bleach net


if i cut off your arms and i cut off your legs, 
would you still love me anyway?

Fun facts:

IchiHime has roughly 2.8K fanfics on, categorized by “Romance” and character pairings.

IchiRuki has 10,000+

UlquiHime interestingly comes in relatively strong at 2,000+ 

For comparison:

RenRuki has 768 (what!?).

YoruHara has 277.

GinRan is 847.

And for fun, RenjiHime is 133.

This means roughly 1/8, or 12.5% of all the Bleach fiction on are IchiRuki. At least their fandom will live on. You’ll have new writers and artists come in, too. Bleach is still the fourth most popular anime written about on, despite its dwindling away.