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How did I forget this?!

I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out already on Tumblr (and I honestly don’t know how I forgot about it) but I was going through my copy of BLEACH Official Bootleg: Colour BLEACH Plus, and when I got to the end of the Seireitei Communication magazine part, I saw the ‘Next month in the Sereitei Bulletin Tenth Companys Toshiro Hitsugaya Special!’, I not only realised this was probabaly the result of that Shinigami Illutrated Guidebook with Rangiku, but this is on the cover:

“His childhood friend Momo Hinamori speaks. A super-lengthy 40,000-word interview

Snow and Watermelon and Shaved Ice ~ Our Days in Jurinan ~

Assistant Captain Hinamori remembers their childhood days…of nostalgic summers and many other memories. This is a must-read!”

So you’re telling me she did a 40,000-word interview on when they were like this:

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I…I needed this interview back then, and I need it even more now!! Also, lets just appreciate the fact that Kubo decided to include that little tibit at all!

EDIT: Now including photo evidence :D

Q & A with Hinamori

As requested by happypanda4444. :)

Hinamori is now going to answer some of the questions that you all sent in!

1. magicmilkbone said: Any tips on using kido? You’re really good right? / blueuchan said: Oh god. I want to know how do you become a master of kido. Is there a special class? Is it natural? Can you teach me kido?

Hinamori: Oh, um, thanks!

Hinamori: I guess I would say that kido is all about finesse and precision. Like, you can’t go at it with raw power, which is I guess why Abarai has so much trouble with it!

Hinamori: You got to be gentle, but also in control. 

Hinamori: And it doesn’t hurt to be a little sneaky.

Hinamori: You know, set an invisible net for your enemies, that sort of thing.

2. iamherenotthere said: You’re outstanding at Kido. Did the Kido Corps try to recruit you?

Hinamori: I-I’m not entirely sure, to be honest!

Hinamori: There was this one time that a guy in a wizard’s robe came to my room in the middle of the night and started to ask me something, but well, I was still a little jumpy from being stabbed all the time so I sorta hit him in the face with a lamp.


Hinamori: I feel like if I had used kido instead they might have come back. 

3. mazikem said:
How does it feel getting fatally stabbed all the time but still staying alive? / secretninja312 said: What’s your secret to surviving constantly being stabbed?

Hinamori: I think maybe I caught immortality from Aizen.

4. mietie117 said:
have you forgiven hitsugaya for stabbing you that one time?

Hinamori: Of course I have.

Hinamori: He’s one of my best friends, and he didn’t even mean to stab me!

Hinamori: Whereas when I tried to kill him, I meant it.

Hinamori: Like, really really meant it.

Hinamori: So, um, I feel like I can’t really judge him too hard, you know?

5. questern said:
Where’s your favorite place to read?

Hinamori: In a giant pile of blankets!

Hinamori: Nanao taught me that!

6. primtheamazing said: Do you have a natural distrust towards men with glasses now?

Hinamori: Well of course! Who wouldn’t?

Hinamori: I mean, name ONE male Bleach character with glasses who hasn’t been a villain!

Hinamori: Aizen….Ishida…Szayel….

Hinamori: Glasses are basically a badge of evil.

7. ou8-lovi-vargas said:
In the Bleach official bootleg book, we saw you made glasses shaped cookies, do you still make them?

Hinamori: Well, sure! Cookies in the shape of glasses are delicious!

Hinamori: I just don’t make them shaped like *Aizen’s* glasses anymore.

8. bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin said: Hi!! I luv you Hinamori!!! You’re so cute and pretty! Anyway, here’s my question: What did you think of Shinji when you first saw him, like your first thoughts of him and stuff? 

Hinamori: I do remember my first thought.

Hinamori: It’s a little embarassing though!

Hinamori: Becuase he walked up and said hi and he was smiling.

Hinamori: And I was just thinking, “His teeth are so square.”

Hinamori: Because they are. So square.

9. fateh-black said: What’s the best part of being Shinji’s lieutenant? / rythik78 said: How is working with shinji like ? / cute-suzuya98 said: What do you think of shinji, your new captain of squad 5? / loudlydelightfulstranger said: Momo, what do you think of Shinji as your new captain? / renruki-fan said: Hey, Momo-chan ! Did you get used well to Shinji’s… Special personnality ? / sweetprincessandpreaches said: What do you think of Shinji and his Shinji-ness? Do you think he won’t deceive you? / hashtagartistlife said: Have there been any interesting changes in Squad 5 since Shinji became captain?

Hinamori: Oh gosh, I guess everybody really wants to know what I think of Captain Hirako, huh?

Hinamori: It was a little rough at first. I mean, he’s very - forward, and sarcastic, and he likes to use insults as affection.

Hinamori: And I guess I was a little wary of captains, at that point.

Hinamori: But I think our relationship is pretty strong now! In the end it helped that he was jokey and silly and a little abrasive.

Hinamori: It meant that he wasn’t like Aizen-taicho at all. 

Hinamori: And best of all, it meant that he wasn’t treating me like I needed to be coddled, like everybody else was.

Hinamori: I was just his subordinate. And that’s been wonderful. 

10. king-buster said: How would you react if you saw Aizen again but this time fighting for the Shinigami? / suevanhelsing said: How about what she would do if she ever mets Aizen-sama again?? / demetraha said: What do you think about the possibility of Aizen being important to defeat the Quincy,after all he did to you and the soul society

Hinamori: I always thought that Aizen had some good in him.

Hinamori: But I also know he can’t be trusted.

Hinamori: I think if he helped out part of me would be happy.

Hinamori: And the other part would buy body armor. 

11. kageshini1 said: How did you and toshiro meet as children?

Hinamori: We were next door neighbors, and my mom knew his grandmother.

Hinamori: Shiro was really adorable as a little kid!

Hinamori: And I noticed that he was always alone, and seemed sad, so I always tried to spend time with him. 

12. lologreenevines said: Hi Momo! Have you ever considered writing a book? If you did, what do you think it would be about? :)

Hinamori: I think I’d write about a young, naive girl and an older, experienced woman, and how they became friends, and how the older woman taught the younger about the world, and the younger taught the older how to dream.

Hinamori: Basically how their friendship changed them both!

13. angryfourthsquadcaptain said: Did you purposely make your hair look like Rukia’s?

Hinamori: Y-yeah. I just feel like Rukia and I should be better friends, you know?

Hinamori: Ice and fire! Peach and peach! 

Hinamori: And then Hisagi told me that if you want to be friends with someone you should steal one of their physical attributes and, well, Rukia doesn’t have any tattoos.

14. illogicat said: Do you enjoy being a member of the SWA? If so, what’s your favorite activity been?

Hinamori: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun!

Hinamori: We had this pajama reading party once. Well, only Nanao, Isane and I actually tried to read. Rangiku brought booze and it sorta devolved into a drunken sleepover.

Hinamori: But it was a lot of fun!

15. imneveraperfectperson said: One thing you’d say to your past self?

Hinamori: Oh gosh. So many things.

Hinamori: I’d want to say that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Or someone.

Hinamori: I’d tell myself that even if the feelings are real, they aren’t always right.

Hinamori: But I guess if I had to just say one thing, I’d go with “Nobody good tells you to murder your best friend.”


Hinamori: Sad that I had to tell myself that, really.