishima, and despite having “god like powers” her power does jack-shit to the soul kings. As to how she wasn’t killed in the Yhwach vs Ichigo battle, and as to why Ichigo and CO. even let her come along on this mission will forever be a mystery to me. She’s the weakest character out of the original team of 5, by all means, she should have been killed. Even Renji knew she wasn’t a warrior, so why was she there? Her only significance in the final battle was fixing Yoruichi’s arm, that’s it. (and giving birth to Yhwach Jr. but that’s a cluster fuck to analyze for another time) 

Orihime was reduced to pure fanservice waifu-material. Her breasts were 4X the size of her head in the quincy arc, and her power has been completely useless overall the entire series, especially if others can replicate her abilities to an even better extent than her own. (Like Hachigen.) 

The fact that there’s no soul king and Ichigo wasn’t allowed at home due to his power issues, and the fact that they’re even allowed to have children in the world of the living, this is the most baffling, false, and culture shocking ending to a series I have ever seen. I feel like this ending is legit a dream world that Ichigo is having as the new soul king considering this ending is literally not possible reflecting on all the information we’ve been given this past arc. Yikes. 


“Knowing eachother for a long time” is weird in itself considering time passes differently in Soul Society than in the human world… which Kubo seems to have forgotten. As to why they’d have a child that is somehow the same-looking age as Kazui perhaps around the same time as Ichigo and Orihime is a bundle of confusion already. But these two didn’t talk for 40 years, then Renji shows up and beats her up and slices her, threatening to KILL her, where URYU HAS TO STEP IN. HOW BAD DOES THAT LOOK WHEN A QUINCY STEPS IN-BETWEEN A SHINIGAMI QUARREL. Renji and Rukia have had absolutely zero romantic interest the entire series. The only one time Renji ever seems to actually like her was when they were children. But RenRuki has never had any one-sided love confessions like Orihime. THis is the least developed pairing out of the two. 

(and also for Orihime to make Rukia a wedding veil out of strawberry flowers… REALLY? I MEAN…. no wonder there’s Ichiruki/Ishihime cheating AU’s going around right now! I mean can you imagine Renji seeing his to be wife marching down the aisle with strawberry flowers? Considering this anime has heavily implied name association (Princess Orihime, Sado Yasutora the Tiger, Yuzu-Ichigo-and Karin being named with homonyms for fruits, Ichigo addressing his name with the number 15 on his door, Kon being direct from Konpaku..) For Renji not to pick up on that, especially with Ichigo probably attending their wedding….he’s gotta know something is up. I mean how did Renji even know about Orihime’s crush on Ichigo let alone “know” Ichigo has a “crush on” Orihime too? Zero context for that too. Lot of plot hole issues with these pairings. )) 


now Uryu. Precious Uryu. He deserved the world and got nothing. An anti-social who ends up making friends only for them all to become distant from him once more. The original quincy who gets nearly zero spotlight in an arc dedicated to quincy. A man who stood up for ex-shinigami Rukia when she was getting sliced up by her “future husband” Renji. A man who noticed, reassured, encouraged, and was amazed by Orihime’s abilities and kindness. A man who would lay his life down for her after spending nearly the entire Soul Society arc with her. Orihime was the closest person in the group with Uryu, they even shared the same aspirations. They were both top in their sewing class, had quirky designs and tastes, and in the end were both interested in the medical field. They even had a close relative they adored die before their eyes when they were young. For this pairing not to be canon is a crime to me. These two deserved so… so much better. 


I honestly could live with Renruki. That’s a whatever for me for it to be canon. But Ichihime makes zero sense with the plot. That’s my main issue with the pairings. For Ichihime to be real, Ichigo and Orihime have to be in soul society. But even so, if Ichigo was in soul society, that means more time with Rukia, so at that point, who knows which way the pairings would go? 

That being said, I would not want a forced Ichiruki BLEACH ending if it meant there’d be no soul king and massive gun-shot plot holes and contradictory storyline like Ichihime left.  

I completely shipped Ichiruki in the first arc, but as I said, Kubo changed Rukia’s personality (and her friggen backstory? He made her out to be one of the weakest shinigami and yet she had a shikai like… when did she obtain this? If this was before she lost her powers then I’m at a loss as to how she couldn’t defeat a simple hollow, Kubo is a complete liar he legit had no idea where he was going with the story.)Maybe her desire to get rid of her powers and die because of the Kaien incident would make sense at the time, but other than that her being weak was weird, especially now since she’s defeated one of the most powerful underling quincy and obtained a bankai. How can that BLEACH editor say she’s not the true heroine of the series? She can fight and heal injuries, she’s got the training for it. 

So I absolutely love Ichiruki. As an AU. Because with the way Kubo set Ichigo up to really be the only soul king option besides Aizen, Ichiruki couldn’t be canon along with Ichihime. If the quincy arc diverged away from that where there was no desperate need for a soul king, Ichiruki should have totally become canon because of Ichigo’s bounds to Soul Society and given their chemistry. 

Orihime was jealous of Rukia because Rukia was always the one who could reach through to Ichigo no matter what. Orihime was never able to do that (besides that time in the Grimmjow fight, but the reason Ichigo was upset was because of her in the first place so it makes sense as to why he’d only listen to her that one time.)  For Orihime to still hold such good ties with Rukia all the while hating her on the inside for being closer with Ichigo is a surprise to me. She’s strong with her kindness, I’ll give her that. But regardless, she was helpless to save Ichigo, even with her powers. The only time she successfully healed him was during the first arc up to Grimmjow’s fight. After that, she just couldn’t seem to heal him anymore because her power is “no match” against the reiatsu inflicted wounds. 

Renji said Rukia’s faced never looked so alive when he mentioned traces of Ichigo sightings in Soul Society. Ichigo, a guy Rukia only knew for a little while, rushed in with little to no shinigami experience to save her, while Renji sat back hopeless knowing he could do nothing despite her being his only friend for so many years. He BEGGED Ichigo to save her because he couldn’t. 

Orihime and Renji could not once reach out to the ones they “loved” this whole series. They both held a jealously towards their “spouses’” significant other because they knew they couldn’t do the same. That says a lot about this entire situation. 


To have two main characters: male and female… have such a great start off friendship…. to have the female character have a back story involving a guy who she loved who was so similar to Ichigo its uncanny, to have Ichigo quote something he heard from Rukia an entire arc ago when addressing his father’s shinigami powers, to have Orihime fear Ichigo turning hollow when Rukia fears FOR Ichigo as a hollow, to have ichigo constantly be concerned for Rukia’s well being during the Orihime Rescue mission ready to drop everything to go save her first if she was in trouble, to continuously joke about Ichigo and Rukia’s close “romantic” relationship in canon and filler arc along with rumors being spread that the two are dating within the highschool in the first arc, to have an entire movie dedicated to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship where Ichigo remembered Rukia so quickly, while her future HUSBAND RENJI FORGOT HER COMPLETELY, to have multiple parallels of “sun and moon” yin/yang - clad-type finale white and black bankai moves -  similar Masaki-Isshin forbidden meeting parallel not to mention the parallel of Ichigo/Isshin saving Rukia/Masaki savior scene nearly laid out the same way, to have a PTSD rain significance with Ichigo’s memories of his mother dying- and when he saves Rukia he says the rain stopped because of her, to have Isshin and Ichigo’s family accept Rukia as a third daughter/sister and have her sleep in their house treating her as part of the family while Isshin and Yuzu listen in on Rukia and Ichigo’s conversations in the bedroom along with Yuzu being concerned because Rukia seems more girly and romance material to Ichigo than Tatsuki was, to have ichigo miss his power that he dreams about Rukia, to have Ichigo think of Rukia as the last and strongest pride he had as a shinigami when trying to gain his fullbring, to have Rukia swoop in and save him when he’s crying his eyes out to help him regain his power- to be the only one in Soul Society to be against the idea of Ichigo becoming Soul Society’s enemy and spying on him, when Ichigo ends up seeing Rukia’s butt in the hot springs and he and the other guy think of peaches….., when Renji forcibly picks a bloody defeated Ichigo off the ground Rukia tells him to wait and  that Ichigo might not be in good shape for a lecture despite that being her job the past few arcs, to have Yhwach say he’ll show up when Ichigo and his friends are at their happiest and he chooses to show up during Ichigo and Rukia’s 10 year reunion and not their weddings or baby-showers, to have Ichihime and Renruki become the “canon” pairing and having their children be the focus of the final chapter and yet the finale book cover is Ichiruki, to have a co-author novel with the suspicious title “We do KNOT always love you” featuring Renji and Rukia’s wedding and Ichihime confession, to have Ichiruki be voted the most popular BLEACH pairing and to be promoting the final BLEACH manga with Ichiruki advertisement bait….. to have the last image we see of the main group be of Ichigo and Rukia who hardly acknowledge their spouses the whole chapter?  

and Tite Kubo FRIENDZONED these two? 


I’m glad Ichiruki didn’t get in the way of the story like Ichihime did, so at least that’s a positive. 

Mitsuro Kubo, the creator of Yuri on Ice did in 12 anime episodes what Tite Kubo couldn’t do in 10 years. 

Create a believable, developed, romantic relationship with a good plot to back it up. 

and the best part is, Mitsuro Kubo did it with non-heterosexual characters. 

For Kubo to rush in with this light novel to try and force in “romantic development” to try and explain pairings he literally only splooshed together for the sake of children.. and to attempt to explain it in a single light novel when he had wasted a ton of plotline set ups that went no where that he could have spent developing said relationships in 10 years time? To have him claim this is an action genre only for him to approve of a light novel based around forced romance and not filling up the hundreds of plot holes he made in the series? Sure we get insight on a couple character’s status and whereabouts but uM WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED… TO THE SOUL KING? THE ZERO SQUAD? Y’KNOW… THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO THE WORLD BEING ABLE TO LIVE? HE DEEMED PAIRINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT?

If Kaien Shiba claims our hearts are in our fists, I think there’s a lot of bleach fans out there who would love to introduce their “hearts” to Kubo’s face… as harsh as that sounds. He and his entire editor team just continue to ship bait and lie to their fans. It’s very disrespectful, kinda giving fans a reason to be upset with them aside from their other choices. Still don’t approve of the harassment going on though. Nothing is gonna change it now besides us. Its up to us to patch up what’s left of BLEACH’S dignity by continuing to improve and create better plot lines that Kubo pulled out of his garbage can. 

So yeah. Ishihime and Ichiruki were, without a doubt in my mind, canon in the first arc. The amount of time and care each exhibited toward eachother throughout the arc says it all. The end game pairings were DEFINITELY not planned from the beginning. Kubo never had a hold that good on the plot of his series past the first arc. Its just… its not believable. Can’t buy it no matter how hard I try… 

Storm the World with Reckless Abandon

Snippet #15

Ichigo knew something smelled fishy that night when he hunted down Finnick and found him bedraggled and exhausted as hell. He didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t blind to knowing when someone was clearly in pain. He had way too much experience with people he called friends trying to hide injuries whether from pride, not wanting others to worry, or a combination of both.

He squashed the voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Rukia dryly telling him he was a gigantic hypocrite.

It didn’t even cross his mind before what the blond drunk was suggesting, more due to the fact the idea was absolutely preposterous. The guy would cut off his own limbs before doing anything behind Annie’s back or hurting her in anyway.

But if the Urahara-look-alike was telling the truth…

Well, it was only cementing the fact Ichigo really, really hated this universe and the entire human species.

He barged his way into Finnick’s ridiculously lavish room that looked more fake every time he looked at it – thank fuck the games were approaching soon, he’ll never have to think twice about this place again – and wasn’t surprised to see Finnick was in bed. Even though it was seven at night, the man had the weirdest sleep schedule ever. Now that he knew why, the urge to punch something was only increasing by the minute.

Without hesitation, Ichigo flicked the man’s forehead with pinpoint accuracy. Hard.

The sound of swearing filled the room, Finnick’s sailor tongue creating metaphors and images that made Ichigo crinkle his nose in disgust.

The man finally seemed to register Ichigo presence and promptly scrambled to sit up. Barechested.

Ichigo couldn’t stop his eyes from widening even if he tried.

Bite marks practically littered the man’s shoulders and upper chest, ugly badges of shame looking angry red and bruised under the lighting of the room. Finnick’s eyes were startling bagged, swollen and purple. Ichigo’s stomach plummeted when the realization hit that the bronze haired celebrity probably had it all covered by makeup all this time that Ichigo never noticed.

It only took a split second for the older man to notice why Ichigo was staring. His face went incredibly white, only making the bags under his eyes even more pronounced and obvious looking.

“Finnick, what the fuck?” Ichigo whispered harshly, fists balling and head whirling at this confirmation of his suspicions. He watched as Finnick turned rigid immediately and, like a light switch, a gigantic grin enveloped his features. Ichigo had to fight the urge to recoil when he saw how much sheer effort Finnick was putting into his act, face straining so much that it was almost painful to watch.

“I don’t know what you’re talking abo-”

Oh hell no.

Ichigo snarled and slammed a palm on the bed frame right above Finnick’s head, making the whole frame rattle at the force of this action. The smile, thank god, immediately fell off. Ichigo doesn’t know what he would’ve done if the man had continued to try and lie to his face.

“Don’t do that.” He hissed out, rage pumping his veins. “Don’t put on that disgusting, clown smile on me, you bastard. I hated it the first time, and I sure as hell still do now. Now tell me straight here, what is this? What do those bastards make you do?”

“They’re not-” Finnick clenched his jaw, eyes fervent and desperate. “I-They’re not making me do anything-”

“Bull. Shit.” Ichigo hissed. “Don’t even fucking try. Do you really think I would believe you’d do something like this to Annie?” Suddenly, another thought struck that was making dread a living, breathing thing clawing inside his chest. “Does Annie even know about this? What they’re doing to you?”

Finnick looked like he wanted to flee, wanted to be anywhere but here. But finally, when it became evident that the teen wasn’t going to let this go, his shoulders slumped in defeat. Eyes closing tightly, Finnick just gave a mute nod.

Ichigo was going to be sick.

“Fuck.” He breathed out. “Fuck.”

“Ichigo.” Finnick’s voice took an urgent tone, expression taking a frantic and wild turn. “Ichigo, you can’t tell anyone about this. Nobody’s supposed to know.”

With those words, everything was clicking into place. Ichigo had to swallow down his horror as the full implications of what that could only mean eat away his mind.

This was why the man acted the way he did. The smiles, the lies, the celebrity persona and the distant way the man handled himself the moment they had set foot in this damn, color-wheel of a city. This was what Finnick was doing that night Ichigo found him on the couch, exhausted and drained with dull lifeless eyes. And since there was no way in fucking hell Finnick would voluntarily cheat on Annie, it could only mean-

“I’m gonna kill them.” An odd, sharp sense of calm was overtaking him, this newfound resolution ringing with finality and cold rage. “They’re not human, none of them. I’m not even gonna give them the time to become hollows. I’ll personally drag them kicking and screaming into hell before they can even think of running away.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying right now, but don’t do whatever you’re thinking about.” Finnick cautioned, snapping the teen out of it. Ichigo had slipped into Japanese for the first time in months, and he hadn’t even noticed.

Ichigo forced himself to breathe, to resist the urge to screw subtlety and plans and just slaughter the whole lot of them. Killing symptoms, not the root, wasn’t going to change anything.

But goddamnit, it would feel damn good to just blow this whole place to smithereens.

“How long?” a thought suddenly struck Ichigo and he couldn’t stop the rising revulsion bubble up to the surface of his voice. “Right after?”


Ichigo’s shoulders slightly deflated, though he was still tense. He could sense there was more.

Finnick sighed, running a weary hand through his hair. And still shirtless, Ichigo belatedly noted.

He had the ridiculous urge to stuff the man in a thick jacket that covered everything. The kind of clothes that Finnick showed off suddenly was making Ichigo nauseous.

“Fourteen is young, and nobody wants to be called a pedophile. There’s standards.” Finnick snorted bitterly, sea-green eyes shadowed as if recalling an unpleasant memory. “Sixteen on the other hand…”

Deep breaths, Ichigo. Don’t commit homicide. Think about how it’ll only make everything worse if you do, even if it would be worth it.

After a considerable amount of time trying to calm down, Ichigo finally asked, “What would happen if you say if no?”

A humorless smile curled up the end of Finnick’s mouth. It made him look decades older than he should be.

“What do you think?”

Well. That answered that.

“There’s nothing I can do?” Ichigo had to ask. Helplessness was beginning to burn in his bloodstreams, hands again clenching uselessly at his sides. He hated the feeling with a visceral fervency and shit, why was it Ichigo who had to have accidently come to this world? Urahara surely would’ve come up with a hundred ways to get out of this situation, have everyone play by his tune before they realize what happened. Figured out what was happening to Finnick sooner and tried to help. Hell, Yoruichi would’ve assassinated Snow in a heartbeat the moment she caught wind of all the shit that was happening here.

But here Ichigo was, stuck and frustrated beyond belief, unable to do anything.

A hand was suddenly squeezing his shoulder, jolting Ichigo out of the self-depricating spiral he had been spinning further down in. Finnick was looking at him with sea-green eyes that blazed with ruthless determination. It was the most real expression Ichigo’s ever seen from the man.

“There is.” Finnick said grimly. “Win.”

Notes: I have finally updated this. My god I struggled with this chapter, hahaha. I hope you all enjoy this long-awaited update and thank you for waiting so patiently!

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Tell me your favorite Bleach character and I’ll give you an A+ Awesome band/artist to listen to

Because music is the best for imagination.The choices are very subjective but I’ll try to explain each one a bit. Most of the bands I put here I quite niche, so prepare for a lot of new stuff for your playlists ^^. I put links to sample of the band songs, but these are just samples and it’s worth it to check more than one song per band ;)

Hope you’ll have a nice time listening to the music that matches your babes <3 

1. Ichigo - Turin Brakes

Ichigo was calm, protective and committed, and so is a lot of music of this band. Light, easy to listen to rock with loving lyrics = Ichigo at the times of peace, in his natural self. Give it a listen, I think you’ll like it.

2. Orihime – Johanna Kurkela

Dreamy music and the sweet voice of Johanna matches Orihime a lot. And so do the lyrics. Recommend.

3. Aizen- Tool

Probably everyone who knows Tool has already expected it here, as it’s very often said to be the “music for smart people XD This music is for sure carefully planned, with references to mathematics and complex structures spread throughout. Perfect for Aizen fans.

4. Urahara- Triumvirat

Triumvirat has very fun and playful music, and yet it is full of complexity and virtuosity. Just like Urahara, who seems dorky but after all, he’s one of Bleach’s geniuses. 

5. Rukia- Tori Amos

Tori’s music is thoughtful, confident and very personal. The general atmosphere of her music just really reminds me of Rukia when she opens up her heart and voices her concerns.

6. Renji- Billy Talent

Renji needs slightly heavier music with a clear tune. He’s not a very complex person, he’s energetic and fast-paced in most actions. And the first band I could think of having those qualities happened to be Billy Talent.

7. Shinji- Richard Cheese

Richard Cheese is just perfect. The guy makes mostly jazzy covers of well-known songs, which really change them a lot; and I think this is exactly what us Shinji fans need. Jazz + touch of modernity + unapologetic lyrics? Bring it on.

8. Kensei- King Tubby

I don’t know what it is about dub, but this genre seems so Kensei to me. It’s rhythmic, strong and just so damn cool. I’m sorry, this is very subjective. But just imagine Kensei listening to this.

9. Kyoraku/Starrk- Bright Eyes

I decided to lump Kyoraku and Starrk together here because they’re pretty much each other counterparts and this band matches them both. Some calm and chill music with the dark side (the lyrics) to it? Yeah, totally.

10. Ukitake- Renaissance

OH MY GOD PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS BAND. It’s wonderful, just like Ukitake. Delicate and harmonious but also so damn epic. I have no words for this awesomeness. For real.

11. Momo- Indila

This choice is just as sweet as the one for Orihime, but once you translate the lyrics, you can hear a cry of someone who was very hurt and is slowly getting up. Exactly like Momo…

12. Soifon- M.I.A.

I wasn’t sure about this choice, but I guess I’ll leave it. M.I.A. is just a really badass and strong-willed woman, and yes, I know her lyrics are pretty political but the music and general vibe is something that I think will appeal to Soifon fans.

13. Yoruichi- Salt-n-Pepa

The way Yoruichi goes around nakedness, contacts with people and in general about life seems just pretty similar to Salt-n-Pepa badass sexual liberation of women. Give it a listen if you liked Yoruichi’s light attitudes.

14. Zaraki- Pathfinder

Epic shit right there, people. Enter a killing spree with Zaraki in your mindscape with balls-kicking rapid Pathfinder tunes. He would approve.

15. Mayuri/Szayel- Infected Mushroom

We have just the right amount of fuckedupness in this music for those two science weirdos, trust me. If you’re the best kind of a person  a sick fuck  a fan of one or both of them, you’re already conditioned to love this music, friend.

16. Rose- Lacrimosa

No one has doubts that Rose = gothic stuff, right? There’s a lot of cool stuff to choose from there, but I guess I’ll stick with Lacrimosa. I don’t see Rose going into super heavy music, rather the symphonic and delicate tunes we have here. Hope you’ll like it, dear emos <3

17. Kira- Alcest

For Kira something alternating between sweet and heavy with sad lyrics is a perfect choice - that’s why I’ll go for Alcest stuff. Yeah, the way we get to know him is a pretty depressed and broken person, but he used to be such a cutiepie.

18. Gin- Gnaw their Tongues

Woohoo, content warning extreme themes and ear rape. Gin might have turned out “not fully evil”, but he still was a sadist and sociopath pretty much the entire plot of Bleach. He seems like someone who would have a taste in fucked up music - that’s why I present you with a compilation of extreme sadism and the music that will haunt you for years.

19. Unohana- Jill Tracy

Continuing with haunting stuff, this one is just creepy. Quiet and melodic, yet with so much underlying danger. Like Unohana, who was quiet and helpful, but turned out to be a psychopathic killer. Enjoy, creeps.

20. Byakuya- The Jezabels

I have to admit I had a hard time to choose something here. But I think if you like Byakuya, you’ll probably like some soft indie with lyrics about love and suffering (backstoryyy). And it’s just a cool band.

21. Hitsugaya- Tom Odell

Tom Odell and Hitsugaya share being young and talented, composed and strong-willed. I also didn’t find it easy to choose something here, but give it a go. I think you might like it, dear Toshiro fan.

22. Yachiru- Babymetal

Baby…..metal….. do I even need to explain anything? No? Great XD

23. Halibel- Reykjavíkurdætur

If you’re a fan of Halibel and her fracciones, you’ll certainly be fond of a super cool and real badass group of rapping feminists, right? XD

24. Ulquiorra- Woodju

Music that focuses a lot on creating an epic atmosphere with not much loudness will be me go-for style for Ulquiorra fans. After all, Ulquiorra was a quiet and closed character, and yet, after all, he gave a lot of feelings to his fans. Woodju’s atmosphere just matches him, check it out.

25. Grimmjow- Van Canto

Some more epic stuff here. Van Canto makes covers of a lot of battle-related metal and hard rock music (a genre that seems very Grimmjow to me) BUT they use only their voices and percussion for it. IMO, it makes it even more powerful. Have fun.

26. Nnoitra- Wintersun

Oh, Nnoitra… so ready to battle yet always so sad and hateful… just like the music of Wintersun. It’s intense, epic… but when you go to the lyrics, you’ll find probably the most depressive thing you’ll see today. Actually, Wintersun made me think about Nnoitra more in depth for the first time before analyzing how much problems he actually had. 

27. Giselle - Nicole Dollanganger

I don’t know if Gigi has any fans, but this music matches her so much. It’s totally fucked up when it comes to lyrics and content, but still sang in a cute girly voice and girly wording. Just felt like putting it here as well.

Yeah, so that’s it for now! I might have not included some characters, but if they are your favorite, just ask for it and I’ll find you a band (or a few of them) as well ^^

If you have other suggestions for music styles that match the characters I put in this post, also let me know! It’s always good to expand the playlists xoxo

  • Bleach fan: HEY, YOU!!!
  • Me: yes?
  • Me: um..
  • Bleach fan: WELL!?!?!
  • Me: *sweats*
  • Bleach fan: WHICH ONE IS IT!?!?
  • Me: I don't even know man! I just wanna know what happened to the 13 Squads, why Aizen is back in jail, where is daddy Isshin and ishida, where the hell is Kon,Kisuke, and Cat lady, and like everything's gone to shit man! I don't even know anymore!!
Bleach Ending: The Unchanged Soul Society

The Bleach ending has left me, and many other readers, in a state of some confusion and dissatisfaction. So I’d like to talk about one of the unfulfilled promises of the story, one that is of greater concern to me than any other.

From the first time we begin to learn more about Soul Society, it becomes apparent that this is not a perfect, heavenly afterlife. Families are separated in the Rukongai and may never find each other; the Rukongai itself is broken into many districts, some of them fine places to live and some of them horrifying places where the residents suffer greatly until they die. Additionally, the Rukongai is separated from Seireitei by a literal wall. The only way to escape the Rukongai and enter Seireitei is by signing up to be a shinigami, and offering your life to a military organization.

Inside the city, the residents live in comfort and peace, unconcerned with the fate of those outside. Justice is decided by the Central 46, an organization with no oversight, one that can dictate its whims to the Gotei 13 and expect them to be enforced without question.

An insane scientist, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, someone who has conducted thousands of cruel experiments on the living souls of the Quincy, someone who uses the lives of his soldiers as pawns, someone who abuses physically and mentally his own created daughter, is a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13.

When Rukia Kuchiki is sentenced to death by the Central 46, an obviously excessive punishment for her crime, few residents of the Soul Society are willing to act to correct that injustice: the outsider Shiba clan, the kind-hearted Hanataro, Captain Ukitake, Captain Kyōraku, and their loyal underlings.

This universe is held together by a Soul King, a creature described by Aizen as a monster. Urahara does not contradict his characterization, and we never learn if the true nature of this being is anything other than monstrous.

Soul Society is a place of corruption, injustice, and intolerable cruelties in the beginning of Bleach.

And Ichigo changes some of that with his determined rescue of Rukia. He shines a light on the injustice of Soul Society and frees Rukia, changing the hearts and minds of many shinigami in the process. But he hasn’t changed the inherent injustice of the separation of the Rukongai and Seireitei, or corrected the cruelties of the outer districts of the Rukongai.

The Soul Society rescue establishes a pattern for the reader, one of Ichigo changing Soul Society, and thus the universe, for the better, and leaves us with an unwritten promise that Ichigo will continue to change Soul Society. At this point in the story, I felt confident that by the end of Bleach, Soul Society would be a place of justice and equality, where the innocent residents of the afterlife weren’t subjected to unnecessary cruelties.

It’s also pretty common in this type of a shounen story for the hero to positively change the world beyond the simple defeat of the main villain, increasing my confidence in Ichigo’s future deeds. And when the Thousand Year Blood War Arc begins, that promise is still unfulfilled, but I believed that Ichigo, in this final arc, would truly change all of Soul Society, and the universe. (Souls cycle through multiple planes of existence, including the Soul Society, so actions changing Soul Society would necessarily also change the universe as a whole, as I see it.)

In the beginning of the arc, when Mayuri kills thousands of unarmed, innocent residents of the Rukongai to correct an imbalance of souls in the universe, Yamamoto rebukes him, not for killing those people, but for doing it without permission. Because Yamamoto would, of course, have granted permission to Mayuri. Alternative courses of action that do not involve the murder of innocents are not considered. This incident, in particular, shines a light on how cruel and unjust Soul Society remains even after Ichigo’s rescue of Rukia produced some changes to the system. The residents of those districts in Rukongai cannot even afford shoes; the sandal prints are what allows the Vice Captains to deduce the murders were committed by shinigami.

I believe readers are meant to be horrified by this incident, by Mayuri’s actions and Yamamoto’s casual acceptance of them. I believe it tells us that Soul Society must still change, and the unwritten promise rises again, that this change to the universe will happen in this final arc.

Yamamoto’s death early in the war also points to a coming major change to Soul Society; the old guard, represented by Yamamoto, Unohana, and Sasakibe, is removed by death. Shunsui Kyōraku, a man who stood against Soul Society to aid in Rukia’s rescue, a man who kept hidden Nanao’s zanpakutō to protect her—an action that would have likely been punished heavily, given the death sentence Nanao’s mother received for losing the sword—becomes the new Captain Commander. He’s a man who is capable of accepting major changes to the way Soul Society works, a man who would likely welcome a more just and equitable universe.

Kyōraku is not the man who will bring about that change—that’s for the hero of Bleach, Ichigo, to do. At this point, a major reordering of the universe seems inevitable. The Soul King is eaten by Yhwach, the universe may crumble—and Ichigo must set it right, correcting the flaws and bringing about a better, more balanced world.

But that never happens. In the end, we never find out the true nature of the Soul King; we never even find out how the universe is being held together without a Soul King. Aizen may have become the new Soul King, but it’s not stated; we don’t even know how they managed to recapture the immortal Aizen—a man with a stone that grants wishes inside his chest and a sword that creates any illusion at his beck and call. In the final chapter, he is in his prison, not the Royal Realm, without any explanation, so I don’t think we should simply assume he is the new Soul King without further evidence.

Does the Royal Realm even exist anymore? Is there a Soul King on that throne? We will never know.

Beyond these plot holes, we discover that Soul Society is not fundamentally changed at all. Kyōraku tells Ukitake’s grave that they have rebuilt Soul Society; he says nothing about changing it. In the most telling sign of all, Mayuri remains a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13. This murderer, this person operating in disdain for the law and for basic decency—even now he’s installed a secret spying network during the rebuild of Seireitei—he has not received any justice for his crimes.

There is no justice. Ichigo has not changed the universe for the better, as we were led to believe he would; he has simply reset things as they were before. The promise of justice, equality, and fairness goes unfulfilled.

There is no change.

For me, this is the most disappointing aspect of the Bleach ending. I believed that Ichigo was a hero that would change the whole universe, setting things right for those innocent souls crossing over into a cruel afterlife. I believed that he would accomplish that change as he had rescued Rukia, with his resolute will, his sharp sword, and his loyal friends. But he did not.

A fundamental promise that the story made has been broken, and that makes the ending of Bleach all the more unfulfilling for me, and perhaps for other readers, as well.

The Commander’s passion, it’s as if… It’s flowing outwards… I had returned to provide support for the Commander… But in the end… He’s the one supporting me. Me… Who can’t even stand on her own two feet… MeWhom he’s always supported 

Sorry for lack of updates, and I’m sorry it’s taking so long! Even though it’s been several weeks now since Bleach has ended, I hope some of you are still with me/will come by as I make slow but steady progress on my Bleach Ending Fix-It Project (as I will now be calling it).

Right now I’ve put a temporary break on drawing the actual chapters because I wanted to solidify my world building a bit more. I’ve spent a lot of time going over the Bleach manga, finished re-watching the Fullbringer arc and am doing a re-read of the Blood War arc. And lemme say, it is even more of a train wreck than I remember -.-;;

This was originally supposed to be a, “Let’s do a quick chapter or two showing what happened to all the characters who never showed up the last 2 chapters, and wrapping up some major hanging plot threads and ignoring ships,” project, but as I dug deeper into the base premise of Bleach, I realized that wasn’t going to satisfy me.

I’ve written pages upon pages of meta that I will bounce off my poor friends and I’ll refrain from sharing here until I have more concrete answers, but to give you a gist of the points I’m trying to incorporate/answer, all more or less tied together: what prompted Aizen to try to gain power; how Ginjou gained his powers and what prompted him to go rogue; the Soul King, his purpose, and why he was a limbless, soulless husk; the four Noble houses and why the Shiba clan fell from the fifth; why most of Soul Society is in poverty and why people seem complacent with this; Central 46 being sketchy af; why engaging with people of different dimensions (whether it by giving a human soul reaper powers, or gaining hollow powers) is considered so taboo; assuming Orihime is not a Fullbringer, what the hell is she; the balance of souls between worlds and how the past 2 wars influenced this; the premise of what it means to be a soul reaper/hollow/quincy/other spiritually-powered entity.

On top of that, I’m a huge stickler for costume design and I want all of my favs to have cool revamped outfits for my chapters. This also takes time and many, many attempts. Above is my finalized version of Grimm my bae and this week I also finished up Nel and Halibel’s designs ^ ^

So you can see how this is taking a while. ^ ^; But I’ve reached quite a few interesting revelations, and hope that through them I can give Bleach the resolution it deserves.

Anyway, check my tag, come talk to me, and let’s hope I have the strength to see this through! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Animes in a nutshell
  • Naruto: Sasuke no
  • SnK: Eren no
  • Free!: 50% off
  • Haikyuu!!: protect each and every one of them
  • Magi: Sinbad more like daddy
  • Yuri on Ice!!!: omg is canon
  • Death Note: that's the coolest way of eating chips, while killing the sinners
  • Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo is the real dad here
  • Bleach: Plot twist: Ichigo is now a Vocaloid
  • Mirai Nikki: I know you are stalking me but at some point that started getting hot and bloody
  • Death Parade: oh what a cheerfull opening this is probably a comedy
  • Gsnk: can you stop turning everything into shoujo manga for the live of god Nozaki
  • Noragami: By the price of 1 yen get a hot god to do your laundry, you get the full packet baby!
  • PMMM: magical girls! This is probably girly right? *sobbing uncontrollably*
  • HxH: ok so this kids are gay, this bitch is gay, and this are mutant ants understood? So what do we hunt?
  • One piece: you would think that after 19 years they would be at the half of their journey

~When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it~

Imagine a fic where an SI/OC is reborn as Aizen Sousuke’s twin, because that dynamic has the potential to be so incredibly fascinating. Like just imagine it– you know that your brother may be destined to become one of the greatest threats to the afterlife. You already see signs of the monster he could one day become– even at a very young age, he was disturbingly talented at manipulating those around him, and although you do your best to instill a moral compass into him, for all his intelligence, there are some things he just doesn’t understand and compassion is one of them. He wields power as easily as breathing and it honestly terrifies you at times, despite your best efforts to put on a brave face. You already know that he’ll soon surpass you, even if you do have the advantage of an extra lifetime’s experience. You can see exactly how he could grow up to be the stuff of nightmares and the worst part is, you know that if he does, you won’t be strong enough to stop him. 

But despite all of that, he’s your brother– no, your twin. You watched him grow up, you know that he hates asparagus and loves the smell of tea, that he likes butterflies and thinks glasses look cool. He’s not a monster yet, he’s just a boy– one who trusts you and looks towards you for answers (why is the sky blue, why do we get hungry and other people don’t, why do the other kids hate us just because we can do stuff better than them, why did mom leave us, why, why, why). Although there’s something undeniably broken (wrong) about him, it’s just as undeniable that he loves you, as much as he is able to (and you love him in return). And so instead of holding him at a distance, which would be the smart thing to do, you instead find yourself dreading the day he no longer needs you and casts you aside. It may be stupid and a part of you hates yourself for depending on him so much, but he’s all you have in this world (how do you stop yourself from clinging to the only precious person you have left?). 

You tell yourself you don’t know what you’ll do if the worst happens, and your brother one day turns into a symbol of everything you stand against.

(It’s a lie. You know exactly where you’ll be– and it’ll be at his side.)