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Hinamori gets a lot of hate from the BLEACH fandom unfortunately. I decided to list actual comments I read that stuck out to me and how it contradicts with canon material or displays double standards.

Fandom: OMG Hinamori is so weak and useless, she can’t do anything! So underwhelming and unimpressive!!

Hinamori: *was in the AP class at the Shin'ō Academy, master at kido and seems to be one of the few with that title, capable of combining multiple kidos into one, fire type zanpakuto, one fireball from her zanpakuto was able to deflect Apacci’s cero and defeat soldats, capable of using 90s level kidou, is a lieutenant, uses the fact that people underestimates her to her advantage, easily broke out of jail, is smart and calculated when in battle, is capable of healing*

Hitsugaya: *Praises Hinamori’s work ethic* She worked hard to become your vice captain

Matsumoto: This girl… When did she get so powerful..?

Soi-fon: The wounds that girl and I suffered during the fights only just healed thanks to vice-captain Hinamori effort

The Death Save the Strawberry: Hinamori made an excellent recovery and she worked hard as Shinji’s newest vice-captain. The way she worked though, reminded Shinji of Aizen

Nel: *is the former third espada* they’re harribel sama’s three fraccións. They’re super strong and super scary. Plus they’re always trying to kill each other like some kinda cannibal animals. They’re a gang of three super crazy monsters…! If those three are here, then the enemy army is already as good as obliterated…………! UOOOOOOOOOOAAAHHH THEY’RE SO SCARY, ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Hinamori: *damaged all three of Harribel’s fraccións enough for them to all go into their resurrección forms without a lot of effort, something Rangiku couldn’t do, and she did so even though it was three against one. Plus she did all this despite the fact that she hasn’t fully recovered from her Soul Society Arc ordeal yet. She may not have truly defeated them, but they were so strong, Rangiku, Izuru, and Shuuhei couldn’t even wound Allon. Even Yamamoto couldn’t kill them. So why don’t we call Yamamoto weak?*

Fandom: UGGGGGGH Hinamori is so selfish and whiny

Hitsugaya: (about Hinamori in the drama CD track 08 “Flashback) You’ve always been like this since long ago. Always concerned about everyone else

Hinamori: *never whined, stood up against Byakuya for Renji, was very worried about Renji at the beginning of the SS arc, tried to kill her childhood friend to avenge her captain even though she didn’t want to. Despite not being fully healed, she went to Fake Karakura Town anyways because she wanted to fight for the soul society and help her comrades. Rushes to Rangiku’s aid and quickly made a bakudo to soften her fall after Rangiku was attacked by Allon. Made healing Rangiku her number one priority, thus dropping her guard even though she should be scared for her own safety. Told Izuru to quickly help Rangiku even though she was under immense pain, had a pierced lung that may even have been collapsed. Immediately tried to attack Bambietta after she attacked Shinji despite how powerful Bambietta is. First response to hearing that Kyoraku was fighting Lille was “We’ve all go to go and support captain Kyou-” “Wa… Wait a second captain!! You aren’t actually considering leaving captain kyouraku to fend for himself”. Spoke up against her captain because she believed heavily in helping others, wanted to help squad 11 with directions even though it meant being late herself*

Fandom: Hinamori is so stupid and gullible for believing the letter! She actually believes some random fake letter! She didn’t even consider that it might be fake!

Hinamori: *witnessed Aizen writing a letter the night he died making the letter more credible*

Rangiku: I found this in captain Aizen’s room…. I don’t know what it says, but as an assistant captain, you should be honoured to know that your captain’s last words were for you. Read it with appreciation.

Hinamori: *hears that it was actually found in his room, which makes the letter more likely that it was the one Aizen was writing while she was there, is also told to read the letter with appreciation and to honour Aizen’s last words, which is exactly what she does, and would be what Rangiku would do too. Also sees that the letter is in his writing and what are the chances that someone can forge so well?*

Fandom: Hinamori didn’t even question the letter, it was easier for her to believe that Hitsugaya was a bad guy than for her to believe that Aizen-taicohooo lied!

Aizen: *his deflection was considered one of the greatest plot twists in anime history*

Hinamori: *reads the letter* I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the letter. For a time… I didn’t believe it… I didn’t want to believe it!! *was clearly not in the best mentality due to the chaos caused by the ryoka, being worried about Renji, and grieving over her “dead” captain*

Hitsugaya: Hinamori’s too upset to think straight. *meaning that if Hinamori wasn’t going through such an ordeal, she may have thought it out better and listen to Hitsugaya’s logic*

Fandom: Hinamori had no problems with trying to kill Hitsugaya!! What a lunatic!

Hinamori: *begins crying while trying to kill him because he means a lot to her, was gripping her sword so hard that she began bleeding, pauses while trying to kill him, didn’t even activate shikai or use kidou so she wasn’t trying very hard* I don’t know what to think anymore.. Shiro *meaning that she isn’t really sure to believe the letter or not either, and calls him by his nickname to show that she still loves him even though she’s trying to kill him*

Fandom: Hinamori is a terrible person for trying to kill her childhood best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izuru: *tried to kill Rangiku*

Renji & Byakuya: *was okay with Rukia’s execution*

Hinamori: *was merely following the rules of the Gotei 13 by obeying her captain’s orders, whether the letter was true or not, for the sake of the soul society, it would have been a lot better for them to lose an innocent captain than to have Toshiro destroy the entire soul society, so it was the best choice to not ignore Aizen’s final wish, and in her position, how could she not even try to honour her beloved captain’s final wish?*

Fandom: Hinamori is a horrible friend to Hitsugaya! She doesn’t deserve him, I doooooo!!!

Hinamori: *was friends with him when everyone else was afraid of him, spent everyday with him, visited him whenever she was on break from school, maintained a strong bond with him even though they now have busy jobs, remembered his birthday when no one else did, baked him a peach pie, gave him a present and watched fireworks with him for his birthday, spent almost 4 hours with him talking about their childhood for a Seireitei Bulletin article. Despite believing that he plotted Rukia’s execution, killed her captain, and is about to destroy the entire soul society, she is still reluctant to kill him. Despite it being Aizen’s “last” wish and from a credible letter, she is still reluctant to kill him. Clearly really cares about Hitsugaya*

Hitsugaya: *is the only person with the right of deciding who he deserves, is willing to give up everything for her, trains hard so he can be able to protect her and remains close friends with her even though she’s a supppper bad friend according to the fandom*

Fandom: What she did to Hitsugaya is unforgivable!!

Hitsugaya: *never blamed her for the incident, immediately forgave her*

Hinamori: *is the only one out of all the lieutenants of a captain that deflected to not be put on trial on suspicions of deflection because the central 46 understood that she was just a victim of Aizen trolling, doesn’t receive any criticism from other characters for what she did*

Fandom: She is only a lieutenant because Aizen chose her so he can manipulate her! I feel bad for Shinji getting her as a vice captain. Couldn’t he fire her on the fact that she’s sociopathic and awful? She should be removed from the gotei 13 just for the sheer stupidity she possesses. Actually, scratch removing her from the gotei 13, they should just execute her instead because she’d still find a way to hinder the protagonists

Aizen: *should also not be considered a lieutenant according to the fandom since Shinji only chose him so he can keep an eye on him*

Izuru: *was also stated by Aizen that he was Gin’s subordinate so that they can manipulate him*

Shinji: *asked her to be his vice-captain and said that they should work together to bring prosper to the 5th division*

Hinamori: *actually worked for her rank and didn’t inherit it (i.e Omaeda, Byakuya, Yoruichi, Soi-fon) nor have special connections (i.e Rukia, Nemu, Nanao, Yachiru). Maintained her high rank despite not being in the best condition. If she wasn’t skilled, central 46 wouldn’t have allowed her to be a lieutenant even if Aizen chose her, was never deemed unworthy of her rank by other characters*

Fandom: Hinamori should just die, no one likes her

Hinamori: *has a lot of friends within the Gotei 13 (Renji, Izuru, Shuhei, Toshiro, Rangiku, Nanao, Shinji), despite not appearing a lot in the series, she still ranked 9th in the 2nd popularity poll, 12th in the 3rd, 6th in the 4th and 16th in the one for 13 blades*

Nanao: How have you been feeling, H-Hinamori? If you have any concerns, I’d be glad to lend a sympathetic ear! Let’s read a book together again.

Unohana: We’ve been getting lots of inquiries at the barracks, but please do not worry. Assistant Captain Hinamori is well.

Death Save the Strawberry: Hinamori said she is useless and how everyone is forgetting her, but Shinji retorted back by saying everyone cared for her, that’s why she is resting and they’re working outside there.

Bleach Official Bootleg Color Bleach Plus: Naturally she is popular with members of other companies. It’s understandable.

Fandom: The story would be exactly the same without her so she’s pointless

SS arc: *would not be as interesting*

Shuhei: *would have died during that field trip*

Rangiku: *would have been killed by Tres Bestias*

Toshiro: *may have fallen into depression as a child due to not having any friends. Wouldn’t have a reason to train so hard thus never achieving his potential. Also wouldn’t be as interesting as a character as we would never see the protective, caring, or enraged side of him*

Omaeda: *may have been killed by soldats in TYBW*

Soi-fon & Shinji: *may have succumb to their injuries and died during the TYBW*

Fandom: Ew she’s ugly, she looks like a boy! What is that thing?

Kira: *has a crush on her*

Toshiro: *also has a crush on her*

Bleach Official Bootleg Color Bleach Plus: This cute assistant captain…

Hinamori: *is canonly visually appealing*

Fandom: Kira feels super guilty about defending himself against Momo. Whereas she feels absolutely nothing. She’s sociopathic!

Momo: *didn’t want to fight during the SS arc, felt distraught with all the ryoka chaos, felt so guilty about trying to kill Toshiro that she apologized to him immediately after waking up, was so happy that she received his forgiveness that she began crying, most likely made up with Kira off-screen considering there wasn’t any tension between them in FKT, asked Shinji if it was necessary to kill Gerard in such a brutal way, and then looked shocked when Byakuya delivered a blow to Gerard*

Fandom: The dumb bitch called Aizen captain even after knowing all the bad stuff he did, ugggh she should get over him!

Rukia & Renji: *also calls Aizen captain after they found out that he’s evil*

Rangiku: *still believed in Toshiro after he deflected in DDR movie*

Kira: *repeatedly called Ichimaru captain during FKT, stated that 90% of his squad likes Gin, drew a cell-phone modeled after Gin in an omake and wanted to make fox shaped red bean stuffed buns for the Jump festa*

Soi-Fon: *should also be shamed by the fandom according to their logic of not getting over someone even though they did bad stuff since Yoruichi assisted in a criminal’s escape then abandoned the soul society, but Soi-Fon couldn’t get over her despite her crime and not seeing her for 100 years*

Kaname: *betrayed Soul Society, tried to kill Shuhei and Komamura, turns into a bug, called Komamura ugly*

Komamura: *still believes in Kaname and considers him a friend*

Shuhei: *repeatedly called Tousen captain during FKT, defended Tousen and called him captain during TYBW even when he had a new captain who is also his childhood hero*

Mayuri: *was horrible during the SS arc, blew up his own squad members, treated Nemu like crap, experiments on people and is sadistic*

Nemu: *still feels deeply about Mayuri and calls him “Master Mayuri”*

Momo: *last time she spoke of Aizen in a positive way in canon was during the phone call with Toshiro, which was 9 years ago. Is over Aizen and did it in a matter of only 17 months manga time, whereas it took decades for Rukia to get over Kaien and over 40 years for Renji to speak to Rukia*

Fandom: All Momo is is an Aizen fangirl!

Menoly & Loly: *also Aizen fangirls at one point, might still be*

Ukitake: *is a lot alike to Aizen before he betrayed soul society*

Sentarō: *is a huge Ukitake fan*

Kiyone: *also a huge Ukitake fan, got a nosebleed just by looking at a photo of Ukitake*

Aizen: *put up a facade for over a century that he was a good guy, deceived literally everyone, had a lot of fangirls, saved Momo’s life, gave her many good reasons to admire him, manipulated her for decades, is a master manipulator, the big bad of BLEACH, and almost everything goes according to his plan*

Momo: *is a lot more than a girl who admired Aizen deeply, but a victim of Aizen’s manipulation and abuse when she was only a teenager. However, despite that she survived Aizen. He tried to kill her four different times and she survived them all. Only one to repeatedly exceed Aizen’s expectations. Moved on and lived without Aizen even though he said he made it so that she can’t live without him. Shows that you don’t need to be curvalicious to be deemed attractive for she is already beautiful inside and out. Is an inspiration to abuse victims, showing that you can overcome your struggles. Displays a realistic recovery and realistic human traits. Is courageous and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Went through the most horrible shit but is still able to smile and mean it. Shows that even if you were abused, you can put your past behind you and look forward to a bright future. Is kind, sweet, selfless, a fighter and a great friend to many. Is someone’s motivation for getting stronger, someone’s life saver, and someone’s lieutenant. And finally, above all, she is amazing*

How did I forget this?!

I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out already on Tumblr (and I honestly don’t know how I forgot about it) but I was going through my copy of BLEACH Official Bootleg: Colour BLEACH Plus, and when I got to the end of the Seireitei Communication magazine part, I saw the ‘Next month in the Sereitei Bulletin Tenth Companys Toshiro Hitsugaya Special!’, I not only realised this was probabaly the result of that Shinigami Illutrated Guidebook with Rangiku, but this is on the cover:

“His childhood friend Momo Hinamori speaks. A super-lengthy 40,000-word interview

Snow and Watermelon and Shaved Ice ~ Our Days in Jurinan ~

Assistant Captain Hinamori remembers their childhood days…of nostalgic summers and many other memories. This is a must-read!”

So you’re telling me she did a 40,000-word interview on when they were like this:

Originally posted by the-substitute-soul-reaper

I…I needed this interview back then, and I need it even more now!! Also, lets just appreciate the fact that Kubo decided to include that little tibit at all!

EDIT: Now including photo evidence :D

Q & A with Hinamori

As requested by happypanda4444. :)

Hinamori is now going to answer some of the questions that you all sent in!

1. magicmilkbone said: Any tips on using kido? You’re really good right? / blueuchan said: Oh god. I want to know how do you become a master of kido. Is there a special class? Is it natural? Can you teach me kido?

Hinamori: Oh, um, thanks!

Hinamori: I guess I would say that kido is all about finesse and precision. Like, you can’t go at it with raw power, which is I guess why Abarai has so much trouble with it!

Hinamori: You got to be gentle, but also in control. 

Hinamori: And it doesn’t hurt to be a little sneaky.

Hinamori: You know, set an invisible net for your enemies, that sort of thing.

2. iamherenotthere said: You’re outstanding at Kido. Did the Kido Corps try to recruit you?

Hinamori: I-I’m not entirely sure, to be honest!

Hinamori: There was this one time that a guy in a wizard’s robe came to my room in the middle of the night and started to ask me something, but well, I was still a little jumpy from being stabbed all the time so I sorta hit him in the face with a lamp.


Hinamori: I feel like if I had used kido instead they might have come back. 

3. mazikem said:
How does it feel getting fatally stabbed all the time but still staying alive? / secretninja312 said: What’s your secret to surviving constantly being stabbed?

Hinamori: I think maybe I caught immortality from Aizen.

4. mietie117 said:
have you forgiven hitsugaya for stabbing you that one time?

Hinamori: Of course I have.

Hinamori: He’s one of my best friends, and he didn’t even mean to stab me!

Hinamori: Whereas when I tried to kill him, I meant it.

Hinamori: Like, really really meant it.

Hinamori: So, um, I feel like I can’t really judge him too hard, you know?

5. questern said:
Where’s your favorite place to read?

Hinamori: In a giant pile of blankets!

Hinamori: Nanao taught me that!

6. primtheamazing said: Do you have a natural distrust towards men with glasses now?

Hinamori: Well of course! Who wouldn’t?

Hinamori: I mean, name ONE male Bleach character with glasses who hasn’t been a villain!

Hinamori: Aizen….Ishida…Szayel….

Hinamori: Glasses are basically a badge of evil.

7. ou8-lovi-vargas said:
In the Bleach official bootleg book, we saw you made glasses shaped cookies, do you still make them?

Hinamori: Well, sure! Cookies in the shape of glasses are delicious!

Hinamori: I just don’t make them shaped like *Aizen’s* glasses anymore.

8. bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin said: Hi!! I luv you Hinamori!!! You’re so cute and pretty! Anyway, here’s my question: What did you think of Shinji when you first saw him, like your first thoughts of him and stuff? 

Hinamori: I do remember my first thought.

Hinamori: It’s a little embarassing though!

Hinamori: Becuase he walked up and said hi and he was smiling.

Hinamori: And I was just thinking, “His teeth are so square.”

Hinamori: Because they are. So square.

9. fateh-black said: What’s the best part of being Shinji’s lieutenant? / rythik78 said: How is working with shinji like ? / cute-suzuya98 said: What do you think of shinji, your new captain of squad 5? / loudlydelightfulstranger said: Momo, what do you think of Shinji as your new captain? / renruki-fan said: Hey, Momo-chan ! Did you get used well to Shinji’s… Special personnality ? / sweetprincessandpreaches said: What do you think of Shinji and his Shinji-ness? Do you think he won’t deceive you? / hashtagartistlife said: Have there been any interesting changes in Squad 5 since Shinji became captain?

Hinamori: Oh gosh, I guess everybody really wants to know what I think of Captain Hirako, huh?

Hinamori: It was a little rough at first. I mean, he’s very - forward, and sarcastic, and he likes to use insults as affection.

Hinamori: And I guess I was a little wary of captains, at that point.

Hinamori: But I think our relationship is pretty strong now! In the end it helped that he was jokey and silly and a little abrasive.

Hinamori: It meant that he wasn’t like Aizen-taicho at all. 

Hinamori: And best of all, it meant that he wasn’t treating me like I needed to be coddled, like everybody else was.

Hinamori: I was just his subordinate. And that’s been wonderful. 

10. king-buster said: How would you react if you saw Aizen again but this time fighting for the Shinigami? / suevanhelsing said: How about what she would do if she ever mets Aizen-sama again?? / demetraha said: What do you think about the possibility of Aizen being important to defeat the Quincy,after all he did to you and the soul society

Hinamori: I always thought that Aizen had some good in him.

Hinamori: But I also know he can’t be trusted.

Hinamori: I think if he helped out part of me would be happy.

Hinamori: And the other part would buy body armor. 

11. kageshini1 said: How did you and toshiro meet as children?

Hinamori: We were next door neighbors, and my mom knew his grandmother.

Hinamori: Shiro was really adorable as a little kid!

Hinamori: And I noticed that he was always alone, and seemed sad, so I always tried to spend time with him. 

12. lologreenevines said: Hi Momo! Have you ever considered writing a book? If you did, what do you think it would be about? :)

Hinamori: I think I’d write about a young, naive girl and an older, experienced woman, and how they became friends, and how the older woman taught the younger about the world, and the younger taught the older how to dream.

Hinamori: Basically how their friendship changed them both!

13. angryfourthsquadcaptain said: Did you purposely make your hair look like Rukia’s?

Hinamori: Y-yeah. I just feel like Rukia and I should be better friends, you know?

Hinamori: Ice and fire! Peach and peach! 

Hinamori: And then Hisagi told me that if you want to be friends with someone you should steal one of their physical attributes and, well, Rukia doesn’t have any tattoos.

14. illogicat said: Do you enjoy being a member of the SWA? If so, what’s your favorite activity been?

Hinamori: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun!

Hinamori: We had this pajama reading party once. Well, only Nanao, Isane and I actually tried to read. Rangiku brought booze and it sorta devolved into a drunken sleepover.

Hinamori: But it was a lot of fun!

15. imneveraperfectperson said: One thing you’d say to your past self?

Hinamori: Oh gosh. So many things.

Hinamori: I’d want to say that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Or someone.

Hinamori: I’d tell myself that even if the feelings are real, they aren’t always right.

Hinamori: But I guess if I had to just say one thing, I’d go with “Nobody good tells you to murder your best friend.”


Hinamori: Sad that I had to tell myself that, really.


Messages from captains and vice captains to shinigami cadets!

1.    What kind of shinigamis are you looking for?

2.    How’s the mood inside your division and its quarters?

3.    What are the terms/conditions for applying?

4.    A few words for the cadets.

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