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Well, here's my opinion on this whole ordeal (I have made other posts about it, but whatever)

People are completely ignoring the fatphobia involved in this case! Loco said, with all the letters, that he lost weight because he saw a picture of himself next to Jay and he thought he looked like a pig!
He’s a grown ass man, yes. People can lose weight if they choose to, yes. Jay Park has any explicit fault in this? No. (not that I know of, anyway).
But they work in an industry where the aesthetic oppression and fatphobia walk hand in hand! For fuck’s sake, all around the world celebrities that aren’t in shape are crucified!
People that I NEVER heard talking about Loco are all like “ahh yes he’s so hot”, “I’m shook, yes”, “yuuuumm daddy” and some other comments on this line. If you have accompanied his career for a while you’d have noticed that he didn’t have this much likes on his photos on Instagram. This shows how society is made of fatphobic people who only pay attention to an incredible and talented artist because of his looks! Seriously, have you taken your time to even listen to Locomotive? Did you listen to the song from his new album (Bleached) or were you drooling at the thirty seconds that his abs are showing?
Loco wasn’t fat, but he thought he needed to fit into a mold. It’s a personal choice to do whatever the fuck you want with your body, but you can’t deny that aesthetic oppression plays a big part in it (he thought he looked like a pig! A pig! When he was handsome and hot all along!).
This is just proof that fans can be a bunch of thirsty assholes who praise looks over anything else a person has to offer (for fuck’s sake, being beautiful/hot/sexy/ripped is not a bad thing, before you try to twist my words - I keep repeating here ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL).
Also, this rant is not directed to anyone specifically, but if you read it and got a little butthurt is probably because I hit the bullseye and I recommend you to think things over a bit and see if you’re not objectifying idols, rappers, singers, etc.


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some saeran headcanons

general -

  • his favourite colour is a pale pink
  • his favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry
  • his favourite kind of weather is when it’s just about to rain
  • he’s left handed
  • his nervous habits include: 
    • fidgeting with his sleeve
    • picking his nails
    • scratching the back of his head/neck
    • biting his lip/inside of his cheek
  • his first crush after joining the RFA is Zen
  • when he moves his jaw from side to side he can make it click, and he finds the noise really satisfying
  • he prefers being barefoot
  • saying this, he always gets cold at night which means he has to wear socks or his feet get cold
  • he has trouble sleeping if there’s any kind of light in his room
  • he can’t put on weight no matter how hard he tries. he’s naturally really skinny
  • he has freckles but he doesn’t like them so he usually covers them with makeup
  • he always forgets to charge his phone at night
  • he’s awful at replying to texts partly because his phone is usually dead and partly because he just… doesn’t know what to say
  • animals love him. they’re always really friendly to him, even if they’re usually aggressive to other people, and he pretends to hate the attention whenever he meets a dog in the street/a stray cat comes over to him/etc but he actually loves it
  • he loves animated movies, and he watches them a lot because they’re simple and light and he feels like he missed out as a kid
  • going for walks helps with his anxiety, and his favourite time of day is sunset
  • he likes art and writing
  • it’s mostly just him pouring his emotions out onto paper, but a lot of it is actually really good
  • he’s amazing with colours, and he has two colouring styles: warm and soft or intense and emotional
  • his writing is simple. he always gets straight to the point with what he wants to say, and in a lot of ways that makes it stronger
  • rather than being a full on story, it’s usually nothing more than one or two verses of a poem, but it does its job

recovery -

  • the early stages of his recovery are rough to say the least
  • at first he’s filled with so much anger, but as soon as that starts fading he’s left with… not much else
  • he mostly just feels empty, and that makes way for depression
  • he goes through a phase of probably a good few months where he just doesn’t have motivation to do anything
  • he barely even gets out of bed, only moving to go to the bathroom, which isn’t often because he doesn’t eat or drink much
  • sometimes Saeyoung has to come and literally feed him because he’s just too depressed to move at all
  • he doesn’t shower or change his clothes very often either because he can’t find the motivation to try
  • his hair starts growing out because he barely has the energy to even brush it, let alone bleach it
  • but, gradually, with the persistence of his brother and the rest of the RFA, he starts getting a little better and realising that maybe he is worth something
  • it’s a long and messy process, and he has a lot of relapses
  • the night terrors probably stick with him for the rest of his life
  • as for the tattoo… how he feels varies
  • I think for the most part he’d ignore it. he’s used to it by now so it wouldn’t bother him all that much
  • but sometimes he’ll look at himself in the mirror and hate every inch of himself, especially the tattoo
  • during his breakdowns one of the things he almost always does is scratch at it as though he’s trying to tear it off his skin
  • I don’t think he’d get it removed, but I think it’s possible he’d get it covered over with something else
  • something peaceful, like flowers or clouds or nondescript swirls
  • probably something he’s designed himself because he wants this to be his 
  • I don’t think he’d ever move out of the bunker away from Saeyoung. he just never feels ready, and Saeyoung absolutely doesn’t mind (in fact, he encourages it)
  • if he ended up getting a job, it would be something simple like a florist because he likes nature a lot
  • he’d mostly work behind the scenes, because he still has trouble talking to people he doesn’t know
  • he’s trying his best to function properly and take care of himself, even if sometimes he feels like he’s not worth it
  • the RFA help him feel worth something, and for the first time in his life he starts feeling as though he truly belongs somewhere

I’m sorry but I can’t grasp this notion of Rukia cheating on her husband, Renji, who she loves and ruining both her marriage and Ichigo’s marriage.

Not only is this totally ignoring Rukia’s strength in character but the love she has for her friends.

So even IF she had thought about it, Rukia would never consider going through with it. Why? I think a main reason would be the absolute adoration and love that she carries for Orihime.

Rukia would never do anything to hurt a person that she went to Hueco Mundo for and almost died for!

I am a strong believer and supporter in the platonic bond of Rukia and Orihime and the not so platonic ship that is Rukihime.

To think Rukia would condone such notions is blatant disrespect and complete insult to her character.

I just wanted to say something for all of the IchiRuki fans out there: As an IchiHime fan, sure of course I’m happy, but I’m so sorry for you all too… If you are mad, feel cheated and anything in between… I don’t blame you honestly. There was a lot going on between those two and I know how that pain feels (hint: it’s really bad and it hurts *cough*narusaku*cough*). But anyways, don’t let anyone else stop you from shipping your ship okay? Your ship was special and for someone to tell you to stop… No. Do not allow it. Please be strong and I really hope you will all feel better with time. You guys and your ship will always be special, ya’ hear?

If I were the Rain … An Orihime inoue Fanmix ( Listen Here

Priscilla Ann -Dream //Moddi-House by the Sea //St Vincent-All my Stars Aligned // Audrey Hepburn-Moon River // Elsa -T’en Vas pas // Mumford and Sons-After the Storm //Florence +The Machines-Shake it Out // The Pierces-Three Wishes // Delta Rae -Sweet // Simon & Garfunkel -The Sound of Silence // The Beatles-Here Comes the Sun // Souad Massi - Raoui // Amélie Poulain Soundtrack - Les Jours Tristes // Julie Andrews-Feed the Birds // Poucelina -Merveilleux Soleil // Frederika Stahl -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star // Jacques Brel -Quand on a que l’Amour // Lucy Rose - Don’t you Worry 

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