bleach bootleg

How did I forget this?!

I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out already on Tumblr (and I honestly don’t know how I forgot about it) but I was going through my copy of BLEACH Official Bootleg: Colour BLEACH Plus, and when I got to the end of the Seireitei Communication magazine part, I saw the ‘Next month in the Sereitei Bulletin Tenth Companys Toshiro Hitsugaya Special!’, I not only realised this was probabaly the result of that Shinigami Illutrated Guidebook with Rangiku, but this is on the cover:

“His childhood friend Momo Hinamori speaks. A super-lengthy 40,000-word interview

Snow and Watermelon and Shaved Ice ~ Our Days in Jurinan ~

Assistant Captain Hinamori remembers their childhood days…of nostalgic summers and many other memories. This is a must-read!”

So you’re telling me she did a 40,000-word interview on when they were like this:

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I…I needed this interview back then, and I need it even more now!! Also, lets just appreciate the fact that Kubo decided to include that little tibit at all!

EDIT: Now including photo evidence :D