bleach mill


***Starting Commissions!!!***

Things have gotten insane financially and between car maintenance, the upcoming school semester, paying off multiple debts, and the holidays, every little bit helps. I’ve been avoiding this because having to produce something that may not be in my time range or ability level is daunting and there are those annoying days where it feels like nothing is coming out right. But if you describe what you’d like I’ll let you know if it’s something I can attempt. I’m open to doing any series, characters, pairings, fandoms, and OCs. I’m not accustomed to doing NSFW content - mild stuff may be considered but nothing explicit.


• Head/Bust (pencil and/or ink): $3.00

• Torso to Full body (pencil and/or ink): $4.00

• Color (copics or colored pencils): additional $1.00

• Baseline is 1 to 2 characters. 3 or more: additional $1.00 per character.

For now everything will be done traditionally but I’m hoping to eventually learn to use art software well enough to also do some digital stuff. Feel free to drop a request or questions/comments in my ask or messenger and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Feedback is welcome and any commissions are greatly appreciated!